Strange Kinda Love

this story inst mine but its really good.-------This is the story of Nadia Cowell. You’ve probably heard of her since she was once a famous model, she is daughter of the one and only Simon Cowell and is Louis Tomlinson’s bestfriend. When Louis auditions for the X Factor, well let’s just say things get a little… Complicated.


15. Chapter 15


I started to cry, that’s how hard I was laughing.  Once the news about Alex came out, the crowd cheered so loud and they all started to stand up and clap, my stomach was in knots from all the laughing. 

Emily had her mouth opened wide, “So, you’re single? I thought I heard a rumour about you and Francisco Lachowski? ”

I wiped the tears that were under my eyes, “I am 100% single!  I’m not even like texting anyone that like makes me smile and giggly when I receive it! No, instead of going clubbing like every other teenager, I stay home looking at cat catalogues and watch reruns of fresh prince of Bel Air!  Awh Franco, I love that guy, but no, all we did was a photo shoot for Lacoste together, that’s it!” I exclaimed.

“That’s quite pathetic,” Emily admitted, even though I know she was just joking.

“I know!”

She sighed, “Well now that that’s out of the way, are you excited for the last show of your tour tonight?”

I smiled, “I am yeah! I assumed since the tour is a North American tour, it was going to end in North America, but honestly, I’m quite glad it’s ending here in Cardiff!  Any of you going tonight?” I asked the crowd.  About 4 or 5 of them cheered, but the rest stayed silent.

“I see, now correct me if I’m wrong, when you were entering the studio today, someone asked you if you had gotten tickets right?  Actually don’t answer I know I’m right,” I laughed, “Anyway, it just so happens I have 53 tickets in my pocket here, which is the number of you that don’t have tickets.  So would you guys like to go?” The crowd cheered even louder than before.

“Christ, I’ll take that as a yes!” I laughed.

“Isn’t she smashing? Now Nadia, what do you think of your fans?”

I adjusted the glasses on my nose, “Honestly, if I could meet every single one of you, I would.  I love every single one of you.  You guys, old fans or newer fans, supported me when I needed you and still do after everything.  In interviews or anywhere basically, I call you guys my friends or family because that’s what you are and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” I smiled.  The crowd cheered and I winked at them.

“God she’s adorable! Now Nadia, I hear you have a little liking for Nuetella eh?”

“Um, it’s more than a little love!” I laughed.

Emily laughed, “I also hear that when you do twitcams, you and Alex make what you call ‘the reason for living’? Could you explain in full detail what the hell that might be?”

“Yeah yeah! Okay, well first-“

“Wait, why don’t you make it for us?”

“Do I get to eat it?” I pouted.

Emily and the crowd laughed, “Of course love, as long as I get a bite!”

“Cheers! Let’s do this thang!” We got up and headed towards the right side of the stage whilst a member of the stage crew brought out a portable table with food on it.  Emily grabbed my hand a pulled me towards the table.  She gave me an apron.

“Okay, this is serious business.  First, you take raw cookie dough,” I said whilst putting the dough in a bowl, “Then you take Nuetella and put it on it.  Then, you put ice cream, any flavour, it doesn’t matter, but Alex and I prefer Ben & Jerry’s.  Then, to top it all off, you can add whatever your fancy is, but Alex and I put Twix bars and Rolo’s in there.  Then… you eat it!” I smiled. 

Emily’s mouth opened, “Good god, how are you so skinny?”

I laughed, “Haha, it’s a long story, maybe next time!”

“Well that’s all for today ladies and gentleman, mostly gentleman, but who am I to judge! Give it up for Nadia Cowell!” The crowd cheered.  I waved and smiled whilst walking off the stage to join Mandy on the sidelines.

(4 hours later)

“Pleaaaase Mandy, can I just once?” I begged.

“I dunno Nads, I don’t think your dad would be too pleased with me.  You know how he is, everything has to have a plan and if it isn’t on the plan, it doesn’t happen!”

“Awh but I’m so bored and there my fans! They’re out there waiting 8 hours before the show has even started to see me and I think they should have the chance to meet me, since you know I’m the best!” I winked, “And I’ll tell my dad that it was my idea and he can ground me once I get back to London!”

Mandy sighed, “Fine, but only for a couple of hours and you must take Rich with you.”  Rich is my full time bodyguard.  He’s in his 30’s and on… the larger side if you catch my drift, but he’s a big softy and if I needed something, I’d go to Rich first since Mandy will probably say no.

