Strange Kinda Love

this story inst mine but its really good.-------This is the story of Nadia Cowell. You’ve probably heard of her since she was once a famous model, she is daughter of the one and only Simon Cowell and is Louis Tomlinson’s bestfriend. When Louis auditions for the X Factor, well let’s just say things get a little… Complicated.


16. Chapter 16 day 1 part 1


Harry’s POV

Walking out on to that stage was an amazing feeling I must say.  If Niall hadn’t been trolling Nadia’s twitter again, we’d probably never even be in this position right now.  I had to play an intense game of scrabble against Liam to determine who would go off with Niall and Louis, but somehow I managed a win against Daddy Direction.  We all sent in our separate letters and somehow through the thousands of applicants, one of us managed to win.  I sort of blame myself for everything that happened to Nadia.  If I hadn’t been such a goddamn prick, she would’ve never been in that car accident, then she would’ve never turned anorexic and an insomniac, so I just have to make it up to her somehow.  Whatever it takes, even if she still hates my guts, I will make it up to her.

Niall was on my left and Louis on my right.  I wrapped my arms around their shoulders and spoke into the microphone clipped onto my t-shirt, but before I could say anything, Nadia randomly falls backwards onto the hard floor.  My eyes widen.  Well she just fainted in front of a couple hundred thousand people and we just stood there like twats, unsure of how to handle the situation.  Luckily, a lad casually saunters out to tend to Nadia.  I take a good look at the fellow before us and recognise the face instantly.  He’s Nadia’s gay friend that Niall and Louis want to fight, I thought.

I cover my microphone, “We should probably do something…” I whispered to Louis.  He nodded and we turned to Niall.  He had a big grin on his face and he ran off the stage.  He comes running back on with an acoustic guitar around his neck.  The crowd started chanting “SING!” to us so I gave a look to Louis saying “I’ll do it if you do.”  He smiled and gave me a nod.  I turned my attention to see how Nadia is doing.  The guy who came on gave me a sly grin and carried Nadia off the stage.  This is how our 10 days to win our best friend back began.

Nadia’s POV

I woke up to 10 pairs of eyes on me and a headache the size of Hawaii.

“Ow, did a fan throw something at my head again?” I asked hoarsely.

They laughed, “No you fainted on stage in front during your concert,” Alex smirked at me.

I looked at him to see if I could see a hint of false in his face, but it never came.  I kept looking at Alex until a slow grin made its way to my face, “That… is… so… AWESOME! Dude did you get it on camera?” I yelled excitedly at Alex.

He took a camera from behind his back and showed it to me, “Every second of it.” I gave him a massive high five that turned into our not so secret handshake.  Mandy scoffed and handed me a bag of ice.  My thoughts were only on the camera until I heard a cough from the other side of the room.  I turned my attention to there to find the so called winners of my contest.

I looked up to Alex.  He caught my glance and coughed awkwardly, “Um I’m Alex,” he smiled at them, “But we can get properly introduced later on.  It seems you guys have some catching up to do.”

He turned around to look at me.  He leaned in to whisper something in my ear, “I will be just outside the door talking to your dad and Mandy.  If anything happens, just yell the code word we came up with an all go all ninja on their ass.  Oh and say thank you to them for saving your show,” I laughed probably louder then was intended.  He winked, gave me a kiss on the forehead and began to walk out the door.

“LOVE YOU!” I yelled.  He gave me a funny hand motion/signal and walked out the door.  I awkwardly looked around the room, trying to find something to look at other than the six pairs of eyes on me right now.

I coughed awkwardly and started to drum my fingers on my knee since it didn’t seem like they were going to be talking anytime soon.  I started to hum the Big Bang Theory theme song trying to distract and entertain myself.

“You definitely have changed haven’t you,” Louis said finally.

I nodded still not having the courage to look up to him.

“If you had fainted in front of a crowd six months ago, you’d probably be in cardiac arrest right now.”

“Probably,” I said still not looking into his eyes.

“You know an old friend used to tell me that not making eye contact during a row made the other person ten times angrier.  I’ve just realised she is a hundred percent correct,” Louis said.

I raised an eyebrow remembering me telling him that in year 5, “Well that person must have been one amazing person I must admit.”

“Yeah she was, until she decided to leave her best friend for six months without any communication or even a happy birthday card on my 19th birthday.”

“That person probably had good reasons why she didn’t talk to you since only two people actually noticed that she hadn’t been eating or sleeping and those people happened to be people she only knew for 3 weeks and her best friend of 12 years didn’t.  Also, the fact that her sister just died was probably another reason why she left,” I said sarcastically.

“Well maybe because I had been trying to focus on my career because my so called friend pushed me to do! Also Nadia, you know what hurt me more that this friend did? She confided in people that she only just met, yet she couldn’t even tell her best friend what was going on?”

