Strange Kinda Love

this story inst mine but its really good.-------This is the story of Nadia Cowell. You’ve probably heard of her since she was once a famous model, she is daughter of the one and only Simon Cowell and is Louis Tomlinson’s bestfriend. When Louis auditions for the X Factor, well let’s just say things get a little… Complicated.


18. Chapter 18 day 2 part 1



Nadia’s POV

Turns out that Noah mixed up the dates for the party with my family and it’s actually Friday, so the boys and I had a picnic then turned in early, well they turned in early.  I still had a hard time sleeping, so I stayed up to edit the video until 2 am and then walked over to my cousin’s house to use their wifi to post the video on Twitter and my official website.  I walked back to the cottage, got some rest and then woke up at 6 am so I could go to the local gym to run some laps.  I wore a sports bra, short spandex and Nike trainers.  After a good hour of running, I ran back to the cottage.  I walked into the kitchen and grabbed water from the fridge.  With my iPod still blasting music in my ears, I decided to finish up the dishes from last night, since I know the boys won’t do it.  I danced around to the beat of Chris Brown when I heard movement from behind me.  I looked over my shoulder to see Harry there, in boxers, completely and utterly out of it.  He looked like he just arose from the dead.  He opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water.  He hadn’t yet noticed my existence so I coughed sarcastically and he turned his head slowly to find me.  His eyes still only little slots, but once he saw me, they grew about four sizes and he spit out all the water in his mouth.

I laughed and took the ear buds out of my ears, “Alright Harry?”

He nodded, eyes still wide, “Uh-yeah I was just… uh getting some… water! Yeah some water,” he stuttered staring down at my chest.

“Eyes are up here Harry,” I said pointing to my eyes.  He chuckled awkwardly and put the water bottle back in the fridge.

“So why are you up so early?” he asked normally whilst getting a dish towel to dry the dishes I just cleaned.

“I decided to head off to the gym, gotta keep in shape you know? What about you Styles?”  

“Erm just woke up I guess Cowell,” he smiled.  I passed him the plates and turned back on my music.

“So the news on the street is that you can shuffle,” Harry smirked, “Care to show me?”

I laughed, “Yeah Justin showed me how to dance on the tour, just let me put the song on here,” I said pressing the play button on my iPod.  Party Rock Anthem started to play, not to loud since we’re going to let the others sleep in for a little while longer.  Harry ran to get the video camera, turned it on and started to record.

“Helllooooo guys, welcome to day two!” I yelled softly, “Styles and Cowell here.  Now we’re just doing the dishes from the previous day and I’m about to show you multitasking 101.  First, I will be washing a plate whilst doing the shuffle.  Okay, 1…2…3 GO!” I did both at the same time until the shuffle part of the end.  The entire time Harry was either trying to attempt to copy me, cracking up at how he was horrible or laughing at me. 

I laughed, “That is how it’s done buddy, Canadian style!” I said in a funny accent.

“Canadian style!”  Harry imitated in the same accent.  I gasped then grabbed a handful of bubbles from the sink and blew them on his face.

He pouted, “Hell to the no,” he said in a girly voice than grabbed a handful and blew them at me. 

“Oi Styles! Bring it bitch!” I yelled.  We fought back in forth, splashing each other with the bubbles until there was none left.

We laughed, said bye to the camera and turned it off.  I got some Rice Crispies and milk then got two bowls and spoons for Harry and me.  We sat down at the table and ate our breakfast.

“So uh- Nadia I think it’s time I probably apologise for my behaviour from a couple months ago, I just—”

“Harry listen, forget about yeah because I certainly have.  It happens to most celebrities, it even happened to me way back when so I don’t blame you.  Just move on yeah?” I smiled.

He smiled then stood up and opened his arms.  I smiled back then walked into his arms and wrapped them around his torso whilst he wrapped his around my lower back.  I put my head into the crook of his neck and he rested his head on top of mine.

“No more awkwardness,” I mumbled into his shoulder.

“Nope,” I heard him smile when he said this.  We just stood there hugging like major twats.

