Strange Kinda Love

this story inst mine but its really good.-------This is the story of Nadia Cowell. You’ve probably heard of her since she was once a famous model, she is daughter of the one and only Simon Cowell and is Louis Tomlinson’s bestfriend. When Louis auditions for the X Factor, well let’s just say things get a little… Complicated.


13. Chapter 13


 (One Week Later- Nadia’s POV)

This week had been nothing but pure and utter shit.  After my sob session with Zayn, we had like a heart-to-heart conversation about everything, but what I liked about it is that he didn’t just bombard me with questions, he waited a couple of days and let me come to him.  Of course he probably realised what had happened since I’m apparently all over sugarscape.  My performance, random facts about me and apparently they have a story about my sister and I’s relationship and someone told them that she died.  When Zayn left to go to rehearsals, I packed all of my belongings in my room and moved them to the loft in town.  I knew the word was going to get out sooner or later and I couldn’t deal with everyone all up in my face with apologies and shit when they didn’t even know her, let alone that I even had a sister until yesterday.  I got George to transport all my stuff to the new loft and when I saw him, I started to cry even more.  He just gave me an awkward hug because George isn’t much of a hugger, but it’s the thought that counts I guess.

My dad is planning the funeral for me because I can’t face myself to do it, but he told me I’m going to have to say a few words.  We are burying her here because she always loved it more here than in Canada like me and she’d want to be buried here.  My dad called my grandmother and gave her the news so she can pass it on to the rest of my family and I know some of them are flying out here to attend the wake and funeral.

As for me, I feel like completely and utterly depressed.  It’s as if my smile and happiness died along with my sister.  I just feel… empty.  I’ve been hiding up in my loft for the past two days, randomly bursting into crying fits and thank Christ I’m on this new medication or I’d probably be dead by now.  Today though, I have to get out of the house.  It’s the day of the wake and since my Grammy and I are the only close relation to Naomi and my Grammy is too old to fly, I have to stand there and shake random peoples hand, all by myself.  The one thing I hate in life is pity and all I’m going to get today is that.  I know my dad cancelled all rehearsals today so all the X Factor lot can go as well; great.  I’ve gotten George to pick me up to take me to the funeral home now.  I have to go an hour early before everyone can get there so I can get set up so everyone can come to see me and Naomi to pay their respects or something.  My dad offered to stand up and shake everyone’s hand with me, but that just didn’t feel right.  They have no relation and my dad’s ’only met her once, so I declined his offer. 

George gave me a kiss on the cheek before I stepped out of the car and I gave him a fake smile.  I crutched into the front doors to be bombarded with four people saying how sorry they are for my loss and then bossing me around to go sit out of the way so they can set everything up.  The coffin would be placed on the right wall of the room they were setting up in, and then I would stand next to it (apparently it’s against the policy for me to sit, even though my goddamn ankle is broken.  I lay my crutches against the wall behind me and lean against it for support since I’m not allowed to sit in a goddamn chair.  I was only wearing black leggings, black toms and a gray cardigan, it’s not like I’m here to impress people.  No, I’m here to shake hands with random people I’ve never even met and give fake smiles pretending that I’m perfectly fine because that’s what you do at funerals.

“The first batch of people are coming in!” one of the lady that was bossing me around yelled at me.

For the next half hour I stood there and did exactly as how I imagined it would be.  I shook peoples hand while they said how sorry they were, when I didn’t have two clues who they are.  Apparently, after the stream of people finally excited threw the door, all of the people I actually know are coming; great.  I’d much rather face people I don’t know then have the people I do know, such as Louis, who I know will be one of the people most definitely coming.  I fucking, excuse my French, hate this room.  It’s so creepy to have my dead sister right beside me, who I can’t even look at because I don’t have the guts, even though my supposed family and I have one hour after this lot clears out to say our last words to Naomi, but really what’s going to happen is it’s just going to be myself staying because only a couple aunts and uncles are coming and there just coming for an excuse to come to London, honestly.  All of them are self centered (excuse my French again) pricks, even me mum and Grammy said so.  That’s another reason why I like London better then Canada.

