Strange Kinda Love

this story inst mine but its really good.-------This is the story of Nadia Cowell. You’ve probably heard of her since she was once a famous model, she is daughter of the one and only Simon Cowell and is Louis Tomlinson’s bestfriend. When Louis auditions for the X Factor, well let’s just say things get a little… Complicated.


20. Chapter 20 day 3


After another half an hour on the phone, then another hour editing and posting the video of yesterday, I decided to go out to the kitchen to join the others.  I saw Louis and Harry sitting with their heads in their hands, probably completely hung over and Niall was nowhere to be seen.

I snickered at the sight and ran up to Louis and yelled in his ear.

“FUCK ADS, SHUT UP,” Louis yelled.  I fell on the floor, rolling with laughter.  I finished, got up and got them some water and Tylenol.

“You’re a star Nadia,” Harry growled, gulping down the water.

“I know,” I sighed.  “What you lot want for breakfast?”

“Rice crispies,” Harry groaned.

“Corn flakes,” Louis groaned too.

I laughed and got their and my breakfast and sat down.

“So what did you get up too last night? I don’t think I saw you until we left at like two.”

“Ugh I don’t remember half of it, but I think I was with Laura? Maybe? I don’t know.” Harry sighed.

I looked at Louis who just shrugged, “I was with Kate for most of it.” I nodded than continued eating.

“Where are Alex and Niall?” Harry asked.

“Erm Alex’s left for New York and I don’t know about Niall,” I said, a little too sarcastic at the end.

“Something going on with you and Niall?” Louis asked curiously.

I sighed, “I don’t know, it’s just—”

“HEY GUYS!” Niall said cheerfully, walking in.

I rolled my eyes and Louis snickered at me.

“Who bloody gave you sunshine this morning?” Harry asked.

Louis and I laughed silently whilst Niall just frowned, “Stop raining on my parade.  Today’s going to be a good day, I know it,” he smiled.

“Well I hope it bloody rains then,” I mumbled, but Louis heard me and fell on the floor laughing.  Harry just shook his head and Niall ignored me.  I got up put my dishes in the sink and went to take a quick shower.

I got out, wrapped a towel around my chest and walked out, until I ran straight into someone and got knocked to the ground.  Thank god the towel stayed wrapped around my chest and I looked up to see the one and only, happy rays of sunshine, Niall Horan.


I frowned, “Why would I need a needle?”

He shrugged, “Well I know that you’re on the pill to keep your heart stable, but I googled it and it said you’re supposed to carry around the needle as well, just in case,” he shrugged.

My frown turned into the biggest smile ever and I got up and bear hugged him.  He awkwardly hugged me back, considering I was only in a small towel, he probably didn’t know if it was okay or not.  I pulled away again and slapped him in the face, not hard though.

“And that was for?” He asked.

“Being rude to me yesterday!” I said.

“So am I forgiven?” He asked again.

“Um… No! Not yet,” I said, walking away.  I stopped than turned around to face Niall again, “Why did you google it?”

Niall’s cheeks turned a crimson color, “Um, well when I entered your contest, I thought it would be good to know, just in case.”

My shoulder slumped in disappointment and I looked down to floor, “Yeah, okay.” And I turned around and walked into my room.  I changed into an oversized grey, tank top with black shorts and bright, blue toms.  I pulled the front of my hair back with a black bow and I packed my kitbag.  I had my wallet, camera, iPhone, ray bans and cardigan all packed in it and I went out to join the boys, who were all packed too.

“So where are we going today?” Harry asked.

“Into town,” I replied shortly, walking out the front door.

“What are we doing?” Louis asked, trailing behind me.

“Going into town,” I repeated.

He sighed, “What are we doing in town?”

I smirked, “Making an idiot of ourselves, what else?” I said whilst opening the driver side door and getting in.  Harry and Niall sat in the back and Louis sat beside me.

“So Lou, you didn’t seem over the moon when you were talking about Kate.  Did anything happen?” I asked, still keeping my attention towards the road.