“Hey guys, what’s the craic-oh,” Niall bursted in.  We pulled apart but Harry lingered his hand on the small of my back.

“Hey smiler Nialler!” I smiled, “We were just doing some dishes.”

“Yeah I can see that,” he mumbled, “Uh Nads, why are you half naked?” he mumbled again, almost angrily.

“Early mornin’ prostitution, the money is so much better,” I joked.  Harry cracked up, but Niall didn’t seem amused.

“I went to the gym and Harry here happened to wake up as I was cleaning up the mess from yesterday,” I explained.  He nodded but didn’t seem convinced.

Harry removed the hand from my back and said, “Well I’m going to go wake Lou and Alex, take a shower Nads you smell love.”

I stuck my tongue out, “Sorry I don’t sweat flowers Styles.  Next time I go to the doctor I’ll get it checked out just for you,” I said as sarcastic as I could.  He chuckled and made his way into his and Lou’s bedroom.  I turned around to stare at Niall as he fixed himself a bowl of Cap’n Crunch.

“Nialler,” I moaned, “Don’t be mad with me!”

He grunted than sighed, “I’m not mad at you Ads… just… I don’t know,” he sighed again.

“Yes you do, tell me Niall,” I protested.

He cleared his throat, “It’s embarrassing though!”

“Don’t be embarrassed! That’s my number one rule remember!” I laughed.

He chuckled, “How you are so energetic in the mornings I don’t know.”

“I get it from my dad can’t you tell?”

He roared with laughter, “Yeah it’s obvious.”

I smiled, “So you gonna share now?”

He sighed, “Fine I was maybe a little bit…jealous.”

My face scrunched up in confusion, “Why would you be jealous?”

His face turned crimson red, “See this is why I didn’t want to tell you!” He said pointing to his scarlet red cheeks.

“Care to explain?” I said.

“Well when I saw you and Harry earlier, it made me realize that Nadia I really—”

“GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!” Louis yelled cheerfully.

Niall sighed then returned to eating his cereal.  I looked over to Louis and gave him a big smile, “Hi Lou bear.” He came over to me and gave me a big hug, “I will never get tired of hearing that.  So my love what are we doing today?”

“Well that would be telling wouldn’t it,” I smirked.  Alex and Harry joined us in the kitchen.

“Just tell them Nads or they’ll get cranky,” Alex laughed.

“Okay well… IT’S A BEACH DAY BITCHES!” I yelled.  They all cheered.

“So eat up then get your bathers on and bring whatever you normally would bring to entertain yourselves at the beach.  Oh and look good cause your meeting all my friends,” she winked.

“What we’re not good enough?” Harry gasped.

She shook her head, “Nope, I have pretty high standards you know.”

Louis shook his head disappointed, “I’ve met them and not going to brag but I’m WAY better.”

I laughed, “Cuz everyone loves you Lou especially Kate yesterday.”

He groaned, “Don’t remind me!”

“I’m sure we’ll see her there,” I winked.

“Why would we see her there?” Niall asked.

I scoffed, “What else is there to do in the middle of nowhere on a floating pile of sand on a Saturday?” We all laughed.

“Anyway hurry up lads we’ve got shit to do!” I commanded whilst walking into the bathroom.  I took a quick shower then got changed into a plain black bikini top and a tie dye bikini bottom.  I let my hair dry naturally and put my ray bans, board shorts and lifeguard shirt on.  I grabbed my iPhone, wallet and put them in my kitbag and walked back out into the living room.  The boys were all sitting there in swim trunks and beach clothes waiting for me.

“Okay boys, Alex you got the cooler right?” I asked.  He nodded and we were off.  We were walking again since it was only five minutes away.  Louis and I were walking hand and hand as usual when we saw the basin up ahead.  Basically the beach itself is split into two sections, divided by a channel and the locals and tourists jump into it. (Authors note: I don’t really know how else to explain it, I was there once and it’s pretty much how I described it but if you don’t understand, message me and I’ll try to explain better)We walked up to the hut where all the lifeguards keep their stuff.

