Strange Kinda Love

this story inst mine but its really good.-------This is the story of Nadia Cowell. You’ve probably heard of her since she was once a famous model, she is daughter of the one and only Simon Cowell and is Louis Tomlinson’s bestfriend. When Louis auditions for the X Factor, well let’s just say things get a little… Complicated.


8. Chapter 8


Louis’s POV

After we finished afternoon rehearsals, the lads (except Harry) and I were all sitting back stage in a dressing room, getting outfits ready.  The door swung open to see a very smug looking Harry.

“Hey mate how was it?” asked Liam.

“Oh bloody brilliant!” he said. 

“What did you guys do?” asked Niall.

“Well we went for a picnic…No, what the fuck do you think we did!” Harry scoffed.

“Well what do you mean?” asked Liam.

“Let’s just say she left one happy lady when I was done with her,” he winked.

“Um what did you just say?” I asked.

“Someone hasn’t been fucked in a while!”

 “DO NOT EVER SAY THAT ABOUT NADIA!” I screamed at him while pushing him to the ground.


“SO YOU DITCHED NADIA?  WHAT THE HELL HARRY!” I was so angry, I couldn’t even describe it.  I couldn’t believe Harry would say that.  The first time we got together as a band, I knew I and he were going to get along, but ever since we got here, all he does is fuck every woman in sight.



“What a whore. Not so innocent as she looks I guess,” he scoffed.  That was the final straw; I pulled my fist back and collided it with his nose as hard as I could.  I went after him again but Liam and Zayn held pulled me back. 

“WE WERE VISITING HER LITTLE SISTER THAT HAS CANCER IN THE HOSPITAL YOU FUCKING PRICK.  I HOPE YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF NOW,” I screamed at him and threw myself off of Liam and Zayn and stormed off to Nadia’s room.

Nadia’s POV

I woke up to an unfamiliar smell of smoke and severe pain in all parts of my body.  I somehow, slowly turn my head to see an empty space in the driver seat. Everything came back to me.  I felt arms rap around my body.  I slowly looked up to see paramedics carrying me into an ambulance.

“Ello sweetheart, stay with me!” screamed one of the paramedics, but to me it only came out as a whisper.  Everything became slow and still and in the distance, I saw a bright light and everything became black once again.

*8hours later* (Nadia’s POV)

I woke up to bright lights, a still room and a lot of pain.  I heard the door open, but I didn’t have enough strength to move my head to see what it was.

“Oh Ms. Cowell, you’re awake!  We didn’t expect you up for another couple of hours!” said a deep voice, so I’m guessing my visitor was male and the visitor was probably my doctor.

“Now I’m sure you don’t have a lot of strength, but can you speak?”

“Yes,” I croaked silently.

“Great, so do you remember what happened love?”

“George and I were in a car crash.”

“Excellent, now you’ve broken-“ 

“Wait, is George and the other driver okay?” I interrupted.

He chuckled, “Yes, the other driver is fine and George is perfectly fine thanks to you. You’re quite a smart girl. If you hadn’t unbuckled his seat belt and blocked the airbag with your arm, he probably would’ve suffocated or his heart would’ve stopped.  He’s gone home to his family, but he sends his love and he told me to tell you he will come round tomorrow,” smiled at me.  After he said that, it felt like someone removed 50 bricks of my shoulders.  I don’t know what I would do if George had died.

“Now, as I was saying before, you’ve got a lot of damage young lady.  I see you have a severe heart problem, so I gave you some antibiotics to make sure everything is stable there, but anyway, you’ve got a swelled eye, which you probably won’t be able to see out of for the next couple of days.  You’ve got four broken bones in your ankle, three bruised ribs, a dislocated shoulder and you know have only 9 fingers.” I slowly raised my left hand to see my hand rapped in white gauze. 

I sighed, “Well there goes my career as a pinkie model.”

The doctor laughed. “So we had to wait until you were awake to perform the surgery on your ankle, do you want to wait until your family and friends get here so they can go in with you or do you want to go now?” 

“Um what time is it?”


“Oh, um there probably too busy to come, so we can just go now,” I sighed.  He smiled at me sadly and wheeled me into the operating room.

