Strange Kinda Love

this story inst mine but its really good.-------This is the story of Nadia Cowell. You’ve probably heard of her since she was once a famous model, she is daughter of the one and only Simon Cowell and is Louis Tomlinson’s bestfriend. When Louis auditions for the X Factor, well let’s just say things get a little… Complicated.


24. Chapter 24 day 10 part 1


After three days in hot, beautiful Venice of complete fuckery, we are on our way back to London for our final day.  For the first day there, I took the boys to ancient temples where we dressed up as mummies to scare the locals, then at night, we went on a boat tour and pretended to speak Italian, which failed miserably.  The second day, we decided to do normal things such as sleeping in until noon then we went shopping and got ice cream.  Then the third day, we went cliff diving, which I had to bribe all of them to do, but once they did it, it was hard to get them to leave.  Then we went swimming in an underwater cavern, which was probably the coolest thing I ever did.  Then we went clubbing, which was probably the stupidest idea ever, since the boys all drank like there was no tomorrow and the all have a massive hangover.  Then as soon as we left the club, we had to run straight back the hotel, grab our stuff then head to the airport to leave, with Louis, Niall and Harry still completely trashed.

“So what are we doing today?” Harry asked, after we all finally awoke from the sleep we all desperately needed.

“Well since it’s our last day,” I said into the camera and Harry, “We’re going to one of my dad’s houses then we’re going shopping for the party later,” I smiled.

“PARTY TIME,” Louis yelled suddenly which made me roll my eyes.

“Yeah Boo, but this is like a real fancy party,” I told him sarcastically.

He rolled his eyes and I continued, “Like with long gowns and swanky tuxes for you lot,” I smiled, “And all my friends will be there.”

“Like?” Harry asked.

“Erm Cher and her boo will be going, my dad, Arianna, Ed, Justin and Sel—”

I was rudely interrupted by what sounded like a 12 year old squeal coming from the Irishman currently jumping up and down, “JUSTIN?”

I sighed and nodded which made Niall squeal even louder.  “Anyway, so we’ll get in London around 12:00, so we’ll fuck around my dad’s house for a couple of hours, then I’ll send you to a secret location to get all prepped up for the party,” I explained to them.  Harry and Niall nodded, but Louis frowned.

“I don’t comprehend how such a small, adorable, cute little girl can have such a dirty mouth,” Louis tutted.

I sighed, “Boo we talked about this.” Niall went into a fit of giggles as usual and Harry just muffled a giggle.

I winked at Harry and Niall then turned back to Louis who was scoffing at me, “You have the attention span of a two year old I swear.”

I giggled, got up from my seat and flung myself at Louis, wrapping my arms around his neck, “Ou big words! Nice one Tommo,” I said, acting all cutely to piss him off.  “And coming from Superman right?” I smirked, quoting on of their video diaries.  Louis gasped and pushed me off his lap, sending me to the ground and hitting my head in the process.  I heard everyone gasp and rush over to me.

“Woah guys, I’m fine,” I said laughing a bit.  I raised my head and of course with my luck, I hit my head off the corner of the table.

“Ow,” I cursed, bringing a hand to the back of my head and feeling a large bump forming there.

“Nadia I’m so sorry,” Louis started flustered.

“Harry, Louis- MOVE,” Niall bellowed at an unusual force.  Louis and Harry moved aside at once, making mimics behind the blonde boy as kneeled before me.

“Are you okay sweetheart?” he whispered soothing, cupping his hand on my cheek.

I nodded, instantly sending waves of dizziness to my head.

“Okay, you’re obviously not okay.  Up we go,” Niall whispered, placing his hands under my thighs and back to carry me bridal style over to the couch.  He sat down first then sat me down diagonally on his thighs so that my shoulder fit into his chest and he wrapped one of his arms around my back.

“Why don’t you take a nap yeah?” he suggested.

“No I’ll be fine, just give me a few minutes,” I replied softly.  I felt him nodded and he started rubbing small circles on my back.

“Nadia?” Louis said quitly, Harry trailing on his back.

“Why are you whispering?” I asked, “I’m not a bloody 2 year old Lou.”

The whole room erupted with scoffs and little comments such as “good ole Nadia” and “obviously the banging of her head didn’t put a dent in her sarcasm.”

Louis smirked at me then punched my arm playfully, “That’s for scaring me and that—” He punched me again, “Is for being a twat,” he said, the playful tint in his eye gleaming and his loveable smirk plastered on his face as usual.  I gasped sarcastically, jolted up from Niall’s lap and chased Louis around the airplane. 

“It’s an airplane Lou, you can’t escape!” I yelled, still running after him.

“I can try,” he yelled back and continued to run.  I finally managed to corner him and I smirked evilly at him. 