I felt a cool breeze seep into the room, which meant that the doors are opening, which means people are coming through.  The first person to enter was my dad.  He came straight up to me and gave me a big hug.

“Ello love, how are you pulling through?” he asked whilst still hugging me.

“Erm, well I’ve been better,” I said whilst biting my lip.

He chuckled softly, “After you’re, um done here, we’ll have some father daughter bonding time kay?”

I nodded whilst he pulled away.  He gave me a smile and proceeded on so the rest can come through.  The next on in line was George.  I sighed aloud, saying a quick thank god in my head since I still had a few more people to go through until I had to deal with the boys.  George gave me a quick kiss on the forehead and said a few words, until I finally saw the people I was most dreading to come in, Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn.  Of course Louis had to go first.  He probably was the most I was dreading to see out of the whole lot.

He came up and gave me a quick hug which lasted like 5 seconds max.  “I’m sorry Nadia,” he said with tears in his eyes.  I just nodded at him, lost for words and also trying to keep the promise I made to myself which was not to cry.  Liam, Harry and Niall did the same thing, yet Niall tried to make the hug last longer, but I pulled away.  Then came Zayn.  I looked him in the eyes and he wrapped his long arms around my waist whilst I put mine around his neck.  We just stayed like that for a long, long time. 

He cleared his throat, still hugging me, “I know you’re going to leave,” he whispered.

My eyebrows rose, “And why do you expect that Zay?”

I could feel him shrugged, “Its exactly what I felt like doing when my grandfather died, I just thought I’d let you know, you better damn well tell me where you’re going and promise me we will talk every day.”

I nodded on his shoulder, “I promise.  Just Zay could you do me a favor eh?”

He nodded.  “Please, please don’t tell the boys that we are in any contact what so ever.  I can’t deal with them right now.  I just need a break.”

“I understand completely and I promise I won’t say a word, but Nads?”


“Promise me you’ll come back one day.  Go out and travel, do all the stuff you’ve always wanted to do, but when you feel better again, come back.”

“I promise Zay.”

We pulled apart and he gave me a kiss on the forehead and ran back to the boys.  The first thing that came to my mind then was; I always keep my promises.  After that, I stepped outside saying I need some air and pulled out my phone to dial I knew by heart.

“Hey Justin, its Nadia… I need a favor.”

(6 months later- Niall’s POV)

Tonight, the boys and I were invited to come to a big award show, which we were all stoked for.  For the past six months, after coming third on the X Factor, the boys and I went on our first tour and have just been touring the UK and some parts in Ireland, just trying to get better known.  I know loads of people expected us to go our separate ways after the X Factor, but we actually have grown closer as a band.  After the whole Nadia incident, I know Louis and Harry had a falling out, but now everything was back to normal, except the whole Nadia thing kept returning.  The day of the funeral was the last day any of us saw her.  We texted and called, but her number was disconnected.  We asked Si, well we begged Si to let us see Nadia, but he said Nadia wasn’t stable and after a while, we got tired of asking.  From what I know, she went to Africa for the first two months, to help the less fortunate.  Then, she went on tour… yes, you heard me right.  She went on tour with Justin Bieber as his opening act.  She got so much attention from fans and the media, that after that tour, she went on her own tour for the past month in North America.  She’s released her own double album called Road to Recovery and Stay Classy.  She also made a documentary about her life… yes, she told EVERYTHING that she never told Liam, Harry, Zayn and I and honestly, it hurt me.  I told her everything about me.  Every little secret that I have never told another living soul (except Liam because he’s my best mate) (Authors note: YAY NIAM) and she never even told me about half of her life. Yet she decides to tell it to the world.  I know Louis is still absolutely heartbroken about it too.  He doesn’t think that anyone can hear him sobbing quietly at night whilst staring at a picture of him and Nadia, but I do.  She really hurt all of us.


“Hey everyone!” we yelled whilst getting out of the black stretch limo.  We just arrived on the red carpet that was laid out in front of us.  We were attending the red carpet event before the award show.  We signed a few autographs to the fans, when Daddy Direction announced that Sugarscape needed an interview.