“NADIA!” They all screamed and huddled themselves around me.  I squealed and gave them all hugs.  I dropped my stuff and climbed up onto the lifeguard chair and sat on my friend Andrews lap.

“Hey Naddie,” he said whilst giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Uh Nadia?” I looked down to see Harry and Niall standing there awkwardly.  Louis was chatting with my friend Amber and Alex was chatting with his friends.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, “I’ll catch up with you later love,” I said to Andrew and jumped down from the chair.

“What do you need?” I asked.

“Well what do we uh do?” Niall asked.

“Whatever you like! Do you not know how to mingle?” I grabbed their hands and led them to the clubhouse where I put my stuff earlier.  I told them to leave their stuff there and follow me.

“Kate, Maddy, Laura!” I yelled when I saw them.  They looked around, saw me and then came over.  I gave them each a hug and they put their stuff in the clubhouse.

“Hey guys, so good to see you again!” I smiled.

“Wait you didn’t invite them?” Harry asked.

I laughed, “No, like I said earlier.  Everyone comes here on Saturdays Harry!”

“Oh,” he said.  I nodded and began to chat with the girls again.  I really enjoyed hanging out with them yesterday, they were all so funny.

“So ladies, you guys wanna hang out with our lot again?” I asked.

The three huddled together than broke apart, “Yeah we’ll hang out with you, just because we like your accents though,” Maddy joked.

“Ha! Like I haven’t heard that one before you wanker,” I laughed.

“If I knew what wanker meant I would probably be a lot more offended right now,” Maddy chuckled.  I scoffed then walked over to Louis and jumped on his back.

He sighed, “Hi Nads.”

I laughed, “Hi Boo, wanna go swimming?”

He squealed, “Yes yes yes yes yes, pleasssseeee!” He yelled.  I jumped off his back, grabbed his hand and brought him to the clubhouse.  Maddy, Kate, Laura, Harry and Niall were all still by it, talking away when we walked over.

“Hey you lot, Lou and I are going swimming! Anyone want to come?” They all nodded and we took off our shirts and shorts.  Kate wolf whistled when I took my shorts off so I gave her the finger and she laughed.  She, Maddy and Laura had already left and jumped off the wharf, so Harry and Niall only had one other girl to stare at and of course it was me.

Louis groaned, “Oh stop it boys that’s gross.  It’s like checking out Lottie or something.” I laughed.  The two boys coughed awkwardly and looked elsewhere, which made me only laugh even harder.  I lead them to the side of the wharf.

“We’ll jump on three yeah?”

“Wait we won’t touch the bottom right?” Harry gulped.

“No Harold, we won’t.  Trust me.” He nodded.

“Nialler babe you ready?”

He gulped, “Yeah… yeah okay let’s do this.”

I laughed, “Just wait t’ill we go cliff diving.”

“Haha yeah—WAIT WHAT?” Niall yelled.

“Um okay GO!” I yelled whilst flinging myself off the wharf.  Water surrounded me and I swam up to the top.  I looked around to see Louis’s head above water already, then Harry and Niall bobbed up seconds later.

“That was bloody brilliant!” Harry yelled.

I laughed, “Okay well let’s go again then!” The whole morning until around noon we jumped off the wharf and just goofed around, until we started to get hungry.  We walked up back to the clubhouse and I ran in there and grabbed the cooler.  I brought it out and opened it too see the contents: a pack of 12 beer and lemonade and 20 sandwiches.  They all eagerly took one out and I gave the rest to my other friends.  I walked back over and sat with Louis, who was staring at Kate whilst she laughed with Maddy.

“She’s pretty isn’t she?” I smiled.

He looked over at me shocked, “Well if you think so.”

“Cut the bullshit Lou, I know you fancy her.”

He gasped, “And you assume this because?”

“Becaaause, I know you Tommo and I especially know when you fancy someone because you get all googly eyed and un-Lou like,” I explained.

“Well someone has been paying attention,” he sighed.

I lit up, “FUCK YEAH, POINT ONE FOR NADIA! I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT!” I screamed.  People turned to stare at me, including the boys and the girls.  I put my hands up in defense then turned back to Louis.