Niall’s POV 

We performed a pretty good show, even throughout all the drama that happened earlier on.  Everybody is pretty pissed off at Harry because of what he did to Nadia and honestly, so is I.  He was a fucking asshole to her.  After Louis stormed off, Harry bursted into a crying fit.  I can tell the lad feels like shit, but honestly, he deserves it.  Louis has never been the one to hold a grudge, so I’m sure he’ll get over it sooner or later.  I’m a little pissed that Nadia didn’t tell me about her sister and it makes me wonder if she’s hiding more stuff from me.  I decided to ask Louis if he knows her whereabouts.

“Alri’ Lou? I asked while sitting down next to him on the couch. 

“Bloody fantastic,” he slurred.  Obviously he was piss drunk like everyone else at the after party except me. 

“Have you heard from Nadia? I haven’t seen her all day.”

“Noooope.  She’s probably around here somewhere!” he slurred happily.  I nodded at him and got up. I’m really starting to get worried about her.  I asked everyone in the house if they knew where she was, but everyone said no and a couple of ‘I don’t care’ from the very drunk Belle Amie girls. After a while, I got tired of asking so since everyone else was drunk, I decided I might as well join em.  


I woke up in Zayn’s bed, with no recollection of what happened the night before and a massive headache.  Hang overs are a bitch.  I haphazardly walked down the stairs to the kitchen to see a note on the table. 

Niall, get your fucking ass to the studios as soon as you wake up.  Love you, Lou and the boys.

“SHIT!” I yelled.  I ran outside and luckily a driver was there ready to take me.  I arrived 15 minutes later to see the boys lying around in the rehearsal room.

“Ey boys, where’s Savan and Si at?” I asked.

“I dunno mate, they haven’t showed yet.  It’s not like them to be late without notifying us first,” Liam explained.  We sat around for another half hour, when Cheryl walked in.

“What are you boys doing? Shouldn’t you be at the hospital?” she asked.

“What do you mean?  Why would we be there?” asked Louis.

“You don’t know?  Simon been texting you lot all mornin.”

“We all woke up late, so we left them at the house.”

“Nadia was in a severe car accident yesterday,” she explained.  My heart stopped.  Zayn and Liam’s mouth flew open, Harry and I had tears streaming down our cheeks and Louis was… well Louis was sobbing.  We all sprinted out to the SUV and drove to the hospital in silence, except for Louis’s sobs.

Twenty minutes later, we were speed walking down to room 122 where Nadia was staying.  We tried to open the door, but it was locked for some reason. 

“Hey excuse me, but can you open this door for us?” Liam asked a passing, which I assume is a doctor cause he’s wearing a white coat.

“Oh, Nadia told me not to expect anymore company because everyone else is too busy, but I’ll let this one slide, everyone can use a bit of company!  I don’t want to make you feel bad boys, but she woke up all alone twice.  Before I even told her about how she is doing, she was asking if the driver of the other car was okay.  She is a wonderful girl, I hope she won’t have to wake up alone again,” he said.  We all nodded, except Louis, who sobbed even harder.  We walked into the room to see a very broken Nadia watching TV. 

“Oh my god Nads, are you-“

“Shhh,” she whispered. She was watching us preform on last night live show. After we finished singing on the TV, she smiled weakly at us.

“Sorry I couldn’t make it last night, I was a little busy,” she whispered.  We all scoffed.  Always joking this one.

“So why are you here?” she asked.

“Well to see how you were doing of course,” confusedly said Zayn.

“Oh, I wasn’t expecting any visitors,” she whispered softly.  Obviously she was a little pissed because we weren’t with her for her surgery and I don’t really blame her. 

“I’m so sorry Nads, I should’ve been there for you.  I’m the worst best friend ever,” Louis sobbed. Nadia turned her head to look at him. 

“Oh boo bear, I’m sorry.  I’ve been really mean to all of you.  It was just really hard not having anyone there for my surgery, but I understand, you had after parties to get too,” she smiled weakly.  Louis wipes away the tears on his cheeks and gave him a famous Louis smile.  Something about her made me think otherwise, that she might be a little mad still although.  I went over and sat in the chair on her left side and took her hand and held it in mine.  She turned her head towards me.

“Hey beautiful,” I smiled at her. 

