Images (short story)

a boy who sees images about a life he never knew about


1. 1. images


John’s mind all of a sudden flood with images, some disturbing and some pleasant. It was like he was psychic. However one particular image appeared frequently.

The image was this. There was a boy who looked hurt from Johns knowledge he figured out that the boy was him. He was left on his own lying helplessly on the cold, wet ground. He looked approximately 9 years old.

Shivering there all alone he saw two shadows in the distance. A male and a female was what he saw. He soon figured out that they were his parents. He saw them strolling away reluctantly. John was abandoned.

Hurt, neglected and confused he scrambled to his feet. He didn’t know what to do. His muscles were in pain and he soon found out that he was beaten up by who he thought were his loving parents. John was startled to think this. He wanted answers. How could his parents treat him like this?

He tried reaching and called out to the two shadows that were becoming smaller by the second. Yet they didn’t respond. He didn’t know what to do. He wanted to get out of this upsetting nightmare the more he tried the more he desperately wanted answers.

He eventually got out of this thought. He wanted to find out what happed to the 9 year old deserted him. But he thought it would be risky. A part of him was telling him to find out but the other was repelling.


John was confused

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