Strange Kinda Love

this story inst mine but its really good.-------This is the story of Nadia Cowell. You’ve probably heard of her since she was once a famous model, she is daughter of the one and only Simon Cowell and is Louis Tomlinson’s bestfriend. When Louis auditions for the X Factor, well let’s just say things get a little… Complicated.


22. Chapter 22 day 5


“Nadia… Nads wake up,” Someone whispered in my ear.  My eyes fluttered open and I realized I was snuggled into Niall’s chest, his arm wrapped securely on the crook of my waist and I was lying on his shoulder.
“Can you wake up now? I got lonely.” He asked shyly.
I groaned, “What time is it?”
“Hm I haven’t slept in this late in like 5 years,” I admitted.
“Probably since you’ve never slept with such a gorgeous specimen beside you,” he winked.
“Yeah that’s it,” I scoffed.  Niall caught my sarcasm and gasped.  Niall leaned in for a kiss, but I put a hand over my mouth before he could.
I groaned, “I have morning breath!”
“Oh that’s what the smell is!” Niall smiled cheekily at me.
I gasped, “Rude.” He laughed and leaned in to rest his forehead against mine.
“Forgive me?”
I shook my head, “No dice love.”
“How may I ever repay you?”
I pretended to think, then replied, “Get David Beckham on the phone and you have a deal.” Niall rolled over and let out his long, loud laugh that always made the room light up and bring a smile to my face.  I sneakily pushed him off the bed and ran in the bathroom before Niall could catch me.  I washed my face with cold water, enjoying the cold droplets stream down my face, waking myself up for the day.  I brushed my teeth, plaited my hair back into a fishtail and decided I was done.  I opened the door, stuck my head out first and didn’t see any sign of Niall so I made my way out.  I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around my waist from behind and pull me up over the shoulder. I squealed, “PUT ME DOWN HORAN- OH MY GOD MY KNICKERS ARE IN FULL VIEW! PUT ME DOWN!” I yelled in his ear.
Niall dropped me on the bed, pinned my arms down and straddled my legs down.
I sighed flustered, “Well if I knew this would happen I would’ve stayed over your shoulder,” I told him.  He chuckled, leaned in and kissed the skin right before my ear, lingering his lips on my ear whilst whispering in it, sending shivers down my back and goose bumps forming on my arms, “This is payback for pushing me off the bed.”
I scoffed, “You’re deluded! You inaugurated it!”
Niall kissed the skin by my ear again before sitting back up too look at me, “First, Horan’s aren’t deluded.  Second, I have no bloody clue what inogula-“
“Inaugurated,” I corrected him.
“Yeah that, I dunno what that means.  Third, can I have my kiss now?” He asked hopefully.
“Tell me why you like me first,” I smiled at him.
He groaned, rolled off of me so we both laid on our sides looking at each other.  He put his hand on my waist and began, “I like that you don’t like any kinds of rice because you think it’s tasteless and how you hate the fact that you eat meat, but you eat it anyways and I like that you only eat the tops of your broccoli and always give Harry the stems.  I like how when you sleep, you scrunch up your nose all cute before you yawn and if you’re sleeping by yourself, you always cuddle up the pillow.  I like how you always give everyone a chance as long as there nice to you.  I like how your favorite thing to do is go swimming and your favorite game is go fish.  I like how you always wear your infinity ring because you and Naomi got them and wore them ever since your mum died.  I like how you always have to be holding someone’s hand when you’re in large crowds because you’re claustrophobic and scared of getting lost.  I like how you eat your steak medium rare but only the inside because the outside is too crunchy.  I like how your eyes are gray with little specs of blue and how you have little brown freckles on your nose that you have to look really close to see.  I like how you get along with everyone and are always looking to have a good time no matter what the situation.  I like how you’re taller than most girls which means I know you can protect yourself if I’m not around.  I like how you don’t give two shits what people think of you and how you’re real and not fake like everyone else these days.  And finally I like how you like me.” I smiled and gave him the kiss he requested.
