Strange Kinda Love

this story inst mine but its really good.-------This is the story of Nadia Cowell. You’ve probably heard of her since she was once a famous model, she is daughter of the one and only Simon Cowell and is Louis Tomlinson’s bestfriend. When Louis auditions for the X Factor, well let’s just say things get a little… Complicated.


7. Chapter 7


Shit this guy has got me in quite a hole and there is no way I can get out of it.  Niall and I are playing 20 questions.  Questions lead to answers, which sometimes I cannot give, which leads to more questions and more answers and so on.

“So where exactly are you from in Canada eh?” Niall asked.

Oh good, a question I can answer.  I laughed, “Nice accent.  Well it’s called Prince Edward Island and it’s pretty much like a floating beach, but it snows.  It’s really small, not as small as Mullingar, but considering it is a province, it’s quite small.  Everyone knows everyone there, which I like and nothing ever exciting happens there, which is why I like London more,” I smiled.  “So why did you audition for the X Factor?”

“Well, the first time I realized I could sing really was when I was singing along to a song in my car and my parents thought it was the radio,” he laughed, “So I guess I just signed up to see if I actually was that good.”

“So what’s your family like? Do you have any siblings?” he asked.  Fuck, how the hell is I suppose to answer this.

“Um there great.  Well obviously you know my dad, but um, I was- am, sorry, the spitting image of my mum.  My mum lives with my nanny and my little sister in PEI,” I lied while biting my lip.

“Oh cool, what’s your sister like?” He asked.

“No, it’s my turn,” I winked, “When did you have your first kiss?”

“Well, since your dying to know, I was probably eleven or so, with an exchange student,” he winked, “How about you and who did you have it with?”

I laughed, “You naughty boy! The poor girl probably had no idea what she was getting herself into!” I laughed while Niall put a hand on his chest while giving me an innocent look.

“Erm, wait like a right proper snog or like a kiss?” I asked.

“Uh, both!” He said.

“Okay, well I probably had my first kiss when I was 10 with a guy named Michael.  He was like the only lad in my year that was the same height as me and I had my first snog when I was 13 or 14 probably at the beach with a guy named Jake.”

“Something you’re scared of?” I asked.

“Well, I’m not really scared of anything, but I’m really claustrophobic, so I hate being in large crowds,” he said shyly.  For some reason, he looked kind of embarrassed telling me that.

“Hey you don’t have to be embarrassed telling me that, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, I’m claustrophobic as well,” I smiled at him.  Shit, why the fuck did I just tell him that! Yet, for some reason; I wasn’t scared that he would tell anyone.  Usually if I by mistake told anyone personally information about myself, I’d run away and hide, but for some reason, telling Niall, made me feel better, like how it use to feel when I told Lou stuff.

“So that’s why you were so freaked out earlier?” I nodded, “Well, tanks Nads, it’s good to know that you’re claustrophobic as well,” he smiled at me, which gave me butterflies.  Wait WHAT, No.  This can’t happen; it’s Niall for god’s sakes! He would never feel that way with me…EVER. 

“HEY GUYS, WASN’T THAT CROWD SICK?” screamed Harry while he, Cher and Louis got in the car.

“Uh what’s going on here? You okay Nads?” asked Louis.

“Oh nothing, Nialler and I were just playing 20 questions to past the time,” I said while getting out of the back to sit in the front once again.

“Okay, well if you’re sure,” said Louis.  I nodded at him and just stared out the window the whole way home.  By the time, we arrived at home it was pouring rain outside and of course my bags were in the trunk.  While everyone else ran inside, I casually walked to the back of my car, not really minding the rain, its just water right? I leaned into the trunk to get my bags, when I hear a sneeze outside.  I leaned out of the truck to see the unknown person outside, to see the one and only Mr. Harry Styles.

“Styles, what are you doing out here?”

“I have to-sneeze- ask you something-sneeze?” he said.

I laughed at him, “Well maybe we should go inside, I think you’re catching a cold,” I said while walking towards the house.

He grabbed my arm, “Wait, kiss me first.”

“But you have a cold,” I whined.

He chuckled, “Just kiss me Nadia.”  I put my hands around his neck and brought my lips up to his.  It was just a short, soft kiss, but it still made me weak to the knees.  We ran inside into the warmth.

He smiled at me, “So love, I’m thinking we go on our first date before the live shows tomorrow.”

“Erm, okay, what do you want to do?”

“Well I have a break after the afternoon rehearsals for a couple hours, if you wanna grab something to eat?”  

“Yeah sounds brilliant,” I smiled at him.

He kissed me on the cheek, “Well I’ll see you later,” and walked up to his room.  I sighed and collapsed on the couch.  Tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough.

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