Strange Kinda Love

this story inst mine but its really good.-------This is the story of Nadia Cowell. You’ve probably heard of her since she was once a famous model, she is daughter of the one and only Simon Cowell and is Louis Tomlinson’s bestfriend. When Louis auditions for the X Factor, well let’s just say things get a little… Complicated.


17. chapter 17 day 1 part 2


Chapter 17- Day 1, Part 2

I smiled up at him.  I clung to his hand with all my might and closed my eyes until I was sure we were on the ground.  My eyes flew open.  I tried to unlace my hand in his but every time he just grabbed on tighter.  I raised my eyebrows at him and his cheeks turned scarlet red.

“Thank you for riding with us.  We hope you enjoy your stay,” the pilot said over the loud speaker.  The boys all cheered for the safe landing expect Niall and I, since for some reason words just couldn’t come out of my mouth and Niall was too busy looking at me.  I got up, stretched my left hand since my right hand was still in Niall’s.  I gave him a look saying “You coming” and he nodded whilst getting up as well.

“Alexei, be a dear and bring my knapsack out for my love,” I said, giving him the puppy dog eyes.  He sighed and picked it up.  He slung it over his shoulders then quickly turned back to give me a questioned look probably on why I’m holding hands with the blonde boy beside me.  I just shook my head and carried on out the door.

I sighed happily, “Welcome to Canada boys!” Their mouths gaped open wide whilst Alex and I snickered at their reaction.  Luckily Alex was still videotaping everything so we got their reaction on camera.

“We’re…we’re in Canada?” Harry gasped.

“No we’re in China, yes we’re in Canada, and didn’t I just say that!” I said sarcastically.

Harry was too excited to care about the sarcasm, “AHHHH I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO CANADA! TANK YOU!” Niall screamed excitedly whilst giving the biggest bear hug ever.  Harry also came over and gave me a big hug.  Louis didn’t of course since he’s been here many times before visiting me.

I scoffed, “Come along boys, we have a car waiting for us.” We made our to the luggage carousel, which of course we had to ride.  People that live here (Islanders) are quite friendly, so they just laughed since we’re parading around in costumes, but people that were arriving gave us rude stares.

“Nadia!” Someone yelled.  I turned around to see a very familiar face.

“Noah!” I yelled back whilst sprinting to give him a hug.  He caught me midair and spun me around.  Noah was around 6ft tall, muscly from playing college football, tanned skin and dark hair.

He dropped me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“So how’s my lil’ British pop star doing?” he smiled.

“Oh smashing, how’s my island hick doing?” I winked.

He snorted, “Great.  Now introduce me to the fancy pants duo over there,” he said whilst pointing to Harry and Niall.

I snorted whilst grabbing his hand to pull him towards them, “This is our chauffeur for today, his name is Noah and he’s a smartass,” I said.  Noah playfully punched me.  Harry stuck out his hand, “Hello mate, I’m Harry,” he smiled.  Noah turned back to give me a look saying “Is this guy serious” I laughed.

“Yeah hi,” he said whilst giving him a sarcastic pat on the shoulder. 

“Hi I’m Niall,” Niall said whilst also sticking out his hand.  I sighed whilst putting a hand to my forehead and shaking it slowly.  Noah smirked and gripped his hand.  I could tell Noah was gripping Niall’s hand hard since Nialls face writhed up in pain for a second, but he covered it up with a forced smile.  Noah finally let go and moved on to Louis.

“Louis buddy, haven’t seen you in a while stallion!” he said whilst giving him a “bro hug”.

“Now boys and Nads, we best be off.” We grabbed our stuff and made our way out the airport doors.  Since it was just the beginning of summer, it was quite hot to be travelling around in full body costumes.

“Ta-da!” I said whilst we made our way up to the thing that would be transporting us around for the next couple of days.  It was a three seater, rusty old Chevy truck that used to be my dad’s.

“Um Nadia, there are six of us and only three seats…” Harry said.

Noah and I laughed, “That’s what the back is for silly! Noah, Lou and Alex go in the front, Harry Niall and I will take the back yeah?”

“Isn’t that like illegal?”

“It’s PEI, as long as you got an islander with ya, they don’t care!” They all nodded and we went on with the plan.  Niall and Harry looked relieved that they didn’t have to sit with Noah.  Niall, Harry and I jumped in the back.

*ring ring*

“Ello?” I said.



“Oh it is you!  Where are you, I can’t hear anything but static!” he said.

“I’m sitting in the back of a Chevy in Canada in bunny and cat costumes with Niall and Harold, how about you?”

He snorted, “Sounds cracking.  I just wanted to make sure you’re okay with everything going on…” he sighed then added, “And that you’re not mad at me.”

