Niall Be My Valentine?

Georgia is a 16 year old girl whos in love with one direction, shes jealous of all of her friends because they all have boyfriends and she doesnt, until one day she finds herself bump into a handsome irish guy, and she took this oppertunatey to make her move on the celebrity love of her life.


9. two days in France!

Georgia's P.O.V

i woke up to the sound of my name been yelled and someone running into my room, niall wasnt beside me anymore, my door suddenly smashed open and louis came running into my room, he fell ove my bed and shouted "GEORGIA PUT THE TV ON NOW!" i didnt hesitate to turn it on, when my face came onto the screen, my jaw dropped and i screamed and ran around my room like a chicken, "woaahh georgia calm down, actually listen too it" louis said calmly this time, i  listened to the man on E! news , "so it seems like niall horan, the irish star of one direction has found a..crazy girl? she was seen last night get out of the car at heathrow airport in london and well see for yourself" then they showed a video of my having a sass master moment, i felt my face tighten as anger filled my body, louis saw the look on my face and got a bit scared "...georgia..geor...fuck that..NIIIIAAAAAALLLLLLLLL" Louis said in a panicked tone, i heard niall clumsily come up the stairs, i could tell he hadnt slept a wink, "what...wait, LOUIS!! you didnt show her did you?" niall said sleepily "well i couldnt keep that from her, she deserves to know what there saying about her" louis said a bit annoyed, niall got his phone out and had a rather rude and loud conversation with someone, he ended the conversation with a bit of french..and not the good kind..then hung up "THERE" he screamed and walked out. "what?" i said making a puzzled face at louis "NIALL WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?" I shouted from upstairs so niall could hear me, i wasnt made at him i had an idea of what he had done but i was scared that they where going to broadcast him shouting at the E! company, louis left my room around half an hour after niall had left, niall never answered me when i asked him what he had done,  i got in the shower and washed my hair, i hated showering but the only good thing about it was that i could sing and block out everyone from the outside, i started singing 'say your just a friend' by austin mahone, i heard foot steps outside the bathroom, then i saw two feet stand outside the door, i carried on singing as i turned the shower off, forgetting all about the feet that where still there, i put my hear into a towel turbine and put another towel around my body, i opened the door and let out a little shreak as i saw harry with his phone in his hand, "HARRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING" I said scared to death, harry chuckled to himself and ran away, i didnt think much off it and walked away signing, niall was in the room when i walked in, "hey, you want me to leave?" niall said in a weird way, "ermm no, its fine" i said confused, i got ready and spoke to niall as i was, then as i was doing my hair i heard niall gasp, "whats up ni?" i said again confused, then he played something, with sounded so familiar then i realised, it was me singing in the shower, niall was listening too it and he had a grin on his face "your goooood" he said holding the O, i smiled a shy smile and then i realised... "HAARRRYY EDWARDD STYLLEESS GET YOUR FAT ASS BUTT UP HER NOW" I screamed, niall was on the floor laughing like crazy, when i could hear a hurd of elephants run up the stairs and land in a rugby pile on the floor, then harry came waltzing in with a bit of swag and said "how da ya do" and flipped his hair and gave me a cheeky smirk, i looked at him with evil eyes, all the boys where looking at me wondering what i was going to do, even niall had stopped laughing, i screamed a playful scream and ran at harry, it was a shock to him, he nearly ran into the guest house door, i chased him down the stair into the kitchen, outside the door and onto the beach, everyone was looking at us weird, then i caught up to him he stopped and unexpectedly he picked me up over his shoulder and put me into the sea, "HARRY!!" i screamed playfully, as he started splashing me, "hey your a good singing i put it on twit.." he started to say, i stopped "you put it where?" i said slowly, "i thought you knew? i put it on twitter?" he said confused, "i thought you just sent it to niall" i said even more confused, harry turned around and looked at the boys laughing like mad through the window, with my chance to splash him, instead i pushed him over and run up to the house and locked the door behind me, all of a sudden i saw several black vans pull up outside the house, harry was banging on the window for me to let him in, when liam came running dow the stairs "georgia let him in the paps are here" he said quickly, i tried to open the door but it wouldnt move, the paps where slowly getting there cameras from  there van, i ran to the front door and opened it, "what are you doing?" liam said as all the boys ran down stairs, "i cant open the door i need to get him" i said as niall grabbed my arm "georgia they will suspect something" niall said, "niall let me go, i dont care" i said with anger, i ran to the back yard, or the beach, and grabbed harrys arm, he was like my best friend ever since me and niall got together, i loved harry and we knew how to have fun, as i grabbed harry he let out a giggle "now this is an adrenalin rush" he said, we ran back inside and landed on the floor, "do you think they saw?" i said "duhhhhhh" all the boys said in unison.


Nialls P.O.V

i know it sounds stupid but i was actually jealous of harry, georgia seemed to have more fun with him than she did with me, i was planning to go shopping with her later for the awards tonight, maybe i could talk to her then, "georgia go get dry, were going shopping" i shouted up the stairs, i heard her shout a little yayy, and go into the bathroom, 20 minutes later she came down, in short shorts, a tank top and some flip flops, "you ready?" she said with a smile, she made me so happy and i didnt want harry to take her away from me, she was the love of my life and i didnt even plan for this to happen, see thats why i loved nandos it brought us together, "yea lets gooo shopping" i said in a girly voice which made her giggle.

we got there and georgia bought some sparkly purple vans, she wasnt girly at all since she didnt get any heels for the awards, she then bought a tight knee length white dress,a bit like a boob tube but less revealing, i then surprised her with a necklace that said nialls princess on it, and i bought a matching guy bracelet that said georgias prince, she was so happy that day, after our little shopping spree we had 3 hours till the awards, we had a romantic walk on the beach holding hands, i thought that this was my time to ask about harry "soo you and harry?" i asked "yeeahh? what about us?" she replied, "you two have gotten really close recently havent you" i said worried, georgia stopped walking and looked at me, she took my hands and looked me in the eyes, i melted as i stared into her beautiful green eyes "harry is like my brother and he is my best friend, nothing more, you are my love and my everything, im there for harry and i do love harry, but not in a way that you think, you are my everything and you are mine forever" she said as she put her head in my neck and hugged me "i knew i was being stupid" i said as i hugged her back. 

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