Strange Kinda Love

this story inst mine but its really good.-------This is the story of Nadia Cowell. You’ve probably heard of her since she was once a famous model, she is daughter of the one and only Simon Cowell and is Louis Tomlinson’s bestfriend. When Louis auditions for the X Factor, well let’s just say things get a little… Complicated.


10. Chapter 10



Niall’s POV

It’s been two weeks since the boys and I have seen Nadia, so we decided to use our break to go a surprise her.  Not like I’m complaining, but it took a lot of persuading and using Harry’s dimples to get this break.  We’ve been so busy with rehearsals and publicity things, that we barely have time to even think!  Usually we use these breaks for video diaries or sleeping, but we all miss Nads loads, especially Lou and I.  We stopped to get Nadia’s favourite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and Lou brought his sweats that she likes to wear.  We walked down to room 112, but when we got there, all the lights were off and the door was locked once again.

“Can I help you boys?” an elderly woman asked us.

“Um yeah actually, can you tell us where the girl is this room went?”

“Oh Nadia?  Her and Naomi left for their trip yesterday!” she smiled, “Naomi was some excited she was.”

“Oh um can I speak to you over there-“

“Who’s Naomi?” I asked interrupting Louis.

“Oh her sister love,” the woman smiled at me.  Shit, I completely forgot that Louis said something about a sister here when he was yelling at Harry the other day, I was going to confront Nadia about that last time we came to visit, but there was just so many things going on, it slipped my mind.

“Do you know where they went perhaps?” Zayn asked.

“Well I can’t tell you exactly where they went because of patient confidentiality, but they went to complete Nadia’s three wishes.  You know the program for sick children at the hospital?” she asked.

We all nodded.  It’s that program where a dying child makes three… Oh my fuck. I looked around to see if the other boys realized what I did and by the looks on their face, they did.

“Oh my gosh, you didn’t know about Naomi? Well it looks like you have to have a little chat with Nadia don’t you boys?”

“It seems so, thank you,” said Harry and pushed us towards the door.  The car ride was awkwardly silent the whole way back to the house, but we all were lost for words.  Zayn and I had tears streaming down our face and Louis honestly just looked broken.  We walked into the house and Liam stopped us.

“Boys, band meeting in the downstairs living room in five.”

Five minutes later, One Direction was having their first band meeting since their last meeting; deciding whether to be a band or not.  Zayn, Harry and I were sitting on the sofa, Louis was sitting by himself on the recliner and Liam was standing.

“Okay Louis look, I know Nadia probably wouldn’t want us to know, but we have to know what’s going on with her.”

He sighed, “Look boys, Nadia… She’s complicated.  Nadia fully trusts about 3 people in her life.  She wants to trust people, honestly she tries, but she can’t. She doesn’t know why, but she just can’t.  She trusts me, as you now know, her dying little sister and her dying old grandmother.  Once they pass on, who does she have if I tell you right? Nobody.  I can’t do that to her right now.  She needs me.”

I stand up, “Look Louis, we all agreed band comes first and this is conflicting the band.  Not to be rude man, but if she needed you, wouldn’t you be with her right now?”

His face softened, “You’re right I guess, well I’m only telling you about Naomi and stuff that revolves around that, the rest isn’t my story to tell but it’s still a long story boys, so you might as well sit down.”

He cleared his throat and began, “Well Nadia’s sister and her first of all don’t have the same father.  Now, Nadia’s mom and Naomi’s dad died three years ago, so since that happened, that left only Nadia and Naomi’s grandmother to take care of Naomi.  Last year, Naomi was diagnosed with leukaemia at three years old.  Since Nadia’s Grammy is old, she can’t really look after a three year old with leukaemia, so Nadia looks after her.  When she came back to London, she had to bring Nadia with her, so while we’re at rehearsals every morning, she’s there visiting her so you guys wouldn’t notice. And the day of the car crash, before when I told you guys I wasn’t feeling good and I skipped practice, well I actually went to visit Naomi with Nadia.  When the doctor came over and took Nads away for a chat, when she came back, she looked, well devastated over something.  I asked her about it in the car, but she said she didn’t want her eyes to look all puffy for her date,” says Louis.  When Louis mentioned the date, I looked over to Harry who cringed when he said it.

“Anyway, after that I just forgot about it, so I’m guessing what the doctor told her is the same thing we learned today,” he finished.  I couldn’t believe it. All that stuff happened to my- are Nadia. I couldn’t believe that one person could hide all of that and not one person notice.

