The Fight For Life

Morgan is a young 16 year old girl. She meets, or more likely sees, a member of 1D. She is tied to trouble an trouble is tied to her. When two people fall for her, she makes the love complicated, and has to choose between the two.


9. Management

I set out my mission to find Harry. 

He has to be here... 

I walk up the beautiful spiral staircase and enter into the hallway. Remembering which room is his and slowly open the door. Peaking in, I see Harry, fast asleep with his earphones in, blaring music. Smiling to myself, I walk closer to him. Slowly taking his head phones out then turning off the music. He's kinda cute when he sleeps..

I mentally scold myself for thinking that. With the head phones gone he seems more at peace then before. 


I sit on the couch and wait, for what, I don't know. I hear a door open, and turn to see Louis walking into the living room. 

"Harry's in his room." I say, just trying to be nice.

"Already stalking us," he smiles at me and makes tsk tsk noises. "I had faith in you.."

I laugh. "I don't stalk.." 

Just then a heavy knock on the door made both of us jump.  The knock raddled around the walls of the room. It echoes for a while then Louis makes his way to the door. I stand up  off the couch, just to have a blonde koala jump on my back. I stumble and laugh.

"Niall not-" I stop as i feel the tension in the room thicken, as if the air grew thin. Niall immediately gets off me and moves to stands in front of me. I look around as Zayn and Liam also move forward.  

"We weren't expecting company.." I hear Louis' voice slightly on edge. 
I hear footsteps on the stairs and look past nails shoulder to see who. Harry comes down with his hair messed up and his shirt is  crooked. I giggle at him and he smiles at me. His smile fades when he sees who's at the door, which I still can't see because Niall is shielding me.

"Harry," a deep rich voice comes from the door. "We need to talk with you." There's a grunt behind him. So there's two people..

"I didn't know management was coming.." Harry almost growls. 
Management!!! Makes sense now. 

"The deal was we wouldn't be bothered by you in the flat." Liam says. I jump slightly at his tone. He's the nice collected one, I e never heard him snap before. 

"Well deals change." The words are followed by heavy footsteps entering the flat. Louis shuts the door behind them.

"Why are your two here? We didn't do anything." Zayn barks. I flinch behind Niall, management must not be nice for them to be so stern. 

"We just need to talk to Harry." I hid behind Niall. There voices scared me. They seemed almost evil. I can only picture them with red eyes and fangs.. I peak over Niall's shoulder to see harry leading two big muscled guys toward the game room.

"Who are they?" I ask once the door is closed behind them. Niall and zayn jump as if they forgot I was even there, but Liam looks at me. 

"They're management. They basically control our lives. They decide what we do, and how we do it.."

I look at Liam confused. "Then why was Niall blocking me-"

Niall quickly cuts me off. "They could make you go back. Thy might not allow you here and then you'd be the new topic as 'mystery girl' on magazines everywhere.." I get pale slightly as Louis puts a finger to his lips and walks over too us. 

We listen carefully and can faintly here words. I hear bits and prices from Harry like, "my life." And "you can't make me." Just then Harry bursts out Of the room, red faced and mad. He quickly walks over and stands in front of me, grabbin my hand. 

"Harry you must.. We'll send her up" one management dude says and heads to the door with his coworker. The boys stand around my but I peak out over Harry's shoulder.

They walk out the door and one stops in his tracks. Without turning around, he says, "and get rid or the girl before we do.."

My face goes pale as he closed the door. The boys turn and look at each other then they all look at me, their eyes filled with fear.

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