“You’re perfect,” I told him giving him another quick peck on the lips before removing my hand from his cheek and getting up.
“Can we go to Starbucks?” I asked him.
“Ou yeah I’m starved.  I’ll just go get dressed then we’ll head off yeah?” I nodded and Niall went in the bathroom to change.  I rummaged through my suitcase and got my outfit for the day which consisted of a black shirt with a white collar, a brown blazer with classy on the back as usual, standard black leggings and white converse.  I put my black glasses on since I couldn’t be bothered with contacts and head out with Niall walking hand in hand.  We waved at the crowd but didn’t stop since Niall was hungry and he got cranky when he was hungry.  We laughed and joked at the funny looking pedestrians that passed right up until the door of Starbucks.
“It’s real busy here,” I thought aloud seeing as we were probably the 30th person in line.
“Ads I have to pee really bad and you know what us lot want so you mind if I go?” Niall asked.
I nodded, “By the looks of this line you’ll probably be back.” He chuckled and head off towards the bathrooms.  I waited my turn patiently in line when I felt a tap on my back.  I turned around to find a shy looking girl probably the same age as me staring wide eyed at me.
“Oh my god, you Nadia Cowell?” She asked her French accent ringing as she did.
I smiled, “The one and only! What’s your name?”
She gasped, “Michelle- I’m a fan, but a bigger Directioner,” she admitted.
I laughed, “So you must know I’m with them now yeah?”
She nodded, “I ‘vas outside de hotel with de rest of ‘em for six hours trying to see them.”
“Dear god, well Harry and Louis are probably still sleeping and Niall’s in the bathroom and I’m not allowed to bring fans in the hotel, but I know we’ll probably be coming out around 11:00 and oh there’s an entrance round back that I’ll leave unlocked for you cause Harry will probably come down round that area around 10:30 because he’ll want the newspaper,” I scoffed.
Expecting Michelle to start screaming, no instead she starts to cry, “Awh love don’t cry, I’m sure they’ll shower!” I told her but she still continued to sob, “Okay well I can tell them not to?” I questioned her.
She muffled a laugh.  I felt a hand move its way to the small of my back and I looked up to see Niall smiling down at me.
“Hey princess,” He said to me, “Who do we have here? I’m Niall,” He smiled at her.
Obviously she was lost for words and very nervous so I spoke up, “Nialler this is Michelle, she’s a big fan of yours!”
Niall cheered, “French directioners! Gotta love em! Will you do me the honor of getting a picture with me so the other boys will be jealous?” He asked her nicely.  She managed to give him a short nod so I took a picture of them with Niall’s phone and her camera, since I knew she only talked to me to see them but I didn’t mind.
“Well looks like it’s our turn, remember 10:30 yeah?” I told her.  I got her twitter for Zayn and Liam, she gave me a big smile and we head up to the cash.  I ordered for us, Louis and Harry and quickly made our way back to the hotel, waving to the fans but not stopping since we were both really hungry.
“Boys you up?” I yelled when we walked in the door.  I heard some sort of response so I walked into the living room to find them there sitting watching cartoons.  I took my mango smoothie and blueberry muffin and gave Louis his caramel Frappuccino and bagel whilst Niall took his cookie Frappuccino and two bagels and gave Harry his tea and croissant.  We sat eating and laughing at the cartoon and I brought my laptop and edited the video from yesterday.  I posted it on twitter and meanwhile I followed Michelle and DM’ed Zayn and Liam to tell them to follow her.  I looked at her most recent tweet and decided to read it.

