Kirshtene is a senior living a regular life in California. She sees her life as pretty dull and boring. Sure she has friends and family, but she is always wishing for that one boy to come around and take her heart. One day, her fate seems to change. Totally. Her life is flipped upside down and whirled around. Is it a good change or bad change? Will she find 'The One'? Or will there be another fighting for Kirshtene's heart? Find out and decide for yourself :)


1. Accident

(Your P.O.V.) The schools bell rings loud and clear. It’s the end of another boring school day, but it’s Friday so I’m happy the week is finally over. While everyone rushes out the door to go home, I take my time to pack my things into my purse. I make my daily walk to my car and get it started. I turn the radio on and ‘Blow” by Ke$ha blasts through the radio. I drive out of the parking lot and catch a red light.
*BAM!* “What the fu*k?!” I scream while looking into the rear-view mirror to see who rear-ended me. A man with quiffed blonde highlights gets out of his car rather quickly and examines the damage to my car. I get out and walk to the rear of my car where the man is standing. When I see who crashed into me, I notice that he is quite attractive.
(Niall’s P.O.V) I’m so sleepy after  a long hard day at work. I start to fall asleep at the wheel when I’m suddenly jolted awake. I crashed. “Shit!” I yell to myself. I quickly get out of my car and inspect the damage. I’m relieved to see that only the bumper has been damaged and not the whole rear end of the car. I look up and see a beautiful girl coming out of the car with a slightly angered look on her face.
“I am so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t know that the light had turned red. I’m really sorry.” I apologize.
(Your P.O.V.) He apologizes and I notice that he has a thick Irish accent which kinda turns me onto him.
“It’s okay. . . I’ll get it fixed. It’s just the bumper anyways.” I say with a sigh as I point to the bumper of the car.
“No need for that. Here, let me right down my information and I’ll pay for it. It’s was all my fault anyway.” He scribbles on a piece of paper and hands it to me. I grab it and our hands touch a little bit. I swear I felt a tiny spark but I shake it off and read it.

Niall Horan

(917) 533-8274

“Thanks” I say with a smile. “I’m Kirshtene by the way.” I finally get a good look at Niall’s face. His sparkling blue eyes, his perfect hair, those kissable lips, and that irresistible smile.

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