The Fight For Life

Morgan is a young 16 year old girl. She meets, or more likely sees, a member of 1D. She is tied to trouble an trouble is tied to her. When two people fall for her, she makes the love complicated, and has to choose between the two.


10. The Problem With Management

"They are making me date her!" Harry bursts out. 
He's pacing in the living room with his arms crossed. Niall, Louis and I are sitting in the couch. Niall is sitting straight with his arm thrown over the back of the couch. Louis is slouched over with his arms resting on his legs. I'm sitting cross cross and my hands are in my lap.
Liam is leaning against the wall with his arms at his sides and his feet crossed. Zayn is leaning against the edge of the couch where I am.
"Well technically they can. She's not that bad Harry.."  Zayn says reassuringly.
I feel out of place like I shouldn't be here. I'm not good at relationships. This is Harry and management's problem. I shouldn't invade on their time.
"No they can't! It's my life! They can't bring her back into my life!" Harry's hands move while he talks. He is really upset. 
I feel uncomfortable and get up. They turn to look at me but don't say anything. I go toward the hallway and I hear them behind me continue their conversation. I head upstairs and go to a random door.  It ends up being Zayn's and Niall's bedroom. I could tell from the  fades green walls and grey carpet. 
The room looks almost the same except zayn isn't on his bed. I can't help myself, I walk over to Niall's guitar  and softly strum it. It's perfectly in tune and the wood looks new and polished. I take one of the sheets of music off his bed and read it. I set it on the night stand and position it so it doesn't hall. Pushing my hair behind my ear I humm the melody. I put the guitar on m lap and start playing the notes, I don't know the pace but I try to go by ear. We get to the part with words and I sing softly.
"The end.. Of the night.. We should.. Say goodbye.. But we carry on.., while everyone's gone." I get into it more and play more confidently.
"Never felt, like this, before--- are you friends, or are we more-- as I'm walking toward the door-- I'm. Not sure."
I stop singing to the sound of light clapping. The sound filled the now music-less  room. My head snaps up to see Liam there against the door frame.
"Why didn't you say you could sing?" His accent brings a smile to my face. 
"Jut never came up in conversation." He smiles and walks toward me. He sits directly behind me.
"Now I'm not good at this but this is all i know from Niall....."  Liam wraps his arms around me and lays his hands over mine.
"When you play it you want it soft.." He uses my hand to pick the strings and picks the notes. We slowly play through the first verse and I yawn. 
"I could go for a nap.." I smile and gently lay the guitar down. I lay on the bed and look at Liam. He smiles and softly lays down next to me. It's just a nap and nothing more.... 
I shut my eyes and fall softly asleep. I did not expect to wake up soaking wet in ice cold water!

(Sorry it took so long!! Sorry that its short! Love all my followers/ readers/ people!)

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