@FrenchDirectioners: ALL DIRECTIONERS READ!!!

I clicked on it and a twitlong came up.

Okay I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t hate Nadia and didn’t send her hate because like most of us, I thought she was hurting our boys, but today, after waiting outside for 6 hours trying to catch a glance of the boys, I gave up and went to get a coffee at Starbucks and Nadia just so happened to be there.  I went up to her and expecting her to just wave me off like every over celebrity, she smiled at me and started a conversation with me.  She told me that Harry and Louis were sleeping, but she told me there schedule so I could stalk them.  Yes, she told me tips on how to stalk them.  Then Niall came out of the washroom and she kindly offered to take pictures of us two, knowing that I hated her guts.  Now her, Liam, Niall and Zayn follow me because she specifically gave them my twitter and told them to follow me, like she promised she would.  So any of you out there that are sending her hate, she made my life today so I hope you stop because I definitely will be.

I smiled, retweeted it and closed my laptop.

“Okay boys, so it’s 10:00 now, we might as well get started!” I said cheerfully.

“Well what are we doing Nads?” Harry asked.

“Erm well I was thinking of like pretending to be one another day! Like for example I could be Harry and Harry could be Louis or something!” I told them.

Louis squealed, “I CALL HARRY! HELL YES I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY SINCE THE DAY I MET THE CURLY BLOKE!” He yelled and ran into their room.  I chuckled and decided that I would be Niall, Niall would be Louis and Harry would be me.  I gave Harry the biggest clothes I owned so he could fit in them and went in the bathroom to change into the clothes Niall gave me.  I put on the blue, ¾ shirt that I absolutely adored on Niall, his blue pants that I had to tie a shoelace around in the belt loops so they would stay on my hips, a pair of his Calvin Klein boxers that were so bloody comfy and his black Supras that I put tissues in on the ends so I wouldn’t slid in them.  I walked out of the bathroom to be ambushed by Louis who was wearing Harry’s Ramones t-shirt, beanie and white converse who started to pinch my cheeks saying I looked cute in Niall’s clothes.  We walked into the living room and I saw Niall wearing a white shirt with a collar, red bands, green chinos and Louis’s white boat shoes.  Harry was wearing one of my larger Classy blazers, one of my undershirts that looked wretched on him, but it was hilarious to see him in and a pair of his white converse, since they were identical to mine.

“Okay let’s go mingle with fans for a while then we’ll do the next thing!” They agreed and we head out.  I got on Louis’s shoulders and began to tape the hallways of the luxurious hotel.

“So lovelies, you see the hallways of the hotels we’re staying at,” I spoke to the camera, moving it around so they’d get the whole view.  I stopped it on Niall who stuck his tongue out at me.  I giggled and moved it to Harry who winked.

“So Harold did you get your paper when left earlier?” I asked.

He nodded, “Yeah, a fan managed to get in though like through the back door.  She was lovely and everything, but it was kinda weird ‘cause she kept taking pictures before she actually like physically came up to me,” He told me and the camera.

I laughed aloud causing Harry confusion since he didn’t know it was me who opened the door for Michelle.  We came up to the front doors, receiving dirty glares from the doorman since I was on Louis’s shoulders and that probably wasn’t respectable in a 5 star hotel.  There were only like 50 or so fans there, so we should have time to talk to a respectable amount of them.  The boys and I stopped in the convenient store in the hotel and bought loads of food for them.  We each had a box full of stuff so we decided we were good and walked out the doors.

“BONJOUR,” Louis screamed to the crowd.  “Nads you’re going to have to translate for us,” Harry yelled up to us.  I gave him a thumbs up with the hand the camera wasn’t in and jumped down from Louis’s shoulders.  I set up the camera at a fare distance so we could get everything and walked over to a group of fans.

“WE BRING GIFTS,” Niall yelled.

“Bonjour! Pouvez- vous parlez Anglais?” I asked.

“Yeah we’re English actually,” one responded.

“BOYS WE GOT AN ENGLISH ONE OVER HERE!” I yelled.  Niall pranced over, gave me a kiss on the cheek and wrapped his arm around my waist protectively, the other two continued to talk to other fans.

“Hullo babes, want some food?” He asked the English girls.  Their mouths nearly fell to the floor, but they nodded and we handed them some Twix bars and each a Coke.

“Here,” one of them yelled and handed us a professional looking microphone thing.  I gasped, “Whoever you are, you are a legend my friend! I have always wanted to use one of these,” I said excitedly.  I turned it on and spoke into it, “Bonjour!” Some fans started to scream.

“Okay so it works?” They all answered yes.

“Well what do you guys want to then?” I asked.  “Wait do you lot even speak English?” I asked again and more than half of them said yes.

“Why are you dressed like Niall?” One of them yelled.

I laughed, “We changed people! I’m Niall, Niall’s Louis, Louis’s Harry and Harry’s me!” We said showing off our outfits.

“Brilliant, well we only like an hour so let’s get to it!” We all managed to meet all the fans, give them some food, took pictures and signed things in less than half an hour.  I was talking to one of the fans when I felt a tug on my trousers.  I looked down to see a little girl about 7 or eight.  A big smile came to my face and I picked her.

“Hi gorgeous, what’s your name?”

“Evie,” she replied.