 “Whatcha gonna do now hunh boo?” I taunted whilst grinning cunningly at him.

His playful smirk reappeared once more on his cheeks and he swung quickly at me, pulling me over his shoulder.

“LET ME DOWN LOU!” I screamed, punching him the back.  I heard him laugh, mumble something to the boys before dropping me down on a couch in the room next to the one Niall and Harry are in.

Louis turned around after closing the door and clapped his hands together excitedly, “We’re having Nads and Lou time,” he smiled happily.

I sighed, but motioned him to sit down next to me which made Louis’s smile grow even bigger and he plopped down next to me.  I turned around and rested my back against the armchair on the couch and Louis did the same so we would be facing each other.

“So how are you Nads… like really?” Louis asked.  This is one of the major things I missed about Louis.  His playful perspective on everything the guy does, but also his caring side, which never leaves his playful side as well.

I smiled at him, “I’m good Lou.  I’ve finally accepted the fact that Naomi’s gone and learned to live around it you know?” He smiled at me and nodded, “So yeah, I’m not forgetting her or anything, I’m just moving on from it and getting on with my life.”

Louis nodded again, “I’m glad Nads.  So,” he started, a shy look coming to his eyes, that you almost never see, “You’re not still mad at me right?”

I laughed, but shook my head vigorously, “No, god no.  The thing is, it was more Naomi’s death that made me pissed off at you, not the fact that you left.  And when I finally realized that, my stubbornness took over and well, you know what I’m like,” I laughed again.

Louis chuckled, “Don’t we all.”

I playfully punched his arm, but continued laughing, “So Lou, you fancy anyone lately?”

He shook his head and sighed, “No, the Hannah thing has put a pretty big dent in the dating category.” I nodded, remembering him explaining the other day about what happened there.

“You can’t let that take you off the market Lou,” I told him, “You’re a fit bloke Lou with thousands of girls swooning at your feet! Someone out there has got to take your eye! I mean, what about Kate?”

He sighed, “I guess.  Kate, she’s quite hard work I must tell you.  I tried flirting with her at that party in Canada, but she was more interested in hanging out with other blokes at the party.”

I nodded, “Well I have this friend yeah? Her name is Eleanor and I think you two would get along quite nicely,” I winked.

Louis laughed, “Is she going to the party?”

I nodded, “Yeah, so you better grow a pair and talk to her there!”

“So Nads, how’s you and Niall?” He winked.

“Good,” I smiled, “Yeah really good.”

“So are you two like an item?”

“Sort of yeah.”

“Sort of?” He questioned, frowning in confusion

“Well he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes and all, but I don’t know Lou,” I sighed, “It’s going to be real hard when I leave for Aussie in a couple of weeks.”

Louis nodded, “I understand,” he smiled, “Trust me.” I laughed and leaned in to wrap my arms around his neck and give him a hug.  I felt the tears uncontrollably start to fall down my cheeks and Louis pulled away instantly.

“Hey what’s wrong gorgeous?” He asked worriedly, wiping the tears off my cheeks.

I smiled and let out a strange laugh, “I just missed you, that’s all,” I lied.

Louis smiled back, “I missed you too.  We definitely have to do this more often.” I smiled sadly at him and nodded.  We got up from the couch hand in hand and walked towards the door.

Louis stepped in front of me abruptly, “Hey Nads?”

I frowned, “Yeah Lou?”

“You’re okay right? I mean, you never cry anymore,” he asked, his voice masked with concern.

“Yeah Lou I’m fine,” I lied, “Don’t worry about me yeah?” He smiled, took my hand once more and we made our way back out to the two other boy’s waiting for our arrival.  I saw Niall as I walked through the door and a smile instantly appeared on my face.  I walked over to him at a quick pace and sat on his lap.  He kissed the side of my head, “You alri’ now princess?” He asked, his lips still pressed against my skin.  I nodded, slid off his lap and intertwined our fingers instead, “Yeah much better.” We all chatted freely amongst ourselves, Niall taking me through the landing as always and in no time we were walking through the Heathrow airport and out the doors.  Paprazzi’s swarmed us causing my stomach to swirl a bit at the large crowd, so I grasped on to Niall’s hand and we walked into the crowd.

“NADIA… NADIA…. NADIA OVER HERE… GIVE ME A SMILE BOYS AND NADIA!” The crowd chorused.  We finally made our way out of the back of the airport and I sighed.

“I missed this place,” I admitted.

 “Me too love,” Harry said on my right, and the others agreed on my left.  I immediately noticed George waiting for us and sprinted over to him to give him a hug.

“I missed you George! How’s everything been?” I asked him.

He gave me a warm smile, “Excellent Ms.  Now your dad has prepared everything for this evening for you and all you have to do is show up,” he smiled again at me.