I sighed, “Erm Zay I’ll call you later babe,” I said noticing Niall and Harry were paying a little bit too much attention to our conversation.

“Okay talk soon love.”

“Bye Zay,” I said whilst hanging up.

“What did he want?” Niall asked.

“None of your bee’s wax,” I said whilst sticking my tongue out at him.  We kept quiet for a little bit, just admiring the scenery.  One thing you didn’t see in London for sure was all the gorgeous land.  Everything in London is so crowded and bunched together, but here, everything is so… free.

“How long t’ill we get there Nads?” Niall asked.

“Um about half an hour, don’t worry, we’re not on a schedule anymore.  Just take everything as it comes,” I said.  I turned on my phone and opened the twitter app.  I tweeted some fans who asked how it was going and decided to send a tweet.

Currently in the back of my old Chevy in a bunny suit with 3/5 of one direction. Jealous?

I closed my phone and crawled over to tap on the window in the back.

“Alex, you still videotaping everything babe?”

“Yeah buddy!” he said whilst turning the camera towards my face.  I stuck my tongue out at the camera.

“Noah love, is Parker and Jakey at home?” I yelled.

“Nawh there still at school, but I know Aunt Betty and Susan have already prepared yer cottage up there for ya and they’re getting the old house ready for your arrival party later,” Noah explained.

“Hmm that works out well,” I grinned whilst moving back to my old spot.  I looked at Niall who was frowning at me.

“What?” I asked.

“What the bloody hell is an old house?” he asked. 

“Have patience Nialler dear,” I said.

“I’m so excited!” Harry squealed excitedly.

“Me too Harry, me too,” I whispered.  We sat in silence for the rest of the ride there.  My heart leapt in my chest when we turned on to the dirt road.  Noah parked the truck on the lawn and we hopped out.  I closed my eyes and took a big breath of the clean, fresh air.  I opened my eyes and smiled, then ran up to my cottage.  My mum and Will didn’t have a very large salary, so when they decided to build a cottage up here, they only built a little bungalow.  I ran into the house and went around the rooms to make sure everything was still the same.  I heard the boys walk in. 

“So this is where we’ll be staying for the next couple of days.  Oh Noah love, thanks for picking us up.  I’ll see you at the party later yeah?”

He nodded, “No problem buddy, I’ll catch ya later!” I gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek and saw him off.  I looked at the others boys, but only Niall’s expression caught my eye.  It looked like he was frowning at me for a second, but he changed it when he noticed I was looking.

I coughed awkwardly, “Um okay boys, get change into the whitest clothes you own.  I suggest shorts since it’s quite warm.  Just leave all your stuff in the living room and we’ll decide on room later.”

They nodded.  I opened my suitcase, grabbed a flowy white tank top, white shorts and a purple Jack Wills sweater, deciding to break my own rules.  I changed quickly in the bathroom, mentally noting to remind myself to thank Aunt Betty and Susan for cleaning the cottage so nicely.  I walked out to find the boys all in white like I asked and looking around confusedly.

“What are you looking for boys?” I sighed.

“Well where’s the telly and computer?” Harry asked.

I laughed so hard I was gasping for air, “They don’t have that shit here! Oh god, computer, hahaha,” I sighed happily.

“Well what do you do for fun here then?” Niall asked.

I looked over to Alex and grinned, “Don’t worry, you’ll figure that out soon enough.”

“CAN WE DO SOMETHING NOW?” Louis yelled.

“YES LOU!” I screamed back then continued, “Okay so I guess I should explain what we’re doing now.”

“YES FINALLY! You all know I hate surprises!” Louis exasperated.

“Lou you love surprises,” Niall said.

“Oh whatever you green leprechaun,” he replied.

“ANYWAY, so we’re going to the local school here, we’ll let the principal know since she’s my aunt and then we’ll find some of my friends and hang out there for a little bit.  Then, we’re coming back here and doing our second thing on the bucket list, its-”

“Wait what was the first?”

“What you think we just walked around the airport in costumes for the hell of it?” Alex laughed.

“ANYWAY,” I repeated, “Get jumpers with hoods and sunglasses and let’s get a move on!” We decided to walk to the school since it’s only a 5 minute walk.  We walked in with our faces covered so nobody noticed us quite yet.  After getting permission from the principal, we decided to go to the cafeteria first since it was what they called “break” or something, so they were in their eating lunch.  I was currently getting a piggy back ride from Louis.  We looked around the cafeteria and noticing the cliques.  The skaters were under the stairs, the nerdy-er looking kids were off to the right looking through old calculus books, the jocks were by the windows throwing around a football and the prep girls were in the center table giving us dirty looks, probably for being childish.  I mentally laughed, knowing if they knew who we really were, they wouldn’t be doing that. 

