Strange Kinda Love

this story inst mine but its really good.-------This is the story of Nadia Cowell. You’ve probably heard of her since she was once a famous model, she is daughter of the one and only Simon Cowell and is Louis Tomlinson’s bestfriend. When Louis auditions for the X Factor, well let’s just say things get a little… Complicated.


23. Chapter 23 day 6 and on


“Nads, how much longer?” Harry asked me for the 100th time.

I sighed, “Harold, for the GAZILLONTH TIME, you lot insisted on the bloody train! So another 7 hours,” I said impatiently.  I knew I was probably a little to rude on the last comment, but really- the bloody tosser is driving me mad! Not to mention Lou’s constant comments on how uncomfortable the seats are or how he told us we should’ve taken the plane, which is complete rubbish since I was the one trying to con them into taking the plane, but nobody listens to poor Nadia.

“Look at her- she’s speaking in third person in her head.  I can tell by the face,” Louis snickered to Harry who snickered back.

“ARG that’s it! Niall- look after these two, I’m going to get some fresh air before I rip my hair and these two’s hair out piece by piece!” I yelled and fixed Niall’s bagging shirt on my waist before dramatically slamming the slide door of our private compartment.  Yeah yeah, I know what your all thinking— Nadia schemed her way with her stardom to get a private compartment, no folks, trust me I tried, but apparently the old man at the train station didn’t bloody care that I was famous and I had to pay for it.

“Dear god I really do have a face when I think in third person,” I muttered aloud to myself, as I saw my reflection in the window passing.  I shook it off and continued walking to the end of the train.  I looked around to make sure nobody saw me.  The coast seemed all clear so I pushed the back door of the train open and looked out the door.  A gust of fresh, cold air over powered me, sending chills through my spine as I stepped out into the chilly, dark night.  I closed the door behind me and slide down the wall beside it, bringing my legs up to my chest and wrapping my arms around my knees.  I looked out into the starry sky and let my thoughts over power me, as I did for so many days, when I felt nothing but pure hatred for anything that felt joy after the funeral for Naomi.  I thought of when I completely trashed my downtown apartment, throwing anything and everything in sight and path of me for about two hours until there was nothing left to break.  I thought of when my dad came over to the dump of apartment I was living in and was completely livid at me.  It was the first time he ever got mad at me, like full on, over the top pissed and he gave me the biggest rude-awakening of my life, telling me it was time to get my shit together.  That’s when I went over to Africa to help out the poor kids there and that’s when I met Alex.  I smiled at the memory and on cue, my phone started to ring.

“Hello?” I said, holding a hand to my opposite ear to try and block out the noise the wind was making.

“Nadia, where are you?” Alex asked.

“One sec love, I’m outside.  I’m going in now,” I said as I opened the door.  I walked up the hallway of the train and found an empty compartment, so I sat down in it and curled up in a ball.

“Hi Ally,” I smiled, calling him the nickname I made up for him when I first met him.

“We haven’t talked in like… I don’t even know and it erks me,” he told me.

“Erks? Hm I haven’t heard that one before,” I replied, chuckling a bit as I did.

“So Adia, how have you been in the past… two days was it?” I filled him on all the details, him fangirling over the bits about Niall and I whilst he filled me in on his steamy relationships (yes I did say relationships, as in more than one) with some of the models he’s working with.

“Have you told him yet?” Alex asked softly.

“No,” I whispered, “I haven’t told the lot of them.”

“Nadia, you have to tell them,” Alex said sternly.

“I know Ally, I just don’t know if I can tell them—”

“Nads,” a sudden voice appeared.  I looked up to see a worried looking Niall leaning against the door.

“We’ve been looking everywhere for you,” he told me.

“I’ve only been gone for like half hour,” I replied, frowning a bit.

He shook his head, “You’ve been gone 2 hours love.”

“Oh I’m sorry, I just went outside for some air and then Alex called so we’ve been having like a proper catch up.”

Niall nodded understanding, “Okay, just come back when you’re done, Louis going ape since he think he lost you.” I nodded and gave him a small smile.  He winked then closed the door behind him.

“Hey sorry love,” I said into the phone.

“No worries, I understand what it’s like to have a worried bf honey,” he said in complete seriousness.

I scoffed, “More like ‘boyfriends’”

He gasped, “Oh no you did not! I like to have options Ads god.  Stop changing the subject anyways! You’ve gotta tell the boys Nadia.”

I sighed, “I know Ally, I will… probably.”

“No Nadia, you will tell the boys.  They deserve to know!” Alex said, attempting to persuade me.

“Honey you wouldn’t even know if you hadn’t been poking around the messages on my phone!” I sassed back at him.

“Well I’ve gotta jet babes— busy, busy, busy!”

I laughed, “Okeydokey, don’t worry about me yeah?”

Alex scoffed, “Girl you think I’d be this far away from you if I was worryin’ ‘bout you? HELL NO!” He yelled playfully.

I laughed, “Have fun with your models.  Okay love you, see you soon. Byeeee!”  I said and hanging up.  I walked out of the compartment and walked into our private one where the boys were.

“NADIA!” Louis screeched and tackled me.  “I thought I’d lost you!” He said worriedly.

“Sorry, needed some air,” I said, patting Louis back as I hugged him back tightly.  It felt nice to be in the arms of the boy who I depended on for so long, like the feeling of warmth you get when you enter a piece of something you remember from a memory.  He unraveled his arms from my back and moved them up to lie on my shoulders.  He gave me an uneasy look, as if he knew something was up, but I just winked at him and the gleam of mischief that is normally plastered in his eye reappeared and a playful grin was brought to his thin lips.  I rolled my eyes and walked back to sit with Harry, slapping Louis’s arse on the way there.

