Strange Kinda Love

this story inst mine but its really good.-------This is the story of Nadia Cowell. You’ve probably heard of her since she was once a famous model, she is daughter of the one and only Simon Cowell and is Louis Tomlinson’s bestfriend. When Louis auditions for the X Factor, well let’s just say things get a little… Complicated.


14. Chapter 14


Niall’s POV

“What the fuck is going on Zayn?” I yelled at him when we walked into the black SUV whilst leaving the award show.  We all heard Nadia accidentally say Zayn’s name in her speech and I honestly, I was more jealous then mad at Zayn.  He was being a good friend when the rest of us didn’t even notice what was going on, but it still made me jealous that I wasn’t the one that she confided in.  The look on Louis face when Nadia said Zayn’s name was indescribable.  He was infuriated.

Zayn ran a hand threw his hair, “Well what do you think is going on?”

“Well, I fucking think that you’ve been secretly chatting it up with Nadia whilst we all were going out of our minds trying to figure out ways to get her to talk to us, when you could’ve told us about your little thing going on and we could’ve fucking fixed it jackass!” Louis yelled.

Zayn just stared down at his hands and didn’t reply anything to Louis’s accusations.

“I’m not wrong am I?” he yelled.  Zayn shook his head sadly.

Louis laughed sarcastically, “Well isn’t this fucking cheery! We are supposed to be brothers Zayn.  Brothers don’t keep secrets about other brothers sisters!” Louis yelled a bit louder.  If the situation had of played out a bit differently, I probably would’ve laughed at Louis’s last remark.

“Lou I think you need to take a breather-” said Harry.

“NO, I want Malik to tell me what the fuck is going on!” he yelled.

Zayn looked up to Louis, “Look I’m not going to apologize if that’s what you’re all looking for.  You guys didn’t even notice what was in front of you, but I did.”

We were all staring at Louis and Zayn to see what would happen next, but we never did figure that out.

“Boys we’re at MacDonalds like you requested.  Don’t make a fool of yourselves whilst you’re in there,” the driver told us.  We got out of the limo and made our way into MacDonalds.  This I going to be a hell of a week that’s for sure.

Nadia’s POV

Alex and I had one more interview before we could leave for good.  I honestly have never felt so good in my life.  It was an honour to win this award and I’m so glad that my dad presented the award, it made everything more special.

“Nadia love, over here… over here… smile!” all the paparazzi’s on the right side of me yelled.  Alex and I were bombarded by bright flashes from the cameras and it felt like all of them were on us instead of the other celebrities also coming out of the building, but I didn’t mind, nothing could wipe the smile off my face.  I pulled Alex along who, like usual, was trying to make conversation with the people around him, but we didn’t have time for that right now.

“Nadia over here love!” a female reporter yelled at us.  I remember my dad told me we had an interview with a woman in her mid-30’s and long red hair like Ariana or Rihanna and that description matched the lady yelling at us, so I’m guessing we found her.

“Ello!” I said whilst smiling at her.

“Hey,” Alex said.

“Ello you two.  So Nadia, how do you feel?”

I laughed, “Bloody excellent.  Yeah, it’s a real honour.”

She smiled, “You deserve it love.  So I hear this is the first time you’ve worn a dress in public, how did that happen?”

I smiled whilst glancing up at Alex who gave me a small smile, “Yeah it is.  Erm, well basically you know how we make like videos and post them on twitter for my fans?” I asked.

She nodded, “Well this guy,” I said whilst pointing up to Alex, “Decided to sneak on my twitter and post a video of him asking the fans to trend ‘Nadia is beautiful’ for the entire day last week, so apparently, it was ‘my duty’ to wear a dress for the them,” I said whilst quoting Alex.

The reporter awed then laughed, “That is adorable.  Now have you checked the trends on twitter?” We shook our heads.  “And I quote, #welovenadia and #zadia and #nalex are the top trends.”

I bursted into giggles and had to put a hand over my mouth to stop the noise I was making.

She laughed, “So what’s on the agenda for tomorrow?”

Alex decided to answer for me, “Well I have a photo shoot for topman tomorrow, so I’m staying here in London, but this one has interviews somewhere tomorrow and her last show to the tour!” he yelled excitedly.  We fist pumped together in unison.