“Wait, no offence Lou, but how the fuck did you get Nadia to trust you?” Liam asked.

He smiled, “Well Nadia is like her mom’s clone.  Her mom had two best friends, which happened to be Justin Bieber’s mum, Patty and my mum. So it was the day Nadia was coming over to live with her Dad and her mum decided to come with her to visit my mum because she wasn’t due back at work for another week. Nadia was around 5 and I was 7.  Anyway, my neighbour Stan was over at the time when they arrived.  So Stan and I were round back in the garden playing with swords or whatever when Nadia walks through the door. Stan jokingly offers Nadia a sword so he and I can gang up on her cause she’s a girl, so in the end, she ends up beating the shit out of us and eating all my ice cream, so we just became friends,” he smiled.  We all laughed at the thought of a young Nadia kicking the shit outta Lou.

“Shit we’re going to be late for rehearsals!” Harry exclaimed.  With a few more curses, we all bolted for the door.

*A week later*

Louis’s POV

It’s been three weeks since I’ve seen Nadia.  I have no idea where she is and what happened to her.  I asked Si, but apparently she doesn’t want contact with anyone. Nadia is like my other half and when we get into a fight, I feel incomplete.  For the past 12 years, we haven’t gone three days without talking and that’s only because my mum took me and my sisters to Spain and my mobile wouldn’t work, so I stole the managers phone and 5 minutes into the conversation he came back and yelled at me in Spanish whilst I could hear Nadia laughing her ass of in the background and now we haven’t spoken in 21 days.  I don’t understand why she won’t talk to me. She’s only gotten mad at me to an extant before once and that’s because one day in year five because Nadia’s like fucking randomly smart so she’s always been in my year even though there’s a two year age difference, anyway, Stan and I decided to bring a snake in class to scare her, anyway apparently the one we picked up is venomous and well, it nearly bite her when we put it on her desk and because of her heart problem, I had to give her a shot in front of everyone.  Yeah, she didn’t talk to me for about 6 hours after that one.  

I know she and Niall were getting pretty close as well and he’s pretty torn up about like me.  So after we have this rehearsal for Help for the Heroes show, I’m going to make Si tell me where Nadia is, even if I get in shit. I wish I could just speak to her for like five minutes.  I just need my Nadia back.

Nadia’s POV

It’s been three weeks since I’ve spoken to Lou and the boys, but I’ve had an amazing three weeks.  For the first two, we went back to Canada to visit my nanny and visit my mum and Nadia’s dad graves.  Naomi had to visit the hospital every day, but other than that we had a blast.  One day when Naomi was taking a nap because that morning I arrange for us to go to the beach.  Even though it was winter, it was still beautiful and I know Nadia had a smashing time; my Nan and I were sitting in her kitchen drinking some Yorkshire tea I sent her for her birthday.

“So Addie, tell me all about London eh? How is it any boys? Hows my Louis doing?” she asked.  How the arrangement worked with my parents because they weren’t together when I was born, my dad would keep me during the school year where I attended school in Doncaster with Louis and in the summer I would spend it with my mom in Canada because she took summers off from work and in the summer, Louis would come for two weeks and stay with me.  My nan absolutely loves Louis to bits.

I laughed, “Well London was…” and I told her everything that happened from beginning to end.  From when I arrived to leaving the hospital.

“Hm, I guess that explains why you only have nine fingers eh?” her Canadian accent showing. 

I laugh, “I guess so! But what should I do gram?”

“Hm, honestly honey, I think it’s time to start trusting people.  These boys, they sound like a nice bunch, but maybe you should go travel, see the world! Let everyone know who Nadia Cowell really is.  Let everyone know your name because you can do it Addie I promise you.  Your voice is like no other.  You don’t need auto tune or whatever the hell you kids call that voice machine, your voice lights up rooms.  Share your story Nadia, people won’t judge you, but respect you.  You’re an amazing girl Nadia with a lot of talent.  I just want you to be happy.  Become famous!  Not from your dads or friends fame, but from your own yeah?”

I nodded, “Okay Nan.”

She kissed my forehead and took my hands in hers. “Make me proud Addie.”

I nodded and gave her hands a squeeze and left to go wake Naomi.  The only things I’m focusing on for the next couple of weeks are Nadia and what my nanny told me; it’s time.

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