“Lou go over there,” I whispered into his ear whilst pointing at an open table.  He carried us over to the table.  Louis dropped me and I jumped up on top of it, the rest of the boys followed.  We pulled off our hood and took off our glasses.  Someone started to scream and everyone turned to gasp and stare at us.

I put my hands over my ears, “Ow, hi to you too love.  How’s everyone doing today?” I asked speaking into the mic Harry was carried around.  Alex kept videotaping.  A couple people answered.

“Tough crowd,” Louis said into his microphone.

“Is Jakey and Parker out there?”

“Hi Nads!” They yelled out from the skater group.

“Hey guys, we’ll chat later, I’m a little busy!” They gave me a thumbs later.

“Anyway, um Nadia, Lou, Harold, Alex and I have been walking around your school for a while looking for someone to join our next activity,” Niall explained.

“And you’re all lousy,” Louis joked.  They laughed.

“Nawh he’s just joking.  So basically we’re looking for Maddy Macdonald, Kate Reddin and Laura Smith,” Harry smiled at the three girls sitting by themselves at a table.  Their mouths flew open, but carried themselves forward.  I looked over to see the rude girls also with the same expression on there faces.  I winked at them and turned towards the girls.

“Bye guys!” I said into the mic, then led the rest of them outside.  Louis and I skipped hand and hand out the front doors of the building then we stopped.

“Wait, you guys want to hang with us right?” I asked.

“Well duhhh, you’re… you!” Laura said.

I laughed, “Yeah I’m pretty great,” I said whilst flipping my hair over my shoulder sarcastically.  Harry raised his eyebrows at me, then I gave him a look saying “that’s right”.  He then lunged forward, I back away quickly.  Then he started running after me.  I started to squeal and ran as fast as I could so he wouldn’t catch me.

Kate’s POV

Holy ninja turtles.  I can’t believe I’m actually hanging out with Nadia Cowell and 3/5 of One Direction.  When they said our names, I thought they were just making fun of us like Brittney and her bimbo’s usually do, but they actually weren’t.  Not even the fact that I’m actually hanging out with them is what makes me happy, it’s that Brittney wasn’t.

“Holy crap, what do we say?” Maddy whispered.  Harry was chasing Nadia in the front whilst Alex was videotaping everything in sight, Louis and Niall were obviously talking about something serious because the usual smiles on their faces weren’t there and we three were just casually following them.

“I have no idea, should we just like turn back without ‘em noticing?” Laura suggested.

“No, I think we should keep going, maybe we’ll get somethin’ good outta this,” I said.

“Omg did you see the whore’s face? Priceless!” I laughed.  We all snickered but then I ran into something hard and fell to the ground.

“Oh my god Kate, are you okay? Jesus Louis you idiot!” The guy swore to himself.  I looked up to see the bright blue eyes of Louis Tomlison.  I couldn’t help but feel a thousand little butterflies flutter in the pit of my gut.

I laughed, “It’s fine honestly! I should’ve been watching where I was going!”

“Here let me help you up,” he stuck out a hand.  I grabbed his hand and felt little electric shocks going up my arm.  He lifted me up carefully.  I wiped the dirt off my arse and smiled up at him.

“Thanks bud.” He gave me a smile and ran back to Niall.

“Omg you just talked to Louis Tomlinson,” Laura fangirled.  Laura and Maddy had always been massive Directioners, but I was a more country girl, who’d rather fangirl over Kris Allen or Tim Chaisson.

I scoffed, “Yes omg did you see his ass! Like omg I’m going to go on tumblr and twitter and tell all my little directioner friends who will then send me hate, but I wouldn’t care because I just saw Louis Tomlinsons ass and felt his hand like omg,” I sarcastically imitated a fangirl.  Laura and Maddy just giggled.

“What no comeback-”

“I didn’t know my arse was such so amazing,” a voice came from behind me.  I closed my eyes and turned around, I opened them too see an amused Louis looking at me.

“Yeah, don’t get a big head here big wheels, I was just imitatin’ these buddies over here,” I said whilst pointing at my best friends behind me.

“Thanks ladies,” he said.  He brushed by me and gave them each a kiss on the cheek.  I felt a pang of well, something go off in my stomach.  He smirked at me and brushed my shoulder whilst leaving me in awestruck.  I shook my head and carried on, giving the cold shoulder to Maddy and Laura.  We walked up to a cute little bungalow, which I’m guessing is Nadia’s since she just walked in the door.

“What do you just leave the door unlocked?” I heard Niall say.

