This is wrong. I need to escape.
Antheia is the lover of the evil warlord Than, when she finds this out, she flees as quickly as possible, only to find he will do anything to get her back...


1. An unexpected discovery

Dorset England

He held me in his arms, gently protecting me from anything that might want to hurt me. He whispered soft words in my ear. When I turned my head to face him, his lips found mine. I don't know how long we were there for but it was a while. He always held me softly, delicately, but when his lips were upon mine he was fierce, like fire. I wanted this to last for hours, and it often did. However he often had work to do, so I was left to myself for a while. He didn't like me to watch him work. Usually I drew flowers or animals, or read books. I also played the harpsichord or violin whenever I could, composing or playing, it didn't matter. In the mornings he wasn't there, he would be locked away in a study somewhere, so I slept a long time most mornings. It was difficult to wake up anyway, the soft white duck-down pillows and blankets mad me feel weightless and protected. Hypatia, my maid and best friends, would enter and throw open the thin silver voile curtains, to let the dazzling sunshine reflecting off the sea in.  For those days of my life I was in complete happiness. 

One morning it was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, so I went to find Than and tell him to come with me for a walk on the beach or the hillside, maybe to Lyme and back. I searched our manor, but I couldn't find him. After talking to Hypatia, went into the gardens. It was between 9 and 10 o'clock, so I wasn't usually awake. The landscape was amazing, when the sun rose above the water, the colours danced over the waves. Rabbits inhabited the moors and hills, often sun bathing on warm mornings. The gardens were particularly spectacular, the gardener loved bright flowers in all colours, creating patterns and pictures with them. In the middle of a display, there was a particularly beautiful lily in bloom. Its flower was coloured from a soft pink, to a red dark as blood at the tips of the petals. Never having seen such an astounding display, I was transfixed. Although a shout from Than's man servant quickly broke my daze. I watched him run down the path holding something that looked suspiciously like a gun. Shocked, I was suddenly afraid for Than's life. I followed to servant into a dark row of ancient oak trees, were I surprisingly had never been before. The path led into a small hut with no windows, candle light seeped through the cracks in the door. I hurried towards it anxiously, preparing myself for what might happen.

I crept up to the door, on tiptoes to move silently through the thick, long grass. I put my hands on the door, trying to peer through the gaps in the old wood, but it was no use. Carefully, I tried to quietly nudge the door open to get a better look. Unfortunately it made a very loud creaking noise as it opened, startling me and all the people inside the room. However, I barely noticed it, nothing could have prepared me for what lay inside the room.

There was a man chained to the wall, with fierce eyes that hadn't given up hope. There was dry blood on his wrist from the manacles , and all he wore was rags. He looked up and his icy blue eyes caught mine, smiling. Through the filth covering his body you could see he was quite handsome, but it wasn't obvious. The long, straight black hair covered most of his face, and he looked as if a few square meals would do him a world of good. Horrified, a looked round the rest of the room, everyone in it was in shock. Around the room there were weapons and documents and lists and plans, and a large table with a map of Great Britain down to Egypt, including most of Europe, it included worrying marks and shading. The servant was showing Than the gun and pointing out the new features and Than was very interested. In his golden eyes, there was nothing of the gentle kindness I knew, but a malicious, passionate, almost mad side. He caught my eyes and passion fell away and was replaced with fear and sadness. I hadn't realised how much horror and disappointment my face was showing, but I immediately turned on my heels and ran out of the room. Long curling blonde hair trailing behind me like a ghost.

I would never recover from the moment when I saw the monster in the man I loved more than anything. His compassionate eyes turned to hate. His brilliant mind turned to war. Everything I had though he was, was a lie, a joke. I felt completely and utterly destroyed, the life knocked out of me. I ran past flowers and animals, without noticing and without care.

"Antheia!" I heard Than shout after me, but I was long gone...

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