Moving On

This story is for the John Green competition.

This story was inspired by my amazing best friend Liam. I am not in love with him, but I love him with all my heart. He is my best friend in the entire world, I can trust him with anything, and he never fails to make me smile. We will always have watching films and instagramming our popcorn.

This story is dedicated to him<3


1. in the beginning

It’s the worst kind of pain, for sure. The pain of loving someone, who doesn’t love you back. Over the years, I have slowly become an expert in this sort of love. The crushing of your heart, as though someone is slowly standing on it, the drop of your stomach when you hear them say something,  the tingle when they touch you, and for that second you can believe that they love you, and that’s all you want.

I have been in love for my best friend for 7 years. 7. It’s a ridiculously long time right? But he is my best friend. And I would want to do anything too ruin that. I depend on him more than I do water and food. I enjoy his presence with me more than anything. He is the funniest person on this planet, in my opinion anyway. But, no. he wouldn’t love me, right? We are complete polar opposites. Like, he is popular, and funny, and immensely good looking. Okay, so I am not a potato, but I am shy, and nerdy, and my popularity only comes from him, and how every break time he comes and sits with me, even though he could have the choice of anyone in the room. Anyone at all.

I want more than anything to just feel the way he does. Because loving him, and trying to hard it, is too hard. And is getting unbearable. So, this is where my story starts, well not really a story, my life isn’t that interesting, but you get me. Day 1, of falling out of love with my best friend.

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