Niall Be My Valentine?

Georgia is a 16 year old girl whos in love with one direction, shes jealous of all of her friends because they all have boyfriends and she doesnt, until one day she finds herself bump into a handsome irish guy, and she took this oppertunatey to make her move on the celebrity love of her life.


34. Whats the plan

Harrys P.O.V;

i had a plan, a fucking genius plan actually, georgia will be so thrilled to see beth. so this is my birthday present too her, im gonna arrange the party again and beths gonna show up and georgias gonna be like OH MY GOD and niall will be happy because georgias happy, BOOM i am a genius.

"Harry?" the doctor said calling me out the room, i walked out leaving beth on the hospital bed asleep, i let go of her hand and opened the room door, i peeked around the corner to see where the doctor had gone, when i saw him his face looked strange, like a happy, sad look. "whats up doc" i said in the voice of that rabbit from the looney tunes. he smiled and continued, "i have bad news and good news" he said and i nodded, "which first?" he continued, I ermed for a bit until saying bad news, yanno so then when i get the good news i can be happy again from the bad news.

"ok. the bad news is, she may have to learn how to walk again, or she can stay in a wheel chair. because she cant walk on her own." the doctor said, i nodded feeling pity for beth, i turned around to see what was going on in beths room.. nothing she was fast asleep. "and the good news?" i said anxcious, "well she can be realised anytime after 5pm friday,thats if nothing goes wrong.

today was tuesday so i had 3 days till beth comes home, meaning i have to re arrange the party in 3 days. i gotta tell beth my plan.

Beths P.O.V;

i was still scared, scared of what harry will think of me, having to wheel me around all the time he might get bored, he might forget about me one day and leave me. i was pretending to sleep because i didnt want to be in a mood for harry, he was holding my hand tightly as if he could read my brain, trying to tell me that he'll always be there. suddenly let go and walked into the distance somewhere, he stopped and began to talk to a familiar voice, then i thought how come nobody else knows im in hospital and alive, is harry the only one that knows? what about georgia she needs to know? i let that go, my mind was telling me to call her but my body was telling me to sleep. i soon drifted off.


Harrys P.O.V;

"BETH, BETH, BETH, BETH, BETH!" i screamed coming back in the room, i instantly stopped and put on a guilty face as i saw i just woke her, "sorry babe i didnt mean to wake you" i said apolageticly. she then nodded, i told her what the doctor had been saying and realised she looked quite down about it, time to tell her some very good news. "hey guess what" i said, "what?" she instantly replied, i rolled my eyes at her answer, "you have to guess" i said in a duhh sort of tone, "ermm you went to a school that was full of coco pops and decided to get a helicopter to cover it in milk, just so you could make a coco pops advert?" she replied, i tilted my head and bored my eyes into her with amusement, she never fails to amaze me, "as much as i would LOVE that to happen... it didnt. but what is going to happen is going to be the best birthday present for georgia" i replied, her face instantly lit up as i said georgia name, "ok whats the plan?" she replied with the biggest grin on her face ever.

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