“Hi Haz,” I smiled at him before sitting next to him, draping my legs across his and starting to pick off the nail polish on my finger nails.

“Hey Ads,” he replied with a smile then returned to look at his phone.

“Who are you bloody texting Styles? Management will sue her once your fingers fall off,” I joked.

He snorted, “My mum, Gem and Laura.”

I nodded, “How are your mum and Gemma? I haven’t seen them since I visited Jay and the girls!” I huffed, instantly regretting it and throwing my hand up to my mouth in shock.  Louis turned around immediately to look at me.

“You… visited them?” Louis asked.  Oh god, definitely just lost points with Lou, I thought.  Harry looked up from his mobile to watch us.

I sighed, “Yeah once or twice,” I said quietly, finding a piece of hair suddenly very interesting.

Louis coughed over exaggeratedly, but I cut him off before he could start his rant, “Oh Lou,” I sighed, “Don’t start a row, jesus.  Look she phoned me one day when Justin and I were in London for a show and I drove over to Donny and the girls and I went shopping.  Harry’s mum and Gem were visiting at the time so they came along.  Completely harmless,” I explained.

Louis ran his fingers through his hair, “You said once or twice, when was the other time?”

“Erm well it seems Lottie and Fizz are fans of yours truly, so I-uh gave them backstage passes for them and their mates,” I admitted. 

Louis sighed rubbing his temple with his fingertips, “And when was this?”

“Umm about a month or two ago.  Boo please don’t be mad,” I pleaded.

“I’m not mad Nads,” he told me, “Hell, I need a nap.”

I gasped, “Louis Tomlinson needs… a nap?” I gasped again sarcastically and ran up to him to feel his forehead, “Harold I think he has a temperature!” I said maliciously.  Harry snorted away and Louis managed to pop a small grin. 

“Oh I’m just pulling your tail, go take a sodding nap- hey where’s Nialler?” I rambled.  Louis’s shrugged tiredly, sauntered over to Harry and curled up, resting his head on the younger boy’s lap and falling aimlessly asleep.  Harry smiled down at his sleeping best friend, shot me a wink before resting his head against the wall and falling asleep as well.  I awed at them quietly, snapped a photo and perched myself in one of the booths and turned my laptop on.  Surprisingly the train had wifi so I logged onto twitter and posted the finished edited video from today.  I plugged my iPhone into my laptop and uploaded all the pictures I’ve taken in the past 5 days.  I smiled at the photo of Evie, Niall and I and decided to use it as my twitter picture to it.  Twitter went mad over the photo and the worldwide trending topics were: #niallgotsome, #congratsonthesexnadia and #niallandnadia.  I doubled over in laughing, well snickering since I didn’t want to wake up the two gaylords.

@NadiaCowell: You guys are too much hahahaha #godhelpusall

“Hey babe,” Niall said walking in the door.  I shushed him pointing to Louis and Harry and he nodded.  He walked up over to me, picked me up and set me back down but on his lap.

“Where did you go love?” I asked him, scrolling down mentions and answering a few.

“I got you something,” he replied, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Really? What is it!” I said excitedly, turning around to sit on the table so I could see Niall.  He smiled and took out a bag of gummy worms from his pocket.  My heart melted over the simple gift from the blonde boy before me, surprising me on how such a little thing would mean so much.

Niall coughed awkwardly, “Well I remembered you saying the other day how you wanted some so I went down to the little trolley thing they have going up and down the hallway and surprisingly they had some and I thought of you so I got it! I understand if you hate it, I mean it’s pretty small and stuff—”

“Niall shut up would you!” I laughed, “It’s perfect.  Thank you,” I smiled at him.  He smiled back and I slid back down on his lap to turn back to my laptop.  My back was resting on his perfectly shaped chest, his toned arm wrapped around my waist comfortably and his chin resting on my shoulder as we read through the mentions about us, laughing and eating the gummy worms.

“So what were you and Alex talking about?” Niall asked.

I gulped, “Um nothing important, just the usual,” I lied.  I felt my stomach spasm in complete knots like it always does when I lie, but this time it was more intense and I felt like throwing up.

“Oh you looked like you were talking about something really important!”

“Oh no, Alex was just telling me about his model scandals,” I laughed stiffly.

“Hey what’s wrong?” Niall asked soothingly, lifting me up, setting me sideways on his lap and re-wrapping his arms tightly around my waist.

“Nothing Ni, just tired I guess,” I lied again, feeling my stomach tremble.  Niall softly moved the hair away from my forehead and brought me closer to his chest.

“Why don’t you sleep a little yeah?” He mumbled with his lips pressed on the side of my head.  

I shrugged and yawned, “I guess I could yeah, I’ll go lie on the other side of the boo—”

“Stay here, you’re warm,” he whispered.  I nodded, yawned again and fell asleep soundlessly.


“AHHH,” I screamed, “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? WHERE AM I?” I screamed again.

Niall laughed, “You are in the train station in wherever the hell we are since you never told us.  You were sleeping like a rock Nads and I didn’t want to wake you so you currently are on my back.”

“Oh,” was all I could come up with.  I jumped off of his back and smiled at the three confused boys before me.

“Welcome to Venice boys!”

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