Strange Kinda Love

this story inst mine but its really good.-------This is the story of Nadia Cowell. You’ve probably heard of her since she was once a famous model, she is daughter of the one and only Simon Cowell and is Louis Tomlinson’s bestfriend. When Louis auditions for the X Factor, well let’s just say things get a little… Complicated.


21. Chapter 21 day 4


I groggily walked into the airport doors, with the boys and Kate, Maddy and Laura following behind.  The girls stayed over the night at mine, so when we woke up this morning to leave, they joined us.  Since we were taking my dad’s private jet, all we needed were passports and identification, so it took no time at all and before we knew it, we were giving hugs goodbye to the girls.

“Wait, group picture!” I said, handing my phone to a security guard who happily took one for us.  He gave it back and I turned to the girls, tears in my eyes.  I walked up to Kate first and wrapped my arms around her.

“Bye Kat,” I said, calling her the nickname I made up for her yesterday, “You and the girls are definitely coming up for one of my shows, no questions okay!” I smiled at her.  She pulled away, wiped the tears out of her eyes and moved on to Harry.  I did the same with the other two girls, tears sliding down my cheeks each time and we hoped onto the jet.  Niall held my hand all the way through take off like usual and we all decided to take the time to catch up on some work things, well if calling Alex counts as work.

“Alexxxxxx!” I squealed into the phone.

“Nadddieeee,” He mocked.

I laughed, “How’ve you been love?”

“Terrific and yourself?” He asked.

“Better now that I’ve heard your gorgeous voice,” I joked.

He laughed, “So tell me everything I missed.” I told him all about the boys and my day, even the part about Niall and I, which he completely fangirled.

“Then after the dancing, we had a gorgeous bonfire with marshmallows and good stuff like that and then we had a big sleepover in the living room.  Then I woke ‘em up at 4am and we booted it to the airport and here I am.”

“Well ain’t that just dandy,” Alex joked, “Well my photo shoot is absolutely amazing thank you for asking and I flirted it up with the director annnnd I got booked for next week too!”

I squealed, “Alexxxx that is sooo amazing! But you’re still coming Friday right? Because you’re my date.”

“Why don’t you just take Niall,” he sneered playfully.

I gasped, “Good bye Alex.”

“LOVE YOU,” He yelled.  I laughed, said it back and hung up.  The boys were in another room doing an interview that was previously scheduled and they couldn’t get out of, so I decided to call Mandy.

“Nadia!” She yelled happily.

I chuckled, “Hullo love.” We gossiped for a bit before we started to talk about the tour.

“So the Australian tour starts in two weeks, but next week I’ve scheduled more interviews, including another with Ellen,” Mandy said.

“YAY,” I cheered, “I love going on her show!”

Mandy chuckled, “I know, but I scheduled a live, telephone interview in advanced for today, so you’ve got to do this one.  Expect a call in about half an hour.”

“Okay love, talk later,” I said, hanging up and then opening the Twitter app.

@Nadia_Cowell: Can’t wait to practice my French ;) xx

I sent it and seconds later I heard a scream come from the boy’s side of the plane.  I ran in quickly to find Niall screaming, Harry plugging one ear, holding the phone up to his opposite ear and Louis laughing at Niall.

“What Niall!” I yelled.

“We’re… going… to… PARIS!” He squealed, jumping up from the couch and jumping on me, knocking me to the ground.

“Wait, wait, wait hold up.” Niall got off of me and stared at me like the other two, waiting to hear what I had to say.

“You have my tweets DM’ed to your phone?” I said to Niall, which made him go red and Louis and Harry scoff.

“Anyway,” I said getting to my feet, “How’s the interview?”

“Hasn’t started yet,” Harry explained, “Want to join?” I shrugged and sprawled on to Louis’s lap, who was sitting on the one seater couch.  Louis played with my hair, whilst I played on my phone.

“Oh lads and Nads, it’s ringing!” Harry said.  I shut up, continuing to play on my phone whilst they tuned in to listen to the interviewer.

“And we’re live with Louis, Harry and Niall from One Direction!” The interview said cheerfully.  The boys all said hello.