I saw him shrug in the corner of my eye, “I don’t know Nads.  I thought she fancied me and everything, but towards the end of the party, she was like avoiding me and talking around with other guys.”

I sighed, “I know what you mean Lou,” I mumbled, than turned into the parking lot.  I easily found a parking spot and jumped out of the truck.

“I thought you said there wasn’t anything to do here?” Harry asked.

I snorted, “Where do you think they go for clothes if they don’t have internet? And we are staying in the country, this is town where all the normal stuff is, like movie theatres, grocery stores and stuff,” I explained.  They nodded and we head off towards the doors.

“Harrrrrry,” I sang sweetly.

He sighed, “What do you want Nads?”

“Piggy back pleaseee!” I said.  He sighed again, but lowered so I could jump on his back.  I cheered and jumped on.  We walked around the mall, with our hoods up and sun glasses on since we didn’t want to get recognized quite yet.

“Okay Harold, drop me!” I said cheerfully once we reached a set of benches.  I set up my camera on a tripod and turned it on.  We all yelled hello and I started.

“Okay so I got you lot to send me in some dares to do in the mall for us and I picked the best ones for us to do, so youngest goes first which is Harry!” I said into the camera.  He groaned but choose one of the cards from my hands and read it aloud, “Erm go into a ladies specialty shop and ask for a pair of tights and add on as you go.” I laughed.

“Brilliant,” I said taking the camera off the tripod and putting it in my bag, “Let’s go Harrold.”

He laughed, but agreed and we went into the nearest one.  He went up to an old lady and cleared his throat.  Louis, Niall and I stayed behind a rack of clothes so I can video tape it without the lady noticing.

“Hi,” he looked at the ladies name tag, “Debra.  Erm I was wondering if you could help me find something?”

She frowned, “And what would that be?” she asked rudely.

He coughed, “Erm do you have any tights for sale?” I started to giggle softly.

Debra frowned even more, “May I ask what for?”

“Yes, you see my girlfriend, you see her right over there,” Harry said pointing to me.  I lowered the camera carefully and smiled at the old lady who was giving me an evil glare.

“Anyway, my girlfriend, she’s really insecure about her clothing, so to make her feel confident, I wear the same clothes as her,” he explained.  I was trying my best not to fall on the floor and die of laughter (which is what Niall and Louis are doing) since Debra kept looking back at me.

“European’s these days,” she said rudely and then added, “Fine, follow me.”

“Come darling,” Harry smirked at me.  I sighed, handed Louis the camera and walked up to Harry.  He locked his bug fingers in mine.

I glared at him, “Not part of the plan Styles.”

“Ou honey look at these ones!” Harry said pointing to purple, floral tights.

I gasped loudly, “There perfect! We’ll take 5 pairs,” I said happily.  Debra just rolled her eyes and took them to the cash.

“Pay the nice lady… babe,” I smirked.  Harry glared at me, but took out his wallet and hand her the money and left with the tights.

“I can’t believe I just paid 40 bloody dollars for five pairs of tights,” Harry mumbled.

I chuckled, made eye contact with Louis, motioning him that it’s time to leave and once we made our way out of the store, I fell to the ground laughing.

“Oh god, that was perfect,” I snorted, wiping away the tears.  I got up and took the cards with the questions out of my pocket.

I sighed, “I’ll go next.” I choose the last one from the pile and read it aloud, “Go order 24 ice-cream cones and pick them up with your bare hands (must flirt with cashier as well).” I groaned, but the boys just laughed.

“Well let’s get this bloody over with then,” I grumbled.  We walked down stairs to the food court and I got in line.  Luckily the person working there wasn’t that bad looking and around the same age as me.

“Hi,” I said sweetly, “Can I get 24 ice cream cones please?” I batted my eyelashes a couple of times.

The guy gulped, “Yeah sure— Wait, are you Nadia Cowell?”