“Are you here on holiday?” I asked her.

Evie nodded, “Mum, dad and I are here for a trip!” She smiled big at me.

I gasped, “You lucky girl.  I’m stuck with these stinky boys,” I told her, pointing to the boys.  She giggled and wrapped her little arms around my neck so she could whisper something in my ear.

“My favorite is Niall, but you can have him,” she whispered.

I smiled, “Well how about we share?”

She shook her head, “He smiles when he’s around you.  I want him to be with someone who makes him happy,” she whispered again. 

“Do you want to talk to him? I asked her.  She nodded, her little curls bouncing everywhere.  I walked over to Niall, who gave me a big smile.  He put his hand on the small of my back and kissed my forehead.

“And who are you cutie?” He cooed at Evie.

“Evie,” she giggled.

“Evie- what a gorgeous name!” Niall replied.

“Niall, don’t worry, Nadia can have you because I know you like her,” Evie rambled, “But promise you’ll make her happy too? I like her lots.”

Niall smiled at the little girl then looked up to look deeply in my eyes, “I promise.” Evie smiled up at us.

“Will you get a picture with us?” I asked her.  Her mouth hung opened, but she nodded.  I handed Louis my phone who took a picture of us three.  Niall had his arm wrapped around my waist, as I held Evie in my arms. 

“Evie, where’s your mum?” I asked her.  She pointed at a lady in the front of the crowd, holding another man’s hand and smiling at us.  I walked over to them and handed them back there child.  I chatted with Evie’s mum as Evie and her dad walked off to buy an ice cream.

“You’re her idol you know,” she told me, “She’s seven, doesn’t know how to tell time, but she could tell you anything about you,” she laughed.

“I’m honored really,” I told her, “Evie’s stellar.”

The woman nodded, “I’m dying of cancer,” she told me, “I’m hoping I’ll be able to see my baby on her first day of school, but the doctors tell me it’s unlikely.”

My heart tore in two, “You know my little sister died of cancer and my mum was killed in the war?” I asked her.

She shook her head, “No I didn’t, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine, I’ve come to terms with it now.  The only thing I wish I could’ve done more before they died is tell them how much I love them, that’s all.  Just make sure you tell her at least once a day that you love her and she’ll be fine,” I told her.

She gave me a warm smile and wiped the tears from her eyes, “I will.  Thank you Nadia, do one thing for me yeah?”

“Yeah anything.”

“Never change.  You deserve happiness and make sure you do whatever you can to make sure you get those,” she told me.  Happy tears streamed down my face and I gave her a big hug.  I wished her luck, grabbed her number and returned to Niall.

“Hey have you been crying? What’s wrong?” He asked me worriedly, bringing me into his arms which were beginning to feel like the only place I was safe.

“Evie’s mum has cancer,” I told him, “She said she only has a few months left.”

“Shhh,” he soothed me, “Hey they’ll be alright yeah?” I nodded in his chest and unraveled his arms and just intertwined our fingers.  I walked us over to a group of girls.

“Have you been crying Nadia?” one of them asked.

I nodded, “Yeah, don’t worry, I’m just being a hormonal girl.” They laughed.

“Are you two dating?” one them asked us.  I looked up at Niall, who was smiling down at me.

“Um no, just good friends,” Niall lied to them.  Most girls would get angry, but I would’ve said the same thing.  We weren’t ready to let everyone know, mostly because I want my fans to know before everyone else and because I think Niall and I need to get use to the idea of us dating.

“Oh, well you guys would be adorable,” one of them said.

I smiled, “Thanks.” We chatted around with everyone before deciding to leave. 

“Okay boys, so the next thing we’re doing is… SWIMMING!” I cheered, “But, we’re doing in fancy clothes so we feel like twats.” They gave me strange looks, but agreed and we head off.  I bought a big puffy prom dress which would’ve been the ideal dress for me if I actually went to prom and the boys all wore tuxes.  We walked around Paris in our outfits, receiving weird glares from people but we didn’t care.  This was the first time I actually noticed a pap on our whole adventure, but I’m sure Sugarscape is covering the whole thing.

I felt someone lace our fingers together and instantly knew it was Niall just by the softness of his hands, “Did I mention how gorgeous you look?” He whispered in my ear as we continued walking towards the pool room.

