The Fight For Life

Morgan is a young 16 year old girl. She meets, or more likely sees, a member of 1D. She is tied to trouble an trouble is tied to her. When two people fall for her, she makes the love complicated, and has to choose between the two.


4. My Knights In Comfy Clothes

My eyes are squeezed shut and I couldn't breathe. I hear the door slam open and a big thump. I slowly open my eyes to see the guy being tackled by someone. I soon notice that the guy who tackled him is defending me.
"YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! WHO THE HELL YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?!?!?" I hear the guy defending me yell. As the voice fills my ears I realize my rescuer. The one and only Harry Styles. I hear two gunshots but Harry doesn't stop fighting.
Then Niall and Louis burst in the room. And help Harry pin the man.
"YOU WILL NOT LAY A FINGER ON HER AT ALL. I DON'T CARE WHO YOU ARE, YOU DON'T TOUCH HER!" Harry screams. I am relieved he came but his voice scared me. I never saw someone so mad.
Then when things couldn't get worse Zayn casually walked in the room (as if he does this every day), and being the badass he is, he punched that guy square in the jaw!
Then Liam came and helped pinning the guy. They finally got him down and Zayn pounded him like no other. His fists flew in all directions and every punch had a painful omf come out of the guys mouth.
"Guys stop," I hear myself say. And they don't. "STOP" I yell. They all look at me puzzled. The poor guy is knocked out cold. "He is fine. I know what he did but.. Just stop" I say and it feels like all my energy is gone and I am suddenly tired.
Then I realize that the man had pulled the trigger.
"Is anyone hurt? Are you all okay?" I say as calming as I could.
I hear two 'fines', two 'okays', and one 'just peachy'.
The police run in and just glance at the guy before they hall him away in handcuffs. Still out cold. I just look at them and feel some tears start to fall down my cheeks. Harry came and hugged me and soon I had a hug from all the boys.
"You've been in to much danger. You are getting out of this hospital, today!" I hear Liam say. Louis and Zayn nod their heads in agreement.
"Where will I go," I whisper to them. "my parents died years ago I can't go home. I don't have a home" it's the first time I ever told anyone about my parents. Now, it wasn't exactly the truth but it would do for now.
"you'll come with us." I hear Niall say all of a sudden. My head shot toward his direction and I just stared. He just looked at me with eyes that held more information and emotion that he was hiding.
"Ya, that could work." Louis said. Finally I tore my gaze away from Niall and looked at Louis.
"Ya, what do you think?" Harry said not caring to hide his excitement. All I could do was nod my head and hope they weren't joking,
A real home! I was going to a real home. With people. I hadn't been in a home for 6 years!
Harry went and told the nurse that the man was gone And I would now like to go home.
The nurse said I may, still a little shocked at what just happened.

And before I knew it, I was changed and in One Direction's limo (with girls surrounding the car) with my new roomies!
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