“Hey smiler Nialler,” she smiled weakly.  I hated the nickname she gave me, but I loved the fact that she gave me one, so I let her call me it anyway.

“I thought your dad was here, where’s he at?” Liam asked.

“He’s gone to get some chips,” she croaked.

Liam laughed, “Zayn and I are gonna go get some food as well, we skipped breakfast.  Lads and Nads, you want something?” 

“I wanna come!” said Nadia.

I laughed, “Can you even walk love?” 

“Well no, but I have 5 very fit lads at my will!” she winked.

“Okay get on then,” I said whilst crouching down so she could get on. 

“Yay!” cheered Nadia.  Louis helped her sit up whilst she wrapped her left arm around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder.  I grabbed her thighs and she wrapped her left around my waist.  Louis pulled along her IV, Liam and Zayn carried her MacBook and Harry trailed behind us.  He hasn’t said much the entire time, but it’s probably because he doesn’t really know what to say.  We walked into the cafeteria and I set Nadia down on Zayn’s lap.  Lou, Liam and I went to get the food.  I got a burger, extra chips since Nadia would eat most of them and two RedBulls.  I looked over to see Zayn and Nadia snickering away at something on her computer.  I sat down on her right and looked over to see what they were laughing at.

“What ye laughing at?” 

“We’re just reading some of the tweets your fans send you.  Some of them are… different.  Whats this I hear about carrots Lou? Keeping your options open I see,” she winked.  We all starting laughing our asses off at Lou who is pouting at Nads, even Harry had to laugh at that one. 

“Oh my god bebz, we must make a twitter for you!” said Zayn in the weird voice he does.  We all nodded at her to encourage her to do it.

“Well okay, but you’re going to have to show me how to work it. I can barely work this bloody iPhone my dad makes me carry around.”

“Speaking of him, where is Si?” asked Liam.  We looked around and found him sitting in a booth on his Mac and talking into his Bluetooth.

Nadia sighed, “He never stops working.”  An awkward silence crept over the group.

“Okay I’m done!” said Zayn.  I looked over at the screen, her twitter username was @NadiaCowell.   “Ou let’s do a twitcam!” suggested Liam.  Nadia logged out, since she doesn’t have any followers yet and Zayn logged in. 

@zaynmalik: twitcam anyone? :) xx

“HELLOOOO… HOLA AMIGOS… I LOVE TWITCAMS!” we all screamed and obviously Lou screamed the last one.

“So ask us questions lads and laddies,” I said.

“Ou lads and Nads we have a question!  Umm it’s ‘Who is the pretty girl on Zayn’s lap, why is she so broken and is she dating any of you?’” 

“Hola I’m Nadia! I’ve been Lou’s best friend for the past 12 years and now the lads are my minions! I’m broken cause I was sadly run over by a pack of wild alpacas in the middle of the Madagascar yesterday and yes, you see as a matter of fact, I’m dating all of them. Niall on Mondays, Louis on Tuesdays, Harold on Wednesdays, my beautiful Zayn here on Thursdays, Liam here on Fridays and they alternate weekends!” she smiled at them.  

We all laughed.  “As you can see, this one is a joker, but she is just joking, she is only madly in love with me here.  LONG LIVE ZADIA!” yelled Zayn. 

Nadia bursted into a fit of giggles, “Yes, it’s true.  I have eyes for only one,” she said while wiping away fake tears.  I laughed at their shenanigans. 

“Ask us more questions! Ou how bout you guys trend #ask1dandnadia.  We want to be trending worldwide guys, so send us loads of questions and we’ll try to answer them!” I said.

“Ou we have another question for… Nadia! ‘Were you just joking earlier?’” 

She laughed, “Yeah I was, except for the first part about Lou and the boys.  I’m also as a matter of fact Simon Cowell’s one and only daughter and I work as the boy’s stylist! I was in a car crash yesterday and the boys got the day off to come play with me… Oh god that sounded wrong, anyway, and finally, no I’m not dating any of them,” she smiled at them.

“That was smashing.  I’ve found another question for… Nadia again! ‘If you had to date one of the boys, who would it be?’” 

She laughed, “Ummm, I’m not sure, I’d probably date…”

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