“So boys, what are you up too?” He asked casually.

“Well we’re on a plane heading to…” I gave him a look, “Oh that’s confidential apparently, sorry Nads.”

“Woah woah woah, hold up… NADIA COWELL’S THERE WITH YOU?” The guy said.

“Ello lovely,” I said.

I heard a very girly scream from the other end, which made me laugh.

“I. Love. You.” He fangirled.

I laughed, “Love you too babe,” I said, continuing to play with my phone.

“So boys, who’s single in the band?” He asked.

“Well Liam has a girlfriend, but the rest of us are single,” Harry said.

“Actually,” Louis interrupted, “I have my eye on someone.” I looked up at Louis, who gave me a sly smile.

“Me too,” Niall said suddenly.  I looked over to Niall, who was staring directly into my eyes.  Butterflies exploded in my stomach and I gave him a small smile.

“Can you give us a hint boys?” The interviewer asked.

“Well,” Louis started, “I’ve only met her just recently and she’s really lovely, so we’ll see how it turns out.”

“And you Niall?”

He coughed, “Well I’ve known this girl for a while.  She’s my best friend, but we’ve been through a rough patch recently, but I managed to patch it up and everything’s going… perfect.  I hope everything turns out,” Niall finished.  He stared at me the entire time, smiling his beautiful smile and never stopped until the interviewer wrapped things up.

“Well thank you for your time boys!”

“No problem,” Harry answered.

“I LOVE YOU NADIA!” He squealed and hung up.  I bursted out laughing, falling off Louis’s lap in the process and got up, wiping the tears from my eyes.

“That was too good,” I said, laughing again.

“I’m sexy and I know it…”

“Y’ello?” I said.

“And we’re live with Nadia Cowell!” The lady interviewer said.  I quickly put it on speaker, placed it on the table and sat back down on Louis’s lap in the matter of seconds.

“Hello lovelies!” I said cheerfully.

“So, Nadia, you know this is the Q&A interview.  First question: What exactly are you doing right now?”

I looked up to Louis and laughed, “Erm, I’m sitting on Lou’s lap, in an airplane with Niall and Harry!”

She laughed, “Girls would pay millions to be you right now!”

I scoffed, “I would pay millions not to be me right now.” Louis gasped and pushed me off his lap, which made me fall straight to the floor.  I saw Niall flinch in the corner of my eye but I ignored it and just pouted at Louis.  He gave me the cold shoulder so I sighed and got comfortable on the floor.

“You still there love?” She asked.

“Yeah sorry, Louis pushed me off,” I grumbled, giving him the evil eyes.

She laughed, “Love the banter! Okay, so we only have time for five questions today so let’s get to it!

I cheered and she began, “If you could have one type of food item right this second, what would it be?”

I thought, “Um- oh I know! I could really go for those like sour gummy worms!” I dreamed.

“Okay, next! If Alex wasn’t gay, would you date him?”

I laughed, “God no, I mean he’ fit and stuff, but he’s my bro!”

She chuckled, “Adorable, okay third question! Do you have Tumblr?”

“Oh my god yes! Funny story, okay Arianna, Cher and I were hanging out and we all made our proper one.  So yeah I do.”

“Favorite word for penis?”

I laughed, “Dear god, erm… I don’t know! I usually just call it a willly or something!”

“Okay last one, are you single?”

I thought long and hard, “Erm, well yeah I’m single.”

She laughed, “Are you sure about that?”

I laughed to, “Not really no, but we’ll go with that.”

“Well thanks for your time Nadia and good luck with your 10 day challenge!”

“Thank you! Bye love,” I said hanging up.  I sighed and looked at the boys.  Niall was staring down at his feet, obviously bothered by something and Harry and Louis were on their mobiles.  I stood up and stretched.  My eyes widened when I saw a really comfy looking couch that was calling my name.  I sauntered over to the couch and plopped down on it.  I rested my head against my forearms and closed my eyes shut.

“Naddie?” I heard Niall whisper.  I opened one eye and saw Niall kneeling down, his faces inches from mine.

“Mmm?” I replied tiredly.