She laughed, “You two are adorable.  Now I’m a big fan of yours Nadia, can you give us hints on this ten day challenge?” There it is.  I’ve been waiting for this question all evening because it seems to be what everyone’s talking about these past couple of weeks.

“Erm well basically, people all over the world have sent me letters on like there story and Alex and I have read every single one of them and we chose the best one.  This person has already been informed that they won and the winner and two of his friends will be joining me and Alex on a ten day challenge to complete loads of things before my 18th birthday!” I smiled.

“Wow, that’s bloody brilliant! Well thanks for talking with me you two.  Congratulations again Nadia!” she smiled.  I thanked her and Alex and I started to walk towards our limo.  I leaned against Alex and he wrapped his arm around me so I can support my ankle.  It’s been 7 months since the accident, but I still can’t walk on it for long periods of time without it hurting.  After they took the cast off, I still had to use the damn crutches for another month, then just the other day I got to stop wearing the ugly son of a bitch ankle brace that I wore at all times.  Yes, it had been difficult roaming around Africa on crutches, then going on two tours with a massive limp, but in the end, it was all worth it.  I kinda forgot about Alex sitting there until he gave me a playful slap on the cheek to zone me out.

I put my hand to my cheek and pout.  He laughed then climbed the seats to come sit beside me.  He wrapped his arms around me and I leaned my head in so it would lie against his shoulder.  He kissed my forehead.

“I’m so proud of you.  I know today was hard seeing the boys for the first time, but just forget about it kay? You’ve got a big day tomorrow and don’t mess it up by worrying about it,” he said with his lips still pressed against my forehead.  I nodded and he pulled away from his embrace but left an arm hanging around my shoulder.

“So, you’ve got the big topman shoot tomorrow.  I told you you would get it.  Gonna find someone special eh?” I winked whilst copying his obvious Canadian accent.

He laughed, “Nawh, you’re all I need!” he cooed.

“Bahaha, yeah okay.” We sat and joked along when the limo came to a stop.  The driver opened the door to a vacant parking lot except for my tour bus and Alex’s car.  We got out, said our goodbyes and I made my way back into what I called home for the past month. I walked in to find George, my manager Mandy, a couple crew members and George’s  two year old grandson, Leo.  I remember the first time I met Leo.  George was so nervous I was gonna break down when Leo first came on the tour bus because of Naomi, but he was a pleasure.  He’s such a good kid and he’s so hyper active. He kinda reminds me of Niall a bit.

“ADDDDIE!” Leo screamed when he first saw me.  He and my grandmother are the only ones that are allowed to call me that, or they’re in deep crap my friend.

“Lee!” I screamed back whilst opening my arms so he could jump in them.  The rest of them all started cheering and clapping for me.  I smiled at them whilst attempting to put Leo down who was playing with my necklace.  I managed to put him down and go hug the rest of them.  They made me a cake, which I’m guessing Leo made since the icing was all mixed together.  I grabbed myself a piece and made my way towards my bedroom.  It was only a small room with a bed and a TV, but it was cozy and I quite like it.  I change out of my dress, shoes and took all the pins out of my hair so it could just flow down naturally.  It was only put into a fishtail plait, so it didn’t look that bad down.  I changed into my grey Jack Wills joggers and found a random Abercrombie shirt that I didn’t even know who it belonged too, but it looked comfy.  I took out my contacts, placed a beenie on my head, grabbed my laptop from my bed and made my way out to the sitting area.  I placed the laptop on the counter and grabbed a RedBull and my piece of cake.  I put them down on the table along with my laptop and sat down in the booth.  I got myself into a comfy position and logged into twitter.

@Nadia_Cowell: Wednesday night twitcam ladies and gents!

“Holaaaaaaa amigos!” I yelled into the webcam.  Already there were a hundred viewers and that number was going up by the second and my mentions also.  I did a couple of shout outs for a while and just reading the mentions.

“Oh me gee, how did you guys know I was getting ready for Victorious?” I said in a weird voice.  I got “because we love you” and a few “because it’s Wednesday”

I laughed, “You guys know me too well!”