I was beginning to get angry now.  I stood up, “Oh hell no Louis Tomlinson.  Hell to the no.  Don’t you EVER blame this on me.  You wanna know exactly why I left? Because I felt alone.  I spent 2 weeks in a hospital ALL BY MYSELF, YOU DIDN’T COME SEE ME LOUIS.  THEN I THOUGHT, WELL MAYBE IF I STOP EATING AND BUGGING YOU WITH MY PROBLEMS, YOU’LL ALL LIKE ME AGAIN AND MAYBE STOP BY ONCE OR TWICE TO SAY HELLO, BUT NO YOU NEVER CAME.  AMD THEN TO TOP IT ALL OFF, MY SISTER DIES AND THAT’S PROBABLY WHAT MADE ME GO.  MY THREE YEAR OLD SISTER DIED LOUIS,” I yelled.

I let out a big breath and continued, “Look the reason I didn’t tell you anything is because I just expected one of you to notice and that just happened to be Zayn.  He was going through a loss as well so we just sort of helped each other get through it.  And Alex,” I smiled, “He is probably the reason I’m here right now.  Zayn was there to talk to, but Alex was also there to talk to and to be a best friend when I needed one.  I’m sorry for raising my voice earlier, but I’m not sorry for anything else.  I’d like to thank you though for saving my show.  Now say whatever you like, but if you yell at me, I’m leaving,” I said whilst feeling pretty proud of myself because I didn’t shed one tear during my confession.  Although, it seems Louis had.  His eyes were completely streaming with tears.

“I’m sorry Nadia, you are completely right.  I was a complete jackass and I was a terrible best friend when you needed one.  I would never yell at you because I know you hate to yell and to be yelled at,” he sobbed, “I’m not saying we have to be best friends right away, but I’m going to work my ass off to regain your trust if you’ll let me.  Please forgive me,” he sobbed even harder.  By this time I had managed to let myself shed a few tears, but his apology also touched me.  He did seem to be terribly sorry for what happened and it even brought a little smile to my face.  He noticed the smile and he started to smile as well.  He stood up and opened his arms to give me a hug.  My smile got bigger and I went over to him and fell into his embrace.  He squeezed hard and I noticed Harry decided to join the hug as well.  Us three were all hugging, when Niall got up from the couch and stormed out of the room.  I let go of the two boys and the smile disappeared from my face.  Louis noticed.

“He took it real hard Nads when you left.  I think you’re going to have to talk to him separately.  You know Niall, he just so… sensitive, kind of like a bunny!” Louis smiled.  I smiled, and then laughed, but the laugh turned into a grin.

“What? You look like you just came up with a way to steal from Obama,” Harry laughed.

I stuck my tongue out at him, “I just thought of our outfits for tomorrow.  Anyway, we have a flight leaving real early tomorrow so doddle off to bed you two.  We’re staying in my loft in Cardiff for tonight so go find the leprechaun and I’ll get Alex and we can leave.” They nodded and they made their way out of my dressing room.

I looked into the mirror, “Make me proud Nadia,” I whispered remembering the conversation I had with my grandmother a few months back, “Make me proud.”

(The next day- Niall’s POV)

After a good night’s sleep, I now realize I shouldn’t have stormed off.  It probably hurt Nadia’s feelings and ruined the chances of us being friends again.  I don’t even know why I left, I just felt cramped and awkward so I left to get some fresh air.  I sat out there and just thought about random things such as Nadia, the boys, the future and home.  I was really homesick and even though the boys tried to help by talking in Irish accents, it just wasn’t the same.  After thinking about home for a while, I randomly started thinking about the day of Nadia’s sister’s funeral.  I remember after how Louis and I swarmed Zayn with questions, but he never once told us what was really going down.  He truly was a good friend to her.  Then I thought about when I met Justin Bieber.  It was all because of Nadia, she set the whole thing up you see.  Apparently, she called Justin asking if he would come meet me since she knew I was a major fan.  She organized everything and I couldn’t ask for a better friend.

When we left the concert, we went back to Nadia’s loft and just went straight to bed since we have a early flight to god knows where.  Louis, Harry and I packed random things since we weren’t told where we are going and apparently we aren’t going to know, so hopefully I have the right stuff.  This morning Alex woke us up and dragged us to the airport saying that Nadia had to go early to get the jet and everything ready.  Alex decided to turn on the video camera since we’re supposed to be videotaping the entire time so Nadia can post it on twitter for her fans.

We boarded the plane.  “Um Alex mate, where’s Nadia?”

He pointed to the shut curtains.  “She’s having an asparagus, she’ll be fine before we land.”

I frowned, “I’m sorry, but what?”

He laughed, “Oh sorry.  Well you know how Nadia is ALWAYS happy right?” I nodded, “Well sometimes, she just gets like reaaaaaally sad and needs alone time to think about things.  So the fans and I call them asparagus moments because nobody likes asparagus,” he chuckled.  

I looked over to Louis who was frowning as well.  He got up from his seat and walked towards the curtain.