“Can you wake up now,” he asked, “Louis and Harry are cuddling on the couch out there and I got lonely.”

I didn’t open my eyes, “I’m supposed to resolve this how?”

Niall coughed, “Well-uh I was… uh,” he stuttered.  I laughed, opened my eyes and turned around to look at him.

“Hi Niall,” I smiled at him, his faces still inches from mine.

“Hi Nadia,” He sighed and smiled back. 

“Now what was it you wanted again?” I asked, knowing perfectly well what he wanted.

“I think you know perfectly well what I want,” He sighed.

“Um I think I have a pretty good idea, but could you tell me just in case I’m wrong,” I smiled sweetly.

He sighed again, “Stop being difficult.”

I laughed and sat up.  He cheered and sat down behind me whilst I laid back against his chest and he wrapped his arms around my waist.  I grabbed my laptop and started to play on it.  Niall unraveled his arms from my waist and started to play with me hair as usual.  I nearly fell asleep, until Louis told us we had to go sit in our seats since we’re landing soon.

“Okay so where to now?” Harry asked.

“That’s the thing lads, I haven’t planned anything.  We’re in Paris today and tomorrow, so I thought we’d just plan things as we go!” I said.

“Well where are we going to put our stuff?” Niall asked.

I frowned, “Erm let’s call a cab and then we’ll find a hotel, then we’ll do stuff!” Everyone agreed, so we head off.  We managed to hail a cab threw all the hustle and bustle and made our way to the fanciest hotel in town.  We walked through the front doors and I walked up to the front desk.

“Bonjour, as-tu des chambres disponible?” I asked.

“Non madame, tous les chambres sont pris,” She replied, still writing something in her book.

Her eyes widened when she saw me, “Oh Madame Cowell, je m’excuse, combien de chamber veux-tu?”

I smiled, “As-tu un suite s’il vous plait?”

“Oui oui Madame, voici tes cle,” She gave me the keys, I paid and headed back to the boys.

“Since when did you speak French?” Harry asked.

I shrugged, “I got bored so I read a couple of books on how to, it’s quite an easy language,” I explained.  They just scoffed and we headed up to our room.  I opened the door to find a two bedroom, with a kitchen and living room.  I sighed and ran to jump on the bed.

“I call this bed,” I mumbled into the mattress.

I heard a squeal than felt the mattress sink beside me.

“This is heaven,” Niall mumbled into the mattress.

I sighed and got up, “Let’s go Nialler, we’ve only got a day!” He got up and we walked out to Louis and Harry, who were waiting for us.  I started taping everything, since I already posted the video this morning.

“Say hi boys!” I said and they waved at the camera.  We continued walking down the busy streets until I saw the Eiffel Tower.

“Ou let’s go to the Eiffel Tower then the Louvre, but be the hilarious mofo’s we are and screw shit up,” and that’s what we did.  We started singing in the Louvre, which got us kicked out, but it was still funny and on the Eiffel Tower, we threw paper airplanes and water balloons from the top.  By the time we were finished, we were all exhausted, so we decided to order room service back at the hotel, instead of going out.

“Get up,” Niall ordered, walking into our room.  “We’re going out.  Don’t say anything, just grab your phone,” He barked at me, “Please.”

I frowned, it wasn’t like Niall to be so open and push me around, “Where are we going? Are Harold and Lou ready?”

“We are going on a date,” He smiled, “Without the boy’s cause that’d just be weird.”

At first I frowned, but it gradually turned into a playful smirk, “And do I need to dress up for this date?”

“No, you always look beautiful to me no matter what you wear,” he nodded, like he was assuring himself.

I smiled, “Well let’s go then.” He grabbed my hand, intertwined our fingers and we head off.  We walked along the side walk, making casual conversation and a thought popped in my head.

“You do know where you’re going right Niall?”

He thought about it for a moment, “Well whilst you were sleeping, I looked for a cool place to go, so I think so yes.” I chuckled at his cuteness and went along with it.

“Oh there it is!” Niall said happily.  I looked to where he was pointing and saw a cute park, with a big screen outside, that had an old fashion movie playing on it.  Couples and families were sitting out, eating and laughing at the movie.