“Yay! I’ll be back in a sec.  Common get a move on Rich!” I yelled.  He ran over and we made our way down the hallway.

“Wait, I want to surprise them, so we’ll go out the back entrance, I’ll put my hood up and my Ray Bans on, you as well because they know who you are and we’ll sneak up behind them and scare them!  There should only be like 20 of them because there were only 10 when I arrived.” He gave me a thumbs up and we headed out the back entrance.  He crouched down signaling for me to get on his back.  I jumped on and he crept towards the main entrance.  We looked over the corner to see about 15, maybe 20 people standing, waiting to get into my concert.  We crept over and started to stand in line with the others.  They all looked at us funny, but never said anything.  I start to giggle since nobody recognised us yet.  I whispered into Rich’s ear, “Okay, on the count of three, let me down and start playing the song Milkshake on my phone, then I’ll start dancing okay!” He nodded.

“One…two…THREE!” I jumped off of Rich’s back, pulled down my hood and took of my glasses and started dancing along to the music.  The fans started to realize it was me and started to scream and some even pulled out there camera’s to take a video.

I started laughing so hard I dropped to the floor and rolled up into a ball since Rich also started to dance.

“That… was… legit!” I yelled whilst getting up.  Rich stopped the music and gave me a fist pound.

“Ello lovelies!” I yelled at them, “Would you guys like to come play with me… Haha Christ that sounded wrong, I meant like, come inside the arena so I have people to entertain me!” They all excitedly said yes and we marched around the building to the back doors.  I lead them into the stage room and they all sat in the first row and I went up to the stage.  I picked up my mic that was laying on the floor, turned it on and spoke into it.  “So what do you lot want to do?”  Nobody said anything.

“God you lot are quiet aren’t ya? Erm well do you guys want to ask me questions or something?”

One person screamed a yes, but the rest stayed quiet.

“Cheers to whoever answered.  The rest of you, speak up! Either I’m deaf or you lot don’t know how to speak.  Honestly, I won’t judge any of you, quite the opposite really! I don’t bite honest, even though I do have kitty whisker on my face.” Some of them shouted out a cheer.

“Well we’ll work on it won’t we? Erm CAN SOMEONE GET ME ANOTHER MIC PLEASE AND THANK YOU? OH AND A PEN AND PAPER?” I yelled.  A few seconds later, a scary man in black came out and gave me the stuff I asked for.

“Thanks love!” I smiled.  He grunted something back, but I couldn’t hear it.

Once he left the stage I spoke again, “Rude.” The fans laughed.

I fist pumped, “Now we’re getting somewhere!”  I threw the mic towards the first person in the row and luckily he caught it.

“Okay, so ask whatever you want.  Preferably odd questions!” I smiled.

“Hi, I was wondering, why do you have kitty whiskers on your face and why did you ask for a pen and paper?”

I laughed, “Well I don’t really know to be honest.  I got free makeup from some photo shoot I did a while back and I found this really big, black eyeliner pen, so I decided to open it and test it out! Erm and because I feel like doodling!”

“Thank you!” he smiled and passed it on to the next person.

“Ello, so I was wondering why you’re so different to other celebrities?”

I frowned, “How d’ya mean love?”

“I mean like, you don’t party, you don’t wear high heels and you don’t drink what so ever, I just wondered why?”

“Erm that’s actually a good question.  I do party quite a lot, I just don’t like go out looking for lads so I can take them home and do something I know I’ll regret because that’s what high school was for.  I like to go out and have a good time with friends and not be falling all over the place and waking up with a hangover and no recollection of the night before.  Also, if you haven’t realized, I’m already quite crazy and me intoxicated is mental!”

“Thank you!” she said and passed on the mic.

The next girl was about to ask her question, when another man in black came out and brought me a bowl of oatmeal a chocolate milkshake.

“You’re legend.  It’s Mandy’s doing right?” He nodded.

I sighed, “Thanks babe.”

“Hi, so my question is, why did you fall out with One Direction, but not Zayn?”

“Um well Zayn, he was going through a loss in the family at the time as well, so we just were kinda going through the same feelings, so we helped each other get through it.” I smiled trying to avoid the first question.  They continued to ask questions and at the end I took a picture with all of them, but I had to leave to get ready for the show.