“Go talk to her Lou bear! Turn on that sexy Tommo that drives the ladies wild for some reason,” I joked.  He playfully hit me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Love you Nads,” he smiled.

“Yeah yeah, everyone does.  You can’t help it, I’m adorable,” I smiled cutely.  He laughed and walked over to talk to Kate.  He definitely has his work cut out for him.  I love Kate, but she definitely knows how to play hard to get.

“They’d be cute wouldn’t they?” someone said behind me.  I turn around to see Niall standing there looking at Louis and Kate.

“Yeah I’m trying to get them to have babies,” I joked.  He laughed and came and sat down beside me.  I offered him the other half of my sandwich and he gladly took it.

“So Nialler, how you been?” I asked with a mouthful of sandwich.

He smiled, “Alri yeah, I’m glad to be here.”

“I’m glad you’re here.  I can’t wait for you to meet my Nan,” I smiled.

“I saw a picture in your cottage of her.  She’s gorgeous.”

“Yeah, she’s my inspiration,” I smiled.

“Really?” I nodded, “Well, here’s me thinking I was.”

I playfully hit him, “Sod off.  No, she’s really something my Nan.”

“What if she hates me Ads?” Niall worried.

“Nialler, nobody could hate you… ever.  You’re like a bunny, nobody hates bunnies! And my Nan will adore you, trust me.  I’ve told her about you and she’s bloody ecstatic to meet you,” I smiled.

Niall’s face lit up like a Christmas tree, “Really?” I nodded.

He let out a big sigh of relief, “That’s brilliant; I was really worried about it.”

“Why? I don’t understand why you’re freaking out over it love, I mean, Harry’s never met her either and he’s not worried about it?”

He sighed, “Well I never finished what I was telling you this morning.”

“Oh yeah!” I remembered, “What were you on about?”

“Um Nadia, well I think it’s time that—”

“Nadia?” someone said behind me.

“Jay? Hey!” I yelled whilst getting up to give him a hug.  We wrapped his toned arms around me and swung me in the air.  I giggled and he dropped me.  Niall coughed awkwardly.

“Oh Niall, this is Jay, my ex-boyfriend.”

“Oh, well I’ll just leave you too it then,” he stammered.

“No wait! I’ll come with you!” I smiled.

“It was nice seeing you Jay, we definitely have to meet up before I head back to London,” I said.

He nodded, “Yeah I think my aunts invited to the party on the point tomorrow, so I’ll tag along buddy,” he said.  I nodded gave him one last hug and then ran back to Niall who had a sad expression on his face.

“What’s wrong Nialler?” I asked worriedly.

He shook his head then brought a smile to his face, “Nothing love, I was just being… stupid.”

“Oh,” I said confusedly, “Okay than, want to go catch up with the others?” I smiled.

He nodded and we walked over to them.  We all goofed off for a bit, but I wandered off back to the clubhouse.  I looked around for something to do, when I found a wetsuit and surfboard lying around.  I mentally high-fived myself, put the west suit on and grabbed the board.  I ran down to the bottom of the channel and steadied myself on the board.  The current today was very slow, so it was easy to stand on and because I use to do it every day for 3 months, it wasn’t that hard.  I slowly made my way down the channel and when we came up to the bridge connecting the two parts of the beach, I held onto the bottom of the bridge.

“Hey Daniel!” I yelled.

He came running over and looked over, “Yeah Nads?”

“Can you get me the rope love?” He nodded and ran into the clubhouse.  Seconds later, he ran out and threw the rope at me.

“Thanks babe!” He gave me a thumbs up and returned to his lifeguard position.  I threaded the rope through the string attached to my board and I moved along the bridge to the end, tied the rope to it and then moved along to the other side of the bridge so that the board stayed in the middle of the water.  I sat down on the board, took off the wetsuit and called Daniel again.

“Babe can you take this and get me my ray bans?” I asked sweetly.

He sighed, “Fine, you owe me one stallion!”

I threw the wetsuit up to him and he quickly ran to get my glasses.  He tossed them to me, I put them on and started to tan.