I nodded, “The one and only!” I smiled at him.

“May I ask why a beautiful lady like you is ordering 24 ice cream cones?” He flirted back.

“Well my friends over there,” I said pointing to the boys, “They skipped breakfast, so there quite hungry!”

He frowned, “Are those the gaylords in One Direction?” He asked rudely.

I snorted, “Well actually the curly one and the one with the black hair are together,” I lied, “And the blonde one is too scared to come out of the closet, but it’s a secret,” I winked.

“Oh okay, well I’ll go get your ice cream,” He stammered.  He left and returned every 5 minutes with three ice cream cones.  Eight trips later, he finally finished the 24 cones.  I paid, than grabbed the cold ice cream by the top and carried it over to the boys, who took it from my hand.  I did that twelve times, getting weird glares from the ice cream guy every time.  I ran back to the guy at the counter and leaned over to whisper in his ear.

“Sorry for that, it was a dare,” I said softly, hoping the boys wouldn’t hear.

“It’s fine.  Thanks for telling me though.”

I smiled at him one last time and made my way back to the boys.

“What did you tell him?” Harry asked.

I shrugged, “He had cute hair, I thought he’d want to know,” I lied.  Harry and Louis snickered, whilst Niall just ignored it.  We finished Niall’s and Louis’s in about an hour and then we had to leave, since someone spotted us.  Niall had to sing Milkshake by Keris on top of a bench in the busiest part of the mall and Louis had to ride around Walmart in a trolley until he got kicked out by someone working there.  By the time we left the mall, it was raining hard so we had to bolt it to the truck.

“Guys, we’re going to have to squeeze,” I yelled over the raindrops slamming on the ground.   The boys ran into the truck, whilst I closed the back of the truck.

“Shove over Horan!” I said, since he was currently sitting in the driver’s seat.

“Just get in!” He yelled, rain getting all over him and myself.  I jumped in, sat on Niall’s lap and closed the door quickly.  I sighed happily, relieved I was out of the rain and put my weight on the steering wheel, so I wouldn’t squeeze Niall to death. 

Niall sighed and I felt him lean over, “Nadia, you can put your weight on me.  You way less than a fever,” he whispered, his warm breath tingling my skin.  I let a little more of my weight go on him, but not all of it.

“A little more,” he whispered.  I obeyed, but still didn’t put it all on him.

“Nadia, don’t be hard,” he whispered soothingly again, “A twelve year old could carry you.  You let Harry give you piggybacks! Isn’t that the same thing?” I sighed, knowing he was right and finally took my grip off the steering and let y full weight go on him

“Wasn’t that hard was it?” Niall whispered, but I just ignored him and continued on driving.  Louis and Harry talked to each other, whilst Niall played with my hair like he always does when I sit on him.  I pulled into the dirt road leading up to the cottage and parked on the grass.  I jumped out of the car and ran quickly in the door, with the boys following close behind.

“Okay, what are we doing now?” Louis said, drying off with the towel I gave him.

“Erm well its lunch now, so I’ll make something to eat then we’ll make use of this rain!” I said cheerfully as I ignored the questioning looks I received from the boys.  I changed into my bathing suit, put an old MTV shirt on with boxers and slippers.  I walked out to the kitchen and put on a pot to boil. 


“Hullo?” I said.


“Nannn!” I said happily, “How are you?”

“Great now that I’m hearing my favorite granddaughter’s voice!” She said happily, “You’ve been told about your party tonight?”

“Mmmm yeah Noah mentioned it yesterday.  What time will it be at?”

“Around 4:00, but you can be a little late, nobody would mind.”

I smiled, “Okay Nan, we’ll see you then.”

“Please wear a dress Addie,” she sighed.

I groaned, “Okay, but not because I want to,” I said, still smiling.

She chuckled, “See you soon honey.  Love you.”