“So let’s do a q & a because you know that I love when people ask me questions?”

I read a lot of them asking where Alex was since he tagged along for almost all of the tour so he was in all of the twit cams.

“He left me,” I fake sobbed, “Nawh I’m just teasing, he finally got himself a modelling shoot with Topman! Yay for Alex,” I fist pumped.  Alex always wanted to be a model considering he is very attractive.  He has really light, almost white, blond hair, pale skin and light brown eyes.  He kind of has Justin’s old hair, but shorter.

I decided to go read some more mentions.  A lot of them were hate actually from directioners.  You see, they blame me for making there boys sad or something, but most of them are mad because they want me to end up with one of them.

“Are you and Ariana Grande actually friends?”

“Oh my lord, I love that lady.  You know how on Victorious, Cat is quite weird? Well Ariana can be like that in real life sometimes and it’s so funny!”

“Where did I meet her? Um I think we were booked to do a photo shoot at the same time, so we exchanged numbers and met up a few times!”

“Where did I Alex?” I laughed and continued, “Well you all know how I was in Africa and whilst I was there I has severely depressed to the point I had insomnia and I wouldn’t eat.  Now Alex came up to me telling me I should smile and trying to make me laugh, but nothing worked.  So whilst he was walking away, he completely wiped out and fell flat on his face.  I laughed for about two hours after that, so we became friends!” 

“Where are you off to now? Um I actually have no clue which is a bit odd I know, but I honestly never know what’s going on ever and just go along with Mandy and George tells me!” I laughed.  I answered a couple more questions when I was interrupted by a pulling at my leg.  I looked down to see Leo in his superman pajamas.

“Hey Le, wanna say hi?” He nodded and I pulled him up onto my lap.  He stood on my knee and wrapped his little arm around my shoulder.

“Who’s this? This is Leo.  He’s my bus driver’s grandson.”

I turned to Leo and whispered something into his ear.

“You’re all bootiful!” he smiled into the camera.  I laughed and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Sleepover tonight babe?”

He nodded, “Okay you go into the TV room and get the snuggies and we’ll watch Victorious together.” He cheered and jumped off my lap.

“Wait, are you forgetting something?”

“Love you Addie!” he yelled.

I laughed, “Love you too babes, I’ll be in there in a sec!”

I turned to face the camera, “Sorry this twit cam was so short guys, but I’d just like to take the time to thank all of you for supporting me all throughout the tour.  When my sister died, I’d thought I’d lost my family, but you guys are my family and I love every single one of you.  Thanks for watching. Byee!” I said whilst exciting out of twit cam.  I looked through my mentions one more time, when one caught my eye.

@NiallHoran: @Nadia_Cowell I was wondering where my shirt got to! See you soon xx.

My eyes bulged out of its sockets.  I slammed my laptop, probably going to regret the force I put on it later and ran into the TV room.  After watching Victorious and calling Alex to tell him about the Niall thing, who told me not to worry and that I was overacting, I fell asleep cuddling next to Leo.

I woke up to another dreamless night.  I stretched and sauntered my way out to the kitchen.  The clock read 7am, so I probably had about two hours to get ready.  Leo’s parents have probably picked him up, since they live nearby.  I heard my bagel pop and I put some nuetella on it.  I ate whilst turning on my phone to see that I have three new messages.

Mandy: I had an early meeting this morning, but be ready for an interview by 8:00, you’ll get ready there. The other interview was cancelled, so you’ll head to rehearsals for the show tonight straight after.  By the way, the interviewers name is Emily.

Alexi the warrior: Ou, I love photo shoots.  You are the ultimate.

Zay: Hey luv, sry bout Niall’s tweet.  Hope ur ok! xx.

I replied Mandy quick and laughed at Alex’s message.  I replied him “Go back to staring at the other models asses you twat.”

To Zay: S’okay, you had no control over it, the leprechaun marches to his own drum.  Do you know what the tweet meant per chance? xx.

After waiting a couple minutes for him reply, I decided he probably was busy and left to go watch some TV.  I took out my phone and went on twitter.

