The Fight For Life

Morgan is a young 16 year old girl. She meets, or more likely sees, a member of 1D. She is tied to trouble an trouble is tied to her. When two people fall for her, she makes the love complicated, and has to choose between the two.


7. No Place Like Home

Mo's POV

I must have fallen asleep. Before I know it, I hear a sweet, soft voice coaxing me awake.

"Morgan.. Hey we're here.." I slowly open my eyes and see a blonde haired boy looking down at me. I realize I'm laying on Niall's lap. Blushing, I sit up and stretch. 

"Sorry..." I mumble. 

He smirks at me, "no problem"

Zayn and Louis are all ready out of the car. Liam opens the door closest to me. I look out at him for a second before climbing out. I stare up at the huge building in front of me. Harry comes out before Niall, practically pushing him out of the way to get out.  What is up with those two? Do they always act like this?! Harry comes and stands at my said. 

"Welcome home Morgan" he says, I feel his hand on my back, pushing me forward. I smile and walk In the building. No fans seem to have noticed their presence yet. The lobby is painted a dark crimson red with white trimming. I look around amazed at how fancy this place is. I hear Niall laugh behind me. I turn and see him smiling at me. 

"You should see your face! You look like you've never see a hotel!" I blush, not admitting that I haven't. I quickly run down the hall, past the pool, and catch up with Liam. 
He leads me to the elevator. The elevator has a cushion seat in the back, the carpet is a light red and the walls are plain white. Finally we reach the top floor.

"You ready?" He asks just as the door opens. 

It's beautiful. The elevator opened up to the living room. It's modern and one wall is all windows. I step out of the elevator and Liam brushes past me into the kitchen. I slowly walk around afraid to touch anything. It's hard wood floor and white walls with pictures of the boys in frames. The windowed wall has a door which leads to a balcony. There's a fireplace on the main wall to the right of the windows and the left of the kitchen. A flatscreen is just above the fireplace. The kitchen has cherry oak cabinets and countertops. A huge fridge.. I'm guessing for Niall. In between the kitchen and the elevator door, is a spiral staircase. I slowly clim up them. The hallway at the top is a steel blue with navy blue carpet. There are five doors. Two on the right side and three on the left.

I reach the first one on the right, the silver doorknob twists open and I peak inside. It's a bedroom. A desk in the corner with a window on the far wall. A bed against the same wall the door is on. I step in. The carpet is soft grey. The walls simple white. 

I walk to the desk and look at the pictures and notes. A picture of Louis catches my attention. It's simple but speaks volumes. He's sitting on a couch with his mom, smiling. His arm is draped over the back of the couch behind his mom, she's smiling but her eyes are watering. The picture is recent, I'm guessing its the last time he saw her, before he left. I smile a the picture but get a sudden feeling that I am intruding. Putting the pictures back, I walk out of the room and close the door. I walk to the next door on the right side and peak in. Zayn is laying on his bed, the bed is against the far wall, near the window. He looks up and I blush. 

"Sorry... Just looking around..." I turn around to leave.
"No, Morgan, it's fine." Zayn says. I turn and look at him. He props up on his elbow. I bite my lip and observe more of the room. It has the same soft grey carpet, but the walls are faded green. 

"This place sure is colorful...." I mumble under my breath.
On the other side of the window is another bed, unmade. There are sheets of paper, looks like lyrics or stories, all over the bed. I recognize the handwriting to be Niall's.
The room is mostly empty if not for the small suitcases of clothes. There is a small nightstand against the wall across from Niall's bed. There is a small drawer in the nightstand, but I can't.. It's there privacy. I notice a black guitar case by Niall's bed. "The famous Niall guitar.." I smile then turn and walk out of the room, shutting the door behind me, leaving zayn alone.

I go to the first door on the left side and am surprised at seeing a coral peach color covering the walls and ceiling. There is a bed centered on the wall to my right and one centered on the opposite wall. This must be Liam and Harry's bedroom. I step inside and look around. There are suitcases under both beds. There is a notebook on one bed and the other is spotless, made perfectly. This bedroom has the biggest window, except for the window wall downstairs. There seems to be a bookshelf near the leftmost corner but its mostly empty. Except for a few pictures and random sheets of paper.  My stomach growls and gently lay my hand on it. When was the last time I ate? I think to myself. Shrugging, I walk out of the room and close the door behind me. 

I move on to the second door on the left side. When it's open completely, my mouth falls open and I freeze. The brown-red tiles covering the walls match the golden brown sink. The walk-in shower is about the size of a bed and the glass door to the shower has the design of the sea. It's simply the biggest, nicest bathroom I've ever laid my eyes on. The tiles go about two thirds up the wall, a cream trimming, then the wall is painted a white with a gold tint. The shower is on the back wall, the door slides open instead of swinging open. The towel rack is to the right of the door. The sink is on the left wall and the toilet is located on the left also. There is a cabinet under the sink and the mirror over the sink opens up. I'm scared to touch anything, it's like looking into Home Decor Weekly. 

Closing the door behind me, I go to the last door in the hallway. This room is painted a lavender color with a light purple woven carpet. In this room there are three guitars; a normal acoustic, a red electric, and a dark cherry oak acoustic. They are beautiful instruments.  A side from the guitars there is a keyboard hooked up to the wall next to them.  A few microphones stand up in right comer near a walk in closet. The closet seems to hold other wires and equipment. I step in a little further and am surprised to feel a hand grab my shoulder.

{haha! You know you love me! Sorry, CLIFFHANGER! So, remember tell everyone, every account about this please!!!}

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