“Yeah bye Nan, love you too!” I sang whilst ending the call.  The pot had finished boiling, so I poured the macaroni in and put the top on the pot. I took a peak in the living room to see Niall in the chair on his phone and Louis and Harry sprawled out comfily on the couch.  I smirked at the sight and thought, “No wonder the press think there gay,” and took out my phone to snap a quick picture and put it on twitter.

@Nadia_Cowell: Awww @Harry_Styles and @Louis_Tomlison having a cuddle x #adorable

I heard there phones beep seconds later and I snuck back into the kitchen, continuing making my pasta like nothing happened.

“NADIA!” Harry screamed in my ear.  I shrieked and threw the nearest thing I could find, which happened to be the wooden spoon we were using as a microphone the previous day.

“Harry you bloody wanker!” I yelled, “Don’t scare me like that!”

He just laughed, “Sorry, I just wanted a picture with the famous Nadia Cowell!” He pouted.

“Later at the party,” I said.

“What party?” Louis yelled from the living room.

“Family party tonight and you are all invited.  Lou, Nan will be there,” I smirked.

Louis head shot up, his eyes wide and a huge smile on his face and he bolted it towards me, like an untrained puppy.

“REAAALLLLY?” He squealed.

I scoffed and turned back to my pasta, “No I’m lying.”

He chose to ignore me and turned to face Harry and Niall, “Boys you better not embarrass me in front of Elise,” he said sternly, “Now I’m going to file my nails, excuse me.” Louis said, strutting into his room.  Once he was out of earshot, we all bursted out laughing until we were wiping the tears from our eyes.

“That was the gayest thing Lou has ever done… And I’ve known him forever!” I said, starting to laugh again.

“Shit the pasta!” I remembered, running over to the stove that was currently steaming up the place.  The fire alarm started to go off as I carried the pot outside and threw it out the door into the pouring rain.  I ran back into the kitchen, turned off the stove and of course being the twat that I am, I touched the stove, palm on and burnt myself.

“OW, JESUS CHRIST THAT BLOODY HURT, OW OW OW OW OW,” I shrieked as big blisters started to form on my hand.

“Did I just hear you say the lord’s name in vain?” Harry said coming into the kitchen.  He looked at me holding my hand and his eyes bulged out of their sockets.


“Yes,” I mumbled.

He sighed, “Run it under cold water.” He pushed me towards the sink, put his hand under the water first than pulled my hand under it.  I bit my lip hard, trying to stop myself from crying.

“Keep your hand under there.  I’ll call the hospital and see if they have a clinic on,” Harry ordered.

“Niall, get in here.” Harry yelled.  I heard Niall get off the chair and saunter in.

“She burnt her hand on the stove.  Keep her calm and busy not thinking about the pain,” Harry whispered, trying to say it softly so I couldn’t hear.

“What have you done to yourself Ads?” Niall said.

“Stupid stove was hot,” I mumbled, still biting my lip trying to distract myself.

“Well stoves tend to get hot when there on,” he informed, but I ignored the sarcastic comment.

“You know you’re allowed to cry right?”

“Crying is unnecessary,” I said back.

“Bullshit.  Crying is human, everyone does,” Niall said, maybe a little too proudly.

I sighed, “Well I’m going to look smashing tonight aren’t I? With a bulky ankle brace and probably a wrap over my hand,” I said angrily.

“I thought you were done with the ankle brace?”

“Well there’s going to be a lot of moving around and it’s a tradition to have everyone dancing at these things, so I have to wear it.”

“Oh,” Niall said, “Well it won’t matter because you’ll look gorgeous no matter what,” he blurted.  I looked up towards his eyes and gave him a light smile.

“Thanks Nialler,” I said.  He was about to say something else but Harry and Louis interrupted him and spoke, “Let’s go, I conned a doctor to come in.” And with that we left and were there for a good three hours.  The doctor kindly saw me in and gave me a horrid smelling cream to put on it and a wrap that I have to have on my arm for the next week.  We left around 3:00, so we had an hour to get ready for the party.  I put a white, strapless sundress on and my ugly, black ankle brace under brown gladiator shoes.  I left my hair wave down on the ends naturally and decided I was ready to go.  The boys were waiting for me by the door, whispering about something but stopped when they realized I was near and smiled at me.