@Nadia_Cowell: I *insert french word here* love Nuetella. #nadiayoufatty #longlivenuetella

I replied to a few fans until I heard the doors open.

“Ready Nadia?” Mandy asked.  I nodded, grabbed my bag and headed out towards the entrance of the studio.  I walked in and was bombarded by the crew yelling and shouting random things.  I was never good with people yelling and I gave Mandy a look saying “get me out of here.” She caught on and pulled my arm into a hallway.  We kept walking until we reached a room that had my name on the door.

“How’d you know where to go?” I asked confusedly.

She smiled, “I didn’t.”  I scoffed and walked into the room to find my suitcase with all my interview outfits.  I ran to the suitcase and gave it a hug.  Mandy laughed, “The things I have to put up with.  Get dressed and be ready in like 15?” I nodded and she left.  I decided to wear my white blazer with classy bolded on the back in navy blue with high waisted, dark navy shorts, a navy blue dress shirt to match the shorts with a red bow tie and my classic white converse. I still absolutely hated heels, but this interview was live and apparently I will get in trouble if I don’t wear them, but I couldn’t give a crap.  I put my hair into a bow on the top of my head and of course, no makeup and decided I was ready.  I put my iPhone in my back pocket and made my way out to the side of the stage.  I’m guessing that the person out on stage talking to a crowd was the person interviewing me.  She had dark skin and black hair, kind of like a young Oprah Winfrey.

“Ms. Cowell, you’re on in 3mins!” I nodded.  Mandy gave me a quick hug.  That’s why I adored my job.  All my crew and the people working for me, they were all nice people and treated me so good.  They didn’t let my past get to them and never talked about it.

“3…2…1… You’re on!” I walked on to the stage smiling and waving out at the cheering crowd.  I gave Emily a hug and sat down on the sofa next to Emily’s chair.

“It’s so good to finally meet you!” she smiled.

“Likewise, yeah I’m a big fan of Cardiff!” I smiled and the crowd all cheered.

“I like her already! So you’ve made quite a name for yourself haven’t you! I read a magazine the other day and there was an article comparing you to big stars like Adele and Jessie J, how does that feel?”

“I actually read that one! I honestly couldn’t believe it.  Like, there both such inspiring lady’s and I’ve met both of them once or twice and really it’s an honor to be compared to them.”

“Nice, so I’m going to name some of the things you’ve done and you can add comments at any time love.”

I put a hand to my forehead, “Oh Christ, I better not get grounded from this!”

She laughed along with the crowd, “Okay, so you’ve collaborated with Ed Sheeran?” I nodded confirming that, even though everyone already knew.

“You made your own personal line of clothing with Boy London called Boy Classy?”

I raised a finger, “Yeah yeah, erm basically like all my jackets and cardigans have the words classy written on the back and have a front pocket with the word boy on it.”

She nodded, “You, Justin Bieber as Selena Gomez had a flash mob in a target in Atlanta?” I laughed and nodded.  Emily continued, “You partied with the Kardashiens and lived.”

I raised a finger, “I did yeah, it was quite awkward because they were highly intoxicated and kept telling me how they want to fuc- fudge.  Make fudge with my dad,” I stuttered, trying to keep the show G rated.

Emily roared with laughter, “I bet they did! Okay I have one more, I hear you and Alex snuck into a school in Vancouver to see if you could fit in, but got mobbed by fans instead!”

I laughed, “Yeah we did, that was so funny!”

“Now yesterday was the first time the media has actually seen Alex and you together, but you make videos I hear?”

“Yeah we do, every time we do stuff together, we video tape it and put it on twitter for my friends!” I smiled.

“I watched the award show!  You guys looked so cute together, am I right?” The crowd cheered.

I laughed, “You reckon?”

They all cheered again.  “So yesterday, you did a twit cam and got a lot of hate from the directioners I hear?”

“Um yeah a little.  I have nothing against directioners, at all.  I respect them completely and the boys wouldn’t be where they are today without them and most of them are quite lovely!  But I don’t even understand why there mad at me!”

Emily frowned, “Well isn’t it because you and Alex are in a relationship?”

I laugh out loud really hard, “Alex is gay!”

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