The Fight For Life

Morgan is a young 16 year old girl. She meets, or more likely sees, a member of 1D. She is tied to trouble an trouble is tied to her. When two people fall for her, she makes the love complicated, and has to choose between the two.


11. The date

It was well, I felt Liam warm against me and I felt safe. That was before the cold liquid was poured over me. I was frozen to the bone, paralyzed in shock. Finally when I regained my senses I bolt up and look around. Four laughing faces are before me and an angry, wet, Liam. 

"What the hell?!" He says and wipes the water away from his eyes. I stifle a giggle.

"You guys have to wake up.. She's coming." Harry says seriously. By this I think he means the managements match for him. He stalks out of the room and Niall bursts out laughing. Louis and zayn erupt in laughter. I glance at Liam and he glares at them.


It's seemed to take Harry's date forever to get here. Liam an I were dry and dressed. Harry changed five times. But Louis and Zayn looked like they could care less. 
Zayn settled for a black T-shirt that I must say fit him well. He also has a 
varsity jacket and jeans on. He's so simple. Zayn leaned against the wall and stared out the window.

Louis had on a blue-ish  polo with jeans. His hair was messy as he lay, sprawled out on the couch. His eyes were half closed but he seemed to be sleeping. 

Liam sat on a kitchen chair. His grey long sleeved shirt fit him nicely and his dark jeans made him seem dark. But we all know he couldn't be mean. Liam sits there playing on his phone.
Niall is sitting down on the ground by my feet. His back is leaning against my right leg. His hair is messy and I occasionally run my hands through it. Niall is wearing his sweater that is blue with white sleeves. He is wearing pajama pants an it makes me laugh. Niall can be so innocent.
Then there is Harry. His hair completely out of place. He furrows his eyebrows as he paces by the door. He has on a white shirt, fresh and clean; he washed it like twenty times. And tight jeans. Harry paces back and forth. I feel sorry that he has to do it. Whoever is coming, is really making him upset. 
Right when I go to speak up, there is a knock. Three, no more, no less. Three knocks pound on the door. They're evenly spaced knocks, making everyone jump. Every single one of us stare at the door. Harry walks toward the door. His back tense. I bite my lip nervously and Niall pats my leg. I smile down at him.
I hear Harry take a deep breath then open the door. 
"Hey Harry. Long time.. No see!" Her honey sweet voice filled the room. She was unmistakably... Her. Her red lips, stuck out from her shiny blonde hair. Her hair was longer the  when I saw her on TV. Her lips curled into a smile. The deep blue dress went just above her knees. The dress had soft sparkles on the top and is was very low cut. Her smile didn't fool me, she was here for publicity! Her blue eyes popped out with the color of her dress. Her heels were silver and were at least three inches. I'm happy with sneakers... She walked in and looked at everyone of the boys, smiling. Her teary were white compared to her bright red lips that didn't match her outfit. When her eyes fell on me, we hold eye contact for ever.
"Oh hell..." Liam mumbles. He looks at her then looks at Harry sympathetically.
"Oh my god..." I whisper. She was undeniably the one and only, "Taylor swift...."

(plot twist!!! I have nothing against Taylor swift. I just needed a rivalry. Enjoy. Sorry but I've had a death in the family so I might not write for a while but I will update as soon as I can. Thanks so much for reading)

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