“Woah man, um don’t go in there okay? I know you used to be her best friend and I have nothing against you for that, but she’s changed and I’m telling you, she just wants to be alone right now okay?” He said nicely.  I understand why Nadia likes this guy.  He seems like the type of guy to use words instead of his fist like normal lads to prove a point.  He kinda reminded me of our Liam a bit, who would never use his fist, but his knowledge to prove a point.  Louis backed down and sat in his seat.  I was quite disappointed that Nadia was having an “asparagus” because I wanted to apologise for my behaviour after the concert so we can move on with our lives and make sure these next 10 days were smashing.  After a couple hours on the plane, I noticed Louis, Harry and Alex had all managed to fall asleep.  I decided to creep to see what was happening behind the closed curtain.  I popped my head in quietly and saw Nadia.  She had her back turned to me, but her head was resting against the side of the plane whilst she stared out the window.  I walked over and sat in the chair facing Nadia.  I looked at her and gave her a weak smile.  She turned her head towards me to see who her intruder was and when she saw me her expression soften.  She gave me a smile full of sadness and that’s when I cracked.  I silently stood up, walked over to Nadia, lifted her up, sat down and placed her on my lap.  She looked at me confused, but then snuggled up into my chest and we both fell asleep.

“Nialler… Smiler Nialler… Nially!” someone whispered.  I flew my eyes open to see Nadia poking me, but still sitting on my lap.

I smiled, “Hey babe, are you alri now?”

She smiled back, “Yeah love, thanks.  Usually being alone helps but I really did need a good ole’ Horan hug,” she joked.

“Mmm, I hear those are pretty fantastic!”

She shrugged, “There nothing special.”

My smile faded.  “Oh Nialler I was just pulling your tail.  You know nobody can resist the Horan Hug!”

A smile returned to my face.  Whatever it was, this on always seemed to just bright up my day.

“You’re totally right not gonna lie,” I smirked.

She pulled her head back and let out a very loud, but sarcastic laugh, “Riiiiiight.  Well how bout’ we finish that movie day we never had? I have all the Harry Potter movies kicking round somewhere?” She said whilst wiggling her eyebrows.  I chuckled whilst nodding. 

“YEAH BUDDY!” She yelled softly trying not to wake up the boys.  She ran around looking for the movies whilst I asked the pilots assistant for some crisps and some RedBull knowing that will make Nadia happy.  I tiptoed back behind the curtain to find Nadia has set up like 100 pillows and blankets.  I held up the Redbull and food looking for her approval and she nodded.  I sat down in the pile she created and she joined me when she got the movie going.  We talked about everything that had happened during the past 6 months.  Like all the adventures we went on, people we met and even the random little things that nobody really cares about, but we talked about it.  I apologized for my early behaviour but she told me not to worry, that she sort of forgot about it already.

Four movies, four RedBulls and three bags of crips later, the boys finally emerged from their side of plane to ours.

“Hey guys whatcha been up too?” Harry asked.  Alex decided to start videotaping it again for the fans.

“Movie marathon!” I said.  Nadia stood up and went over to Alex and whispered stuff in his ear.  I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t feel a pang of jealousy but I somehow managed to mask it with a fake smile on my face.

“So boys, apparently we’ll be landing soon and since we left around 3am in Cardiff, it was an 10 hour flight, so it’s about noon where we’ll be landing,” Alex informed us.

“Okay, so what are we doing first?” Harry asked.

“Ah my young curly boy, that will be for us to know and you guys to find out!” Nadia said.  “But I have our outfits for today!”

She picked up 5 big, black garbage bags and brought them over to us.  Each one had one of our names on it.  I picked mine up and inside, I found a bunny costume.

I fell to the ground laughing so hard, “We actually have to wear these?” l looked over to see that Harry had a cat costume, Louis had a carrot costume, Alex had a hot dog costume and Nadia had another bunny costume.

Nadia frowned, “I thought they were cool, so shut it Horan! Now go change, then I’ll put kitty whiskers and bunny whiskers on Harrold and Nialler!” She smiled.  We three boys changed together since we’ve already seen each other naked on many occasions, Alex changed in the bathroom and Nadia changed on the other side of the curtain.  

“You lot done yet?” Nadia hollered.

“Yeah come in babes!” Louis yelled.  She hopped in in her purple bunny suit and she had already put black whiskers and a nose on her face with black eyeliner.  Alex soon joined us in his hotdog costume.  We all looked at each other and went into complete and udder hysterics.  We all look like massive nobs, but it was going to be so funny.  Nadia made/forced Harry and me to sit down so she could draw a nose and whiskers on her face as well.

“Nads, can we pleaseee switch costumes? I want the purple one,” I pouted.

“Nope, can’t do it! Sorry Nialler, but purple’s my favorite color and pink really is your color!” She winked.  We all sat down in our seats for landing.  Louis and Harry sat together in the two seater and Alex and I sandwiched Nadia in the three seater.  I noticed Nadia was grasping onto the chair with all her might like there was no tomorrow.

“You alri love?” I whispered to her.

“Erm, I just hate landing, it freaks me out a little,” she said shyly.  I grabbed her and intertwined it with mine.

“Squeeze as hard as you like love, I’ll protect you princess.”

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