(3 hours later whilst Nadia is on stage)

This was probably the best show I’ve ever preformed.  As usual, I start off by singing songs from the Road to Recovery album since it was quite sad, so we could end with Stay Classy songs and finish with everyone pumped up.  Yesterday would’ve been my sister’s 5th birthday, so I decided to surprise the crowd with a famous Hedley song dedicated to her right before the intermission.

It was complete darkness in the studio until a blueish spotlight came on directly on me.  The crowd roared at the sight of me on my piano since it was a crowd favorite to hear me play.  Considering I only had 9 fingers, I had to make slight adjustments, but nothing major.

“Long steady road
Oh travel be kind?
I’m searching for some peace of mind
A home that you know
A home left behind
Oh trouble don’t trouble this time

And Baby don’t look back, odds don’t stack they just crumble down around you
You gotta go away if you wanna come back
I won’t crack I can’t make a sound Without you

And even if it sounds crazy darling I won’t let you go
And even if it don’t stop raining darling I won’t let you go
And even if the walls are burning darling I won’t let you go
Even if it sounds crazy darling I won’t let you go
Know your way down, your music your town 
You’re never walking alone
A storm that won’t wait, a heart that won’t break
Your mountains ain’t made out of stone

And baby don’t look back odds don’t stack
They just crumble down around you
Oh you got to go away if you want to come back
I won’t crack I can’t make a sound Without you

And even if it sounds crazy darling I won’t let you go
And even if it don’t ever stop raining darling I won’t let you go
And even if the word’s burning darling I won’t let you go
And even if it sounds crazy darling I won’t let you go

Baby don’t look back odds don’t stack they just crumble down around you
You gotta go away if you wanna come back, I won’t crack I can’t make a sound
Without you
And even if it sounds crazy darling I won’t let you go
And even if it don’t ever stop raining darling I won’t let you go
And even if the worlds burning darling I won’t let you go
Even if it sounds crazy darling I won’t let you go”

The crowd roared so loud I probably now need hearing aids.  The lights turned off so I could run off stage then they came back on the crowd could move around.  I walk around back stage wiping the tears away from my cheeks.  I walked into my dressing room, quickly changed into my “Classy” clothes which consisted of a black Classy varsity jacket, white, high waisted sparkly shorts, a white shirt under the jacket and white converses.  I painted designs on my legs, face and visible skin with glow in the dark paint.  I started to walk out of my dressing room to go back stage to find Mandy, when I heard my phone ring.

“Um hello?”

“Nads it’s me,” said Zayn.

“Hey Zay, I can’t talk right now, I have to get back on stage in like 4 minutes.”

“Look don’t be mad at me, I didn’t even know they sent it in…”

“Nadia, you have to go like now!” Mandy yelled.

“Zay I gotta go, we’ll talk later!” I said into the phone.

“Just don’t hate me…” I heard whilst hanging up the phone.  Mandy and I sped walked to the entrance of the stage.  I heard the crowd chanting my name which meant it was my cue to go on.

“You remember what you’re supposed to say after the last song right? You just introduce the winners then you meet them.”

I nodded whilst putting on my microphone and earplugs, “Ave you met them yet?”

She shook her head, “Traffic is backed up because of your concert,” she winked, “So they’ll arrive just as the show is ending and come right on.”

I nodded and turned to look out at the crowd, “Let’s do this!”

After preforming all the songs, it was finally time for me to announce the 10 day challenge winners.  I’m so excited to finally meet the winner and friends because there story really touched me and I know this week is going to be unforgettable.

“So guys, I guess it’s time to announce the 10 day challenge winner and friends!” I yelled.  The crowd cheered.  I looked over to the side of the stage to see Alex there.  I big smile came to my face and I waved at him.

“Okay, drum roll please!” The drummer gave us a beat.

“And the winners are… Larry, Barry and Neil?” I read off my hand. 

I laughed, “Okay weird names.  Guys please come out on stage!” The crowd roared.  I looked out to see the crowd’s reaction first before looking at the winners.  The crowd screamed and cheered so loud they probably heard it in China.  I turned around to see the faces I never in a million years thought I would ever see standing there.  Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles all walked out looking like they had just stole a bank and got away with it.  I couldn’t really remember anything else from that night, but I do remember me falling into darkness right after that.

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