“Ello lads, how are you this evening?” the interviewer asked us.  Shit, I can’t even remember the lady’s name.

“Good good Susan and yourself?” Louis replied.  Thank god for Louis.

“Smashing.  Now what are you boys up too tonight?”

“Erm basically, we are here for the food and invites to after parties!” Harry joked.  We all laughed.

“No were here to just watch a good award show and well, the food part is true,” Liam winked.

Susan laughed, “So are you excited or nervous to see Nadia Cowell this evening.  Sugarscape was all over the war going on between the Cowllers and Directioners.”

My heart rate increased.  Nadia was going to be here? Susan must have noticed our facial expression and took the answer to that question as a no.

She positioned her neck so she can look over us, “Oh there she is now!” she smiled whilst pointing at the white stretch limo on the red carpet.  We all turned around to watch the arrival of the person we have been thinking about for the last six months.  Nadia came out of the stretch limo in one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen, not to mention the person wearing it was just as beautiful.  The first thing that came to my mind when I saw her was the same thought that I received when I saw her for the first time at the X Factor house: Oh my god.

Nadia’s POV

Oh my god was probably the first thing that came to my mind when I walked out of the stretch limo.  There were so many people here! Not as much as the turn out to one of my concerts, but for an award show, there were loads!  I waited for Alex to come around the car so he could take my hand to walk on the red carpet together.  It was his first experience on a red carpet and it was only my second experience, so I wasn’t exactly used to it.  I saw Susan run towards us so I pulled Alex along to come meet her.

“Susan!” I said happily whilst letting go of his hand to give her a hug.

“Ugh it’s been ages since I last seen you! Phone interviews are just not the same!” she exclaimed whilst pointing the microphone in my direction so I can speak into it.

“Oh honey I know!” I replied.

“Now, who is this lovely looking lad with you tonight?” she smiled slyly at me.

“Oh this guy.  Pfft that’s just Alex,” I scoffed sarcastically.

He put a hand to his heart, “Hurtful! I just happen to be this lovely and very sarcastic lady’s escort for this evening,” he replied.

She smirked, “Ou Sugarscape did you hear that? Nadia Cowell maybe off the market? All you teenage boys out there with her picture plastered up on their wall can kiss their chances of sweeping this young lady off her feet good bye.” I laughed whilst Alex winked at me.

“Riiiiiight,” I said whilst Alex broke off into a fit of laughter.  Susan frowned at us looking confused.

“Oh nothing babe,” I laughed.

She shrugged.  “I have to say Nadia, your accent has definitely changed since the last time we’ve chatted!”

I groaned, “Everyone keeps telling me that! But I swear I’m as English as ever… Crumpet?” I asked whilst pretending to take one out of my purse.

Susan went into complete hysterics.  “God you’re going to make me cry! Anyway, so Nadia… I hear your appearance in the Vampire Diaries is coming out soon!”

I smiled, “Yeah yeah! I’m real excited for it! Let’s just say, I definitely played a character I NEVER thought I would be able to pull off!”

“What do you mean by that?”

I laughed, “Let’s just say, Damon and Stefan’s sister is very… horny,” I laughed.

Susan laughed along, “So any after parties you’re going to?”

I shook my head, “Nope! Victorious is on tonight and I don’t plan on missing it.  Also, tonight is twitcam night! I can’t disappoint the fans! Think about the fans Susan, the fans!” I replied sarcastically.  I looked up to see Alex rolling his eyes at me.

Susan laughed once again “Alright, thanks love! You look absolutely gorgeous tonight! Where did you ever get your dress?”

“Well I designed it myself actually!”

“Well you look stunning! Enjoy the show guys! It was nice meeting you Alex!” she smiled.  We waved good bye and Alex took my hand and wrapped it in his once again.

“Okay you know the plan right?” I asked him.

He shook his head confusedly.

I sighed, “Alex! I told you earlier mate! Anyway, doesn’t matter.  The plan is if you see any One Direction boys coming our way, yell penis really loud okay?”

He laughed, “Is that supposed to be a sexual innuendo?”