“Nawh, but it’s just a given,” I replied.

He laughed and we continued walking.

Nadia answer your phone, it’s ringing…

“Hello?” I answered.

“NADIA COWELL,” Justin screamed into the phone.

“JUSSSSSSTIIIIINNNNNNN,” I screamed, “Omg I missed you, how are you gorgeous?”

“Oh excellent,” He said, mocking my accent.

“Oh shut it you wanker.  You know you can’t resist the accent, I mean common!”

Justin laughed, “God I missed you! When does your tour start?”

“In two weeks love! It’s in Aussie and you and Sel better get your asses down to see me.”

“Two weeks you say? Well I’ll talk it over with Scooter, I’m sure I can work something out,” he said, I knowing he was smirking.

“Okay, I’ve got another call, but I’ll call you on the plane tonight.  Any chance you could come to England Friday night?”

“Hm maybe, I’ll see if I could get some interviews or something.”

“Okay I gotta go, love you,” I told him.

“Love you moreee,” He sang.  I chuckled, hung up and answered my new call.


“Nadia!” Liam chorused.


“Yeah it’s me, I need to talk to you about something important,” he said seriously.

“Uh okay?”

“I know about you and my Niall and if you hurt him, I will end you.”

I refrained myself from laughing but managed to answer him, “Don’t worry Li, I have no intentions of hurting the little snowflake.”

I heard Liam sigh, “Thank god because I love you and your tougher then me.”

I laughed, “Okay I gotta go Li, yeah have fun with Danielle, okay love you too… bye,” I said and hung up.

“Well someone’s popular!” Louis said.

“Oh you’re just jealous, now let’s do this thang!” I said and turned on the camera that was placed opposite from the side that we were jumping off of.

“Okay boys, 3…2…1… JUMP!” I yelled and we flung ourselves into the chlorinated water.  I swam up to the top to look at the boys.

“This feels SO COOL,” I said, as my dress puffed up and down.

“Hey Nads, watch out!” Louis screamed and threw a bucket of cold water of my head.

“LOUISSS,” I squealed.  I saw Harry swimming in the corner of my eye and sneakily went around him so he wouldn’t notice me.  I grabbed his neck playfully wrapping my arms around it.

“Say you’re sorry Lou or Curly gets it,” I yelled at him.

Louis gasped, “Don’t hurt him, oh my god I’m sorry!” He yelled frantically, obviously playing along.

“And?” I said.

“You’re the Fifa champion,” he mumbled.

“Sorry what? Could you say it a bit louder?” I smirked.

“YOU’RE THE FIFA CHAMPION OKAY!” He yelled, “JUST LET MY BABY GO!” He fake sobbed.

“Well since you said it so nicely,” I smiled and let Harry go.  Harry pretended to gasp for air and he floated on top of the water, pretending he was dead.

“Harry… Harry… HARRRRRYY!” Louis screamed and jumped into the pool to swim frantically over to him.  I scoffed and swam over to Niall.

“Hi Nialler,” I smiled at him.

“Hello gorgeous,” he smiled back whilst grabbing my waist to pull me into him.  I wrapped my legs around his waist and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Did you have fun?” I asked him.

“Yeah, it feels weird though since my clothes are sticking to me in funny places, but it’s alri,” he told me which made me laugh.

“I feel bad for your dress though, you looked good in it,” he said.

I shrugged, “It’s probably what I would’ve worn to prom if I went.”

Niall gasped, “You never went to prom? Are you mental?”

“Well I was going to, but Naomi got really sick that week so I had to fly back to Canada to see her,” I whispered sadly.

Niall’s face softened, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

“No, it’s fine babe,” I fake smiled, “You couldn’t have known so don’t be sorry.”

He gave me a weak smile then a kiss on the forehead.

“Yo you two,” I yelled as Niall and I got out of the pool, “We’ve got to head out now so get your asses out of the pool!” They stopped there water fight and started swimming to the edge.  We were completely drenched in water, so we had to leave our wet clothes here and walk out into the hotel in nothing but towels.  We ran across the lobby, me videotaping everything and ran quickly into the open elevators and up to our rooms.

“Nadia, stop,” Niall said as I began to walk into the bathroom to take a shower.


“What’s wrong?” He sighed.