Niall lead me over to a vacant tree with pretty fairy lights in the bushes and we sat down.

“Do you like it?” Niall whispered nervously.

I nodded, “It’s perfect, really Niall.” He smiled, contained with himself.  We sat, laughing at the movie and chatting amongst ourselves.

“So Nads, I was-uh wondering, if maybe you’ll be my girlfriend?” Niall mumbled shyly.

“Um Niall I—”

“I knew it,” he said sadly, “I knew you’d never like me.” And with that, he got up and walked away.  I got up quickly and ran up behind him.  I grabbed his hand, pulled him back into me and kissed him softly on the mouth.  At first, he didn’t kiss me back, but finally he did.  He pulled away quickly.

“Stop, if you don’t like me Nadia, don’t lead me on,” he snapped and began to walk away again.

I pulled his hand back again, “Stop, would you just listen for a sec!” I said.  People began to tell us to be quiet so I pulled him over back to our tree.

“Niall listen to me and don’t interrupt,” I ordered and he nodded, “Okay first, I like you… like, like you like you and second, I would love to be your girlfriend,” I smiled, “BUT I think we should go on a couple more dates before we tell the boys and we tell our fans.”

“And, if we date, you’re going to have to be okay with me hugging Alex and Lou and stuff because I always do that.”

Niall smiled his biggest full teeth smile, “I don’t mind at all, but, but I can still hold your hand right?”

I laughed, “Niall, we always hold hands.”

“Oh yeah,” he laughed and grabbed my hand, “Want to get something to eat?”

My eyes lit up, “Food? YES!” He laughed and we head off to a fancy restaurant on the corner.

“Madame Cowell, Monsieur Horan : Parlez-vous francais?” The waitor asked.

“Oui, peux-nous avoir un table pour deux s’il vous plait? Une table à l’arrière c’est préféré,” I asked.  He nodded and brought us to a private squared booth in the back.  We sat down across from each other, I read out all the fancy French names for Niall, everyone one making him burst out laughing, but he finally ordered the steak and I ordered a salad.

“Pfft salad,” Niall huffed.

“Hey I’ve got to keep my image,” I explained.

He laughed, “Nads you weigh 100 pounds wet or dry,” Niall scoffed, “Stop worrying about your weight, you look gorgeous, thick or thin,” He smiled.

“Then stop worrying about your teeth,” I replied, which received a shocked look from Niall.

“Mhm, that’s right, I noticed and you know what, I think your teeth are your best feature and I wouldn’t change them one bit,” I told him.  His mouth dropped to the floor, but quickly closed and he slid over and leaned in to give me a surprise kiss.

“What was that for?” I asked when the kiss ended.

He shrugged, “I don’t usually get compliments on my teeth, it made me feel good and because usually boyfriends and girlfriends kiss,” he joked. I chuckled and began to eat the salad the waiter brought us, probably whilst we were making out… awkward.

“This is sooo good,” Niall groaned, piling his diner into his mouth.  I laughed and continued eating.  We joked around and Niall paid the waiter for us, which he insisted on paying for.  We walked back hand in hand to the hotel and walked in the door.

“Yo lads we’re back!” Niall yelled.

“Hey you know what I noticed,” I began to say, “We weren’t bombarded by press or fans the whole evening.”

Niall thought, “That’s so weird! That’s like the first time ever!” I nodded agreeing and walked into the boy’s room.  They were sleeping soundlessly in there bed.  I snapped a quick photo and crept back to Niall and my room.  Niall was already stripped down into his boxers and watching TV in our bed.

“You don’t mind do you?” He asked, “You know, me sleeping like this?”

I laughed and shook my head, “Not at all, let me change and I’ll be straight there love,” I said and ran into the bathroom.  I took off my clothes and put on one of Louis’s old football shirt, that I could wear as a dress it was so big on me.  I washed my face, brushed my teeth and walked back out to join Niall.  I put my dirty clothes in my suitcase and crawled into Niall’s open arms in bed.  He wrapped his arms around me, kissed my head and we both fell asleep, happier than we ever were before.

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