Niall Be My Valentine?

Georgia is a 16 year old girl whos in love with one direction, shes jealous of all of her friends because they all have boyfriends and she doesnt, until one day she finds herself bump into a handsome irish guy, and she took this oppertunatey to make her move on the celebrity love of her life.


18. Weeks Gone By!

Harry P.O.V

The weeks went too fast, we where back in england. and it was georgias abortion date tomorrow, niall had been by her side every hour of every day lately, except for the times the girls just wanted some time to themselves, the girls where so funny together, they where making pancakes in the kitchen the other day and georgia said beth looked like a ginger grinch, so beth threw a pancake at her face and it stook to her face. everyone couldnt stop laughing, they really where amazing together, but i missed my time with georgia, just us two. we spent a lot of time together, me, georgia, niall and bethany..oh i mean beth;) beth was like my ideal girl, we where like a couple, but we wherent, i think the press had got the wrong impression, but i knew she liked the attention.
id forgotton everything bad that had happened, until my phone beeped, a message from @KillGeorgia&Niall i paniced just by the name, then the message said "Hey hazza remember me, its jayne, you have 5 months till im gonna kill them, and i will! i see you got a new girl, making her jealour or trying to forget about me? good luck harry, because i might come for you too"
i threw my phone across the room, it hit the wall and i screamed my loudest, georgia ran in "harry you okayy?" she said. "Am i Fuck, that girl jayne..shes gonna get you and niall, and mabye me too, shes gonna kill us" i replied, "harry you just imagining things, shes not coming for you" georgia said, "its on the phone i have proof" i said, walking over to the phone. i tried to turn it on but it wouldnt turn on "SHIT! i broke my phone!" i said, "harry you need some rest, go to bed we have to go to the hospitial tomorrow, go on you need time to get your head round things"
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