“Nothing—” I lied as I turned back around to walk into the bathroom.

“Don’t lie, you hate lying.  Common Nads,” he pleaded, hearing the sadness in his voice.

I turned around to see the normal smile on his face wiped off and replaced with the corners of his mouth drooping down, that made my breath go funny because it just wasn’t right for him not to be smiling.

“Talking about Naomi, it just makes me think,” I said curtly.

“About what?”

“How hard it is leaving people behind.  Niall, I have a 3 month tour in Australia.  You’ll be doing stuff with the boys- We won’t be able to see each other,” I told him.

“But there’s Skype, we can call each other and I won’t be working every day and neither will you- We can work something out!”

I smiled sadly at him, “Niall—”

“No don’t Niall me!” He started, “I remember someone we both know well telling someone how when you are in a good relationship, you have to work to see each other.  You wouldn’t let anything get in the way and you would do WHATEVER to make sure it works.  Remember that girl? Because I sure as hell remember her,” He told me.  Okay Niall use my own words against me, I thought.

“That’s different though—”

“How is it different? You know it isn’t different Nadia, so don’t give me that.”

“Look Niall, let me take a shower first then we can talk about this okay,” I said, walking towards the bathroom door once again.

“Did I ever tell you about the time I went to visit Naomi?” He asked.  I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around to give him a questioned glare.

He nodded.


I walked into the familiar front doors of the building I hope I never have to see again.

“Ello love, I was wondering if you could tell me which room Naomi Campbell is staying in please?” I asked the old lady at the front desk.

“Of course handsome, as long as you’re a relative,” she replied.

“Yeah I’m her cousin.  I’m in London for the week, so I thought I’d stop by,” I lied, giving her a smile that no lady could resist.

“Brilliant, okay she’s in room 402.” I smiled at her and headed straight for the room.  I had a break between rehearsals today and I managed to give the boys the slip by saying I was going out to call my mum, which makes no sense but they believed me so I went with it.  I stopped before 402, fixed the blazer I was wearing, took a big breath to calm my nerves, placed the teddy bear under my arm and walked in.

“Um hello?” I said walking in.  I walked straight in to see white walls, a white bed and everything that you would expect to be in a hospital room.  There was a little girl, baled probably from the chemo, tubes going into her nostrils coloring in a colouring book and watching Peppa Pig in the big white bed.  She took her eyes off her colouring and gave me a smile.

“Hi Niall,” she said.

“Hello gorgeous,” I said, “You’re Naomi correct?” She nodded.

“You are on TV ‘wite?” She asked me, not being able to pronounce her r’s correctly.

I nodded and sat down in the chair next to her, “I am.  I’m also really good friends with your sister and Lou.”

She smiled, “Weally? Tell ‘dem I say hi!”

“Oh I will for sure.  I brought you something love,” I told her and handed her the pink bear.  Her face lit up like a light bulb and she took the bear, gave it a hug and put it under the blanket beside her.

“Tank you Niall,” she smiled.

“Anytime love.” I helped her colour for a little bit before she asked me a question, “Do you like Adia?”

I was shocked by her question, “Of course, everyone likes Nads.”

“But like, like her, like her?” She asked, not taking her eyes of her colouring book.

“Yeah.” This is the first time I’ve mentally decided it, not to mention saying it aloud to a three year old.

“ ‘Weally? Well pwomise me you’ll make her happy?” She asked me.

I nodded, “I’ll try love.”

She took her eyes off her drawing for the first time, “She talks about you a lot.  I tink she wikes you Niall.”

My heart fluttered, “You think so?”

She nodded, “Ya, so make shure you keep her safe when I’m gone okay Niall? Pwomise?” She asked sticking her pinky out.  I wrapped her small pinky around my own, gave her a smile and promised her.


“I remembered earlier when we were talking to Evie,” he told me as my mouth hang agape.

“I’m really hoping I get the chance to keep my promise,” he said in a pleading tone.  I just stood there, like my feet were glued to the floor with my mouth hanging to the ground.  I composed myself, took a deep breath and ran to Niall.  I jumped, wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him long and hard.  He placed his hands on my thighs below my bum as our lips passionately moved in sync.

We pulled away simultaneously, “Thank you Niall,” I smiled at him.

He smiled back, “Anytime princess.”

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