“Smashing, but George, we’ve talked about this! Call me Nadia,” I smiled at him.  He nodded so I continued, “Could you take me to the house- you know the one out in town?” I asked him.

George nodded, walked down to the back of the SUV and opened the trunk.  We all put our luggage in the back, thanked George and entered the familiar car.  I sat in front and the three boys sat in the back.

“So how’s Leo?” I asked, turning my head to look at the old man in the driver’s seat.

“Brilliant as always,” he replied with a smile, “He’s been asking about you!”

I smiled back, “I’ll have to visit soon.”  He nodded and turned back to look at the road.

“Wait, stop the car,” I said frantically.  George frowned, but pulled over.

“What’s wrong Nads?” Harry asked.

“Get out of the car,” I ordered, “Now.” They frowned, but (slowly) sauntered out of the back seat.  I told George my plans.  He just laughed and agreed diligently as always.

I sent him a wink before exiting the car to join the three boys.  I closed the door behind me and turned to look at Niall, Harry and Louis.

“So you probably think I’m right loony,” I said and they all nodded, “Well you know how in action films, they hail a cab frantically ‘cause they’re trying to get away from a bad guy?” They nodded again, “Well we’re going to do that! With Georgie here trailing us,” I smiled proudly.

Harry, still frowning asked, “Well how are we going to tape it?”

“Ummm, one of us we’ll have to like use our phone, since my camera is way too large,” I said.

“What if the cab driver like knows us?” Niall asked.

“Oh lads quite worrying!” Louis smiled at them, wrapping an arm around my shoulder, “This will be fun!” Harry and Niall sighed, but went along with Louis and I’s antics.  I gave a thumbs up to George and ran over to the curb, flailing my arms in the air to try hail the cab, the boys imitating my actions.  One finally stopped and we all jumped in quickly, Harry, Niall and I in the back and Louis in front.

“Where to guys?” The old man asked.

“Just drive!” Louis said frantically.  The old man frowned, but started driving and on cue, George started following.  I saw Niall’s face turning red from holding in the laughter, but Harry took his job seriously as I asked which is the role of videotaping the whole scene.

“So have you figured out where you’re going?” The driver asked.

“Just get us away from that car mate!” Louis acted, “And step on it!” The driver chuckled slightly, but sped up a little.

I pulled out my phone from my pocket and began to speak into, acting as if I was on the phone, “Jones… yes we’re all alive,” I said into the phone, “Yes he’s on our tail… no, the car crashed into the river… yes… okay, we’re in a cab… right, we’re on it.” I pretended to hang up the phone and leaned up to whisper something in Louis ear, but I was really just blowing in it to irritate him. 

“Got it,” Louis said sternly, “STOP THE CAR,” he yelled.  The driver sighed angrily, but turned on his right signal light and pulled over, “Stylinson, Howell- Let’s move,” Louis ordered, threw some money at the driver and opened the car door.  Niall opened the door and we all scooted out and then ran away and around the corner.  We finally saw the cab drive away and then we started laughing so hard we were crying.

“Oh that was perfect,” I laughed, “Oh look there’s George!” We walked up to the car and got in.

George laughed, “Did it work?”

I nodded and laughed again, “It was soooo funny.” George chuckled once again and then turned his full attention to the road.  I turned my attention to the boy’s conversation, which was just Niall and Louis, since Harry was entranced with Temple Run on his iPhone. 

“Niall, you can’t hurt her,” Louis whispered to him.

Niall sighed, “Louis we talked about this; I really like her mate, you gotta believe me!”

“I know mate, but she’s so fragile.  One wrong move and bam, she’s gone.  And I can’t lose her again,” Louis whispered.

“And you don’t think I can?” Niall whispered, “Louis, I could never hurt her EVER.  Nadia,” I heard him smile when he said my name, “She’s… she’s my everything.” My heart fluttered and the corners of my mouth slowly made their way upwards.  I saw George smiling at me in the corner of my eye so I stuck my tongue out at him.

He chuckled, “I think my dear, that you are in love,” he winked, shooting me a famous George smile.

I laughed, “Oh no, you have the wrong idea—”

“No offense sweet heart, but I think you need to open your eyes,” he stated, still smiling, “He looks at you the same way I look at my wife and we’ve been married… oh 60 years now.”

“Wow, that’s a long time George,” I smiled at him, “But I don’t think we’re there yet.”

“Nadia love,” George chuckled, “I’ve known you all your life and I’ve lived long enough to know what love is.  What the boy feels for you is… well I think you know what it is,” he smiled.  I just chuckled, shook my head and stared out the window for the rest of the ride.

But one thing just couldn’t get out of my head.

Niall couldn’t really be in love with me.

… Right?

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