“Nadia, you legend!” Harry screamed from the top, I looked to find them all staring and laughing at me.  I waved up to them whilst they took pictures on their phones.  I saw Louis whisper something into Harry’s ear and they went away.  I went back to tanning and something started to block my sun.  I look up to see two people, in mid-air, jumping right beside me.  They splash me and I get soaking wet.  Two, proud heads bobbed up and I see Harry and Louis smirking at me.

“You fucking wankers!” I yell whilst splashing them.  They splash back for a while then they both ended up sitting on my board with me.

“So boys, you having fun?” I asked.

They nodded, “Yeah it’s real nice not having fans come up to you every five minutes looking for a picture.  I love them and everything, but it gets to be a hassle you know?” Harry said.  I nodded.

“Yeah, so Harold, you fancy anyone? We all know Lou here is going to make babies anytime with Kate,” I smirked.  Louis near had a heart attack but we just laughed.

“Erm no not really, Laura’ quite pretty, but I don’t think anything would come from it,” he admitted.  We chatted for a little bit about her, then he asked, “How about you Nads? Got the hots for anyone?”

I laughed, “No, I think I’ll end up staying alone.  Nothing good ever happens when I like people,” I sighed.  I saw Harry cringed a little, but I decided it was probably best that I ignore it.

Louis nodded, “Nadia here is going to be an 80 year old virgin like the rest of my sisters.”

I just blushed and turned away.  Harry and Louis caught on.  Harry started having laughing fit, but Louis looked as if he was about to go into cardiac arrest.

“AHHHHH NADIA HAD SEX! I KNEW IT! HELL TO THE YEAH, YOU OWE ME 20 BUCKS LOUIS!” Harry screamed.  By this time, everyone started to laugh at me, including everyone standing on the wharf.

“Let me get this straight, you guys made a bet on whether or not I lost my v-card?” I asked.

They nodded. “You perverts!” I yelled whilst pushing them off the board.  They fell into the water (very ungracefully I must add) then came back up.  We goofed around for a bit, but decided to come out. 

“Hey Amber!” I yelled, wrapping a towel around my body and walking over to

“Yeah buddy?” she said.

“Nathan’s still throwing that party tonight yeah?” I asked.

She nodded, “Yeah, you guys going?”

I shrugged, “Not sure yet, he texted me earlier and told me to come, but I don’t know.”

She smiled, “Come! You can see me and Nathe as a couple.”


She laughed at my attempt to have an Islander accent, “Good try buddy.  But yeah, ever since you said we should go out, we just realized that we should and it just happened!” She laughed.   We gossiped for a while when Alex came up behind me and intertwined our fingers.

“Hi babe, did you have fun with your mates love?” I asked.

“Yeah, I really missed them! You ready, it’s just coming ‘round the corner now.” I nodded, said bye to Amber and collected the boys, Kate, Maddy, Laura and our stuff.

“So where are we going again?” Harry asked.

“I haven’t told you yet,” I sighed.  “Oh there it is,” I smiled.

“Is that a boat?” Niall asked.

“No it’s a helicopter,” I said sarcastically, “Yes it’s a boat, common quite gawking and get a move on!” I commanded.  We walked over to the boat, dropped our stuff on it and the boys got on first.  Louis helped Kate on all cutely I must add whilst Harry helped Laura and Maddy on.  Alex jumped on next than my turn.  I sat down on the ledge and then started to climb down the latter.

“Need help milady?” I looked over my shoulder to see Niall holding out a hand towards me.

“Leprechaun… how you- what?” He shrugged but kept the hand out.  I smiled at him and grabbed it whilst putting a foot on the side of the boat.  He grabbed my hand, than wrapped his other arm around my waist and pulled into his warm chest and on to the boat.  He swung me around playfully and I giggled at his antics.  He set me down gently, yet rested his hand delicately on my back.  He pushed me softly towards the bench and grabbed one of the blankets Sean (the driver) had left us.  He wrapped it around me, gave me a light kiss on the cheek and walked away leaving me breath taken.  That simple moment right there and then is when I truly knew I was completely, undoubtedly in love with Niall Horan.  

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