“You look gorgeous Nads.”

“Yeah stunning.”

“Yeah, what they said.”

I smiled at their complements and we headed off.  Since the party was taking place a few houses down and it stopped raining and turned into a gorgeous, sunny evening, we walked down to the venue.  We were arriving late like my Nan predicted so everyone was already there, waiting our arrival.  I walked up the front steps ahead of the boys and stopped.

“Warning, my family… let’s say they’re quite obsessive over gossip so they’re going to just assume that I’m either dating you or you,” I said pointing to Harry and Niall, “Since they’ve already met Lou.”

I took a deep breath and opened the door to loud cheering and hollering.  I smiled brightly at everyone and gave all hugs that came up to me, but really all I wanted was to find my Nan.

I looked around everywhere, until I finally saw her, sitting in her favorite armed chair, away from the crowd.  I smiled and ran over to her and gave her a big hug.

“Oh Addie, I’ve missed you so much!” She said.

“I’ve missed you too Nan, but before we start, I want you to meet some people!” I said, than yelling, “Boys!” Who immediately looked at me and walked over.

“Nan this is Harry Styles,” I said pointing to Harry who went over bravely and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“And this is Niall… Niall Horan,” I smiled.  She winked at me, before turning to Niall who copied Harry.

“ELISE,” Louis squealed from across the room, before sprinting over, dodging everyone in the midst and giving her a big Tommo hug.

“Louis my darling,” she squealed, “How have you been?” She asked before they got into a big conversation.  I excused myself and went to mingle amongst my family.  Approximately two hours later after gossiping with my grandmother and chatting with everyone, it was time for the dancing.  Pretty much it was just a big dance with everyone, but they played older songs.  After dancing with Parker, Jakey and Noah for a few songs, finally a slow song came on where all the adult couples went on and danced.  I smiled at the happy couples, happy for them when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I turned around to see Niall standing there shyly.

“Hey Nialler! You enjoying the party?” I asked.

“Yeah, your family is hilarious,” he laughed.

I nodded and turned back to look at the dancers.

“It’s nice seeing all them so happy ain’t it?” Niall said.

I nodded, “It’s adorable.”

“You wanna dance?” He asked, putting out a hand.  I nodded and took his hand as he led me out on to the dance floor.  He wrapped his right arm around my waist and kept his left hand in mine as we swayed to the beat.  My burnt, left hand was placed casually on his shoulder and my right hand was in his.

 “Thank you,” he whispered in my ear.

“For what?” I asked.

“Choosing one of our entries to your contest.  I wouldn’t be here without it.”

I chuckled, “Well you’re welcome, but I didn’t exactly know it was you now did I?”

He shrugged, “Doesn’t matter, I’m still here,” he smiled.

“So how does it feel?” He asked.

I frowned, “How does what feel?”

“Your dancing with Niall Horan! Many girls would pay thousands to be in your shoes,” he joked.

I snorted loudly, “Well how does it feel to be dancing with America’s sweetheart and queen of this party… the one and only Nadia Cowell!” I smirked back at him.

He chuckled, “Definitely going to tweet it tonight to make all your little twelve year old boy stalkers cry.”

I laughed, “Hey, some of them are cute!” Niall threw his head back and let out a laugh.  He brought his head back down and sighed, then looked in to my eyes.  We kept staring at each other until, like magnets, are face attracted and moved together slowly, until our lips met.  I kept my eyes opened for a second, not really knowing what I was doing but closed them and let the kiss continue.  I pulled away, realizing the song was done and Niall leaned in close to whisper something in my ear, “There’s another thing I have over the twelve year olds,” and with that he kissed my cheek and walked off.  I chuckled, shaking my head with my lips still tingling and a whole feeling in the pit of my stomach.

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