“Yes, yes I do,” I heard Nadia reply.  Laura, Maddy and I joined them in the little cottage.  Harry and Louis were cuddling up on the couch, Nadia and Alex were discussing something and Niall was raiding the cupboards for food.  Nadia motioned us to follow her and she brought us into an all-white room.  Alex took out a tripod, set the camera up on it and turned it on.

“Okay Niall get your arse in here, we’ve got to start now,” Nadia yelled.  He rushed in with a bag of chocolate chips.

“Okay so our second thing that we’re going to do is paint,” she smiled excitedly.

“Did you say paint? What are we four Nadia?” Harry asked.

“Can it Curly.  We’re going to be painting murals on my bedroom walls because there all white and it will be fun!” she smiled.

“So um there are only four walls so we’re going to have to pair up,” she said.

“I call Kate,” Louis smirked. 

I frowned, “I’d rather eat a sock.”

Nadia snorted, “I like you.” I smiled and walked towards Louis.  Niall and Nadia paired up, Harry and Laura paired up and Alex and Maddy paired up.  Louis marched over and yelled that we called the back wall.  I walked over and crossed my arms.

“You gonna stand there all day love?” he smirked.

I scoffed, “Don’t ‘love’ me,”

“Wasn’t planning on it,” he winked.  I rolled my eyes.

“So what are we painting stallion?” I asked.

“What does stallion mean?” he asked.

“PEI expression.  What are we painting?”

“Um I don’t care, I’m rubbish at this kinda stuff.”

“Lucky for you, I can.  Um let’s paint a horse,” I suggested.

“OU HORSY!” Louis squealed.

“Child,” I muttered.  He laughed and glanced down at the paint.  He smiled slyly, dipped a paint brush into the paint and started pelting the paint at me.  Like the idiot I am, I just stood there, crossed armed and waited for him to be done.

Once he finally stopped I said, “You done?”

He frowned, “What, you don’t even care?”

I shook my head, “Nope, I couldn’t give two shits, I’ve been meaning to throw these jeans out anyway.”

He sighed, “Complete waste of energy.”

“Wait I have an idea.” I pressed my body up against the wall and made a cool design with the paint on me.  I took a step back and admired my work.

“I’m impressed,” Louis admitted.  We splattered paint on each other for the next hour until our wall was done and I have to admit, it looked really cool.  We high fived each other then looked at the others work.  Niall and Nadia drew something about Nandos whatever the hell that is, Harry and Laura wrote a whole bunch of Directioner and PEI quotes on there and Alex and Maddy did the rainbow sign for homosexuals and put NO H8 at the top.  Don’t mean to brag, but Louis and I’s took the cake.

“They look awesome!” Nadia squealed, “Now we have a lot of left over paint so… PAINT FIGHT!” she yelled whilst picking up a can a throwing it on Harry.  We did this for the next half hour until all the paint was gone and we were completely covered.  We took our socks and shoes off, then hosed ourselves off outside.  Nadia gave Laura, Maddy and I some shorts to borrow and the boys gave us shirts.

“Well thanks for coming to hang with us! We’ll definitely have to meet up tomorrow!” Nadia said.  Luckily since its Friday today, we don’t have school tomorrow so we can probably all hang out.

“Yeah I have no life so why not!” Laura joked.  Maddy and I nodded in agreement.

“Okay so give me your guy’s numbers and I’ll text you the plan for tomorrow!” We exchanged numbers with Nadia, gave everyone a hug (except for me giving Louis one to make him mad) and we headed off.  Since we only lived like a 20 minute walking distance, we were walking home.  We were walking down the road when I heard my name being called from behind me.  I turn around to find Louis running out of the house towards me.

“Hi love,” he panted.

“What did I say about calling me love?” I replied.

“Sorry babe,” he panted again.

I scoffed, “That’s even worse!”

“Anyway, I was wondering if I could… uh… maybe… getyournumber?” he muttered.

“Sorry what was that? I couldn’t hear you?” I joked.

“Uh god, um I was wondering, well uh maybe I could get your number?”

“Why didn’t you just ask Nadia?”

“Well that would have been too easy!” he replied.

“Well since you’re looking for a challenge, no, you may not have my number,” I said whilst crossing my arms.

He laughed, “I like you.  Hopefully I’ll get the chance to get that number sometime.”

I smiled, “We’ll see, I have a busy schedule.”

He laughed again and leaned in to whisper something in my ear, “Nice shirt looks like something I would wear.” I looked down to see I was wearing a strip shirt.  I mentally face palmed myself for not noticing.

He pecked me on the cheek, “See you soon love,” and walked away.

“You wish!” I yelled.  He didn’t turn around, but I heard a chuckle escape from his lips.

“Good bye Kate.”

Best. Day. Ever. 

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