I laughed, “Of course it is silly!” He shook his head and we started to walk along the red carpet once again.  We stopped to chat with Cher and her boyfriend and a couple others of my famous friends, before entering the ceremony room.  We sat down at our designated table which just so happened to have a clear view of the boys table.  Score one for Nadia.  That means that if they try to approach me, I will notice and make my escape.  I looked over to their table to find Zayn staring at me.  I winked at him and he started laughing to himself.  I saw the boys give him a funny look, but didn’t say anything, which made me start laughing at him.  Zayn and I managed to talk to each other every day without any of the boys figuring it out and that’s how I worked my schedule around so we wouldn’t have any encounters.  I felt a vibration go off in my phone, which happened to be located awkwardly in my bra.  I pulled it out to see Zayn had texted me.

Zay: Cute face.

I laughed aloud and sent back: Thanks, next time you see my dad you can thank him as well.

I saw him look down at his phone and start laughing aloud really loud.  The boys stop there conversations to look at him.  He put a hand over his mouth and put his phone back in his pocket so they couldn’t read it.  They returned back to their conversations and he snuck a wink at me.

Alex and I pretty much chatted the entire time, clapping when we were supposed to, but honestly, award shows were kinda boring.  I had no clue who the host even was, so it made it even more unenjoyable.  Alex and I were in midst of a conversation, when I heard a familiar name coming out of the hosts mouth.

“Now please welcome Simon Cowell to introduce our next award!” I looked at the stage confusedly.  Obviously there has to be some mistake since dad said he wasn’t going, but sure enough, there he was walking out on stage.  I clapped along with everyone else.

“Hi everyone.  Now this speech I’m about to say to you is quite long, so get comfortable,” he chuckled and proceeded on with his speech, “Okay so when I got the call from some lad asking me to present this award, at first I thought it was a joke, but until I heard what I was presenting I knew it was ‘legit’” he said whilst putting an emphasis on legit.  “So I’m sure you’ve all watched this person’s documentary but I’m here to tell you a little bit about this person I know quite well.  When she was born, I knew her life wasn’t going to be the easiest and honestly, I thought she’d turn out to be a spoiled brat, but this person is the complete opposite.  I and her mum weren’t really together when she or he was born, so she had to live with me for one half of the year and her mum the other.  Most kids would not be pleased with this arrangement, but Nadia was always fine with it, “he said whilst winking at me.  “Anyway, this year has probably been the most horrible year anyone has ever had to go through.  To begin with, Nadia’s mum had only died three years ago and she was left to take care of her leukemic younger sister, but somehow, Nadia managed.  She paid for all of her grandmothers 24/7 care and all of her sister’s medical bills with her own money.  Now, in one month she was in a major accident, which made her incapable to walk and lost her younger sister.  Yet instead of grieving like another normal human being, she goes to Africa for two months to help the less fortunate!  Now, she has toured most of Canada and 47 of the 50 states in America with two worldwide albums.  Ladies and gentleman, I’d like to present you the winner of the role model of the year award, my very own daughter, Nadia Cowell,” he smiled whilst clapping.  Tears were already sliding down my cheeks, yet the biggest smile I could make was plastered on my face.  I looked around to see that everyone was giving me a standing ovation so I got up to limp towards the stage.  It’s been a couple months since I’ve been off my crutches, but I still have a little limp that should go away in the next couple of weeks.  I walk up on to the stage and give my dad a big hug and walk over to the mic to make my speech.

I coughed, “Christ, I don’t even have a speech so I guess I’ll just wing it!” I laughed.

“Um okay, I guess I’d just like to thank all of you really.  I have had probably the worst year of my life, but it’s also been the best and I just need to thank all of you, even the haters because without you, I’d never be where and who I am right now.  Um thanks to my dad for being great and George, Alex, Zayn- uh I mean, yeah, oh and a special thanks to the Cowllers,” I winked at the crowd of fans on the side who started screaming their heads off.  “I also want to say one thing.  Happy birthday sis.  She would’ve been four today.  Thank you,” I smiled whilst walking off the stage feeling the best feeling I have ever felt in my entire life and nobody will ruin it for me… I hope.

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