Niall Be My Valentine?

Georgia is a 16 year old girl whos in love with one direction, shes jealous of all of her friends because they all have boyfriends and she doesnt, until one day she finds herself bump into a handsome irish guy, and she took this oppertunatey to make her move on the celebrity love of her life.


35. Smile

Georgia's P.O.V; 

Its now friday, harry has been going out every day for the past week, i didnt know if this was like a coping mecagnism about beth.. or he was just busy. he didnt seem to be sad anymore, he was his normal self. as of i, not so much every day i think about her, about how she could be alive if i hadnt of left, how its all my fault.

today me and niall were gonna go on a picnic just to clear our minds. we where gonna walk to the park then harry said he'd pick us up and we'd go to the supermarket before heading back home and out of ireland. the walk to the park was silent, just me and niall walking up the streets of mullingar hand in hand, enjoying each others company. 

i sat on the grass when we got there and let niall get the picnic ready, i wasnt being lazy he told me to stay sat down, i know he worries about me. what i might do if i get too depressed, he tries not to bring it up but he likes to know if im ok, i always say im fine but i cant tell he can see right through it. i hide it behind my smiles but when im alone all i do is cry. cry because ill never see my best friend again, i cry because of the thoughts of her still being here, if it wasnt for me leaving her on her own with harry, i dont blame harry, i just think its partly this fault, i mean he was driving. i got cut of my thoughts by nialls warm embrace, i then realised id be sobbing the whole time "im so sorry niall" i cried between tears, he shook his head "no georgia dont be sorry, i know what your going through, its tuth but we can get through this together, me and you, ill cry with you, ill have mood swings with you, ill sit at home and eat chocolate and ice cream with you, ill always be here. you just need to talk to me" he said deeply into my ear as we where still hugging, i pulled away and gave him a warm smile before peeking his lips. he then motioned towards the food and gave me a seducive look like he was about the rape the crisps, i got of the grass and sat on the picnic basket, after laughing and joking and crying with niall and eating the picnic, nialls phone then rung, he picked it up the mouthed what looked like "its harry" i nodded and carried on eating some cheese. "yeah we just finished now" he replied to a question harry just asked, "your round the corner? erm ok we'll be the in 10 minutes" he said looking about confussed, "what did he say?" i asked curiously, "he said hes round the corner he wants to set of early" he said quite surprised as harry is always late for things, i just shrugged and began to pack away, excited to go the the theme park.

Harrys P.O.V;

i actually couldnt take the atticiapation anymore, beth was at the venue hiding in the back to make a big entrace later, i phoned niall, because i wanted him to hurry up and get here, i put georgias dress and nialls tux in the boot, assuming they didnt have a change of clothes so they could change there, 10 minutes later georgia knocks on the window with a giant smile on her face, she obviously had a good time. nudged my head to tell her to get in the car, niall soon followed carrying the picnic basket to the boot, niall then got into the seat next to me and georgia sat at the back, "what are you up too styles" he said, i then gave him a smug look, assuming he just saw the outfits in the boot and to say im wearing quite smart clothes. "ye harry why are you wearing that to a theme park" georgia asked annoyed, i think she figured out that we werent exactly going to a theme park, "were going to your party, happy late birthday" i said, quite proud that i fooled them, they both laughed and gave out a bit ooohhh asif they should of figured it out ages ago.

Beths P.O.V;

i just got a text from harry, saying that he was just 2 minutes away from the party, i was still in the back, hiding from everyone. no one knew i was here except harry of course, i was wheeling around the back, in my wheel chair of course, i was bored as hell and i just wanted to see georgia. the emotions going through her right now because she thinks im dead must be heart breaking, my phone then rung. "hey" i answered "beth, im on my way to get you now, there getting changed in the toliets, then there going to go into the party with everyone else, after that im going to make an announcment with the microphone then im gonna wheel you in, ok?" he said it so quickly the only word i understood what the word toliet, "yeye i get it" i lied, i heard his sign as he could tell i was lying, he just said ok and hung up. about 5 minutes later harry came rushing towards me, but still seemed to have a smile on his face, "harry you dont have to rush" i said laughing as he practically ran with me in the wheelchair, "yes i do, i dont want you to miss a second of the party, and im desparate for you to see georgia" he said calmly.

we where just outside the main doors to where the party was, i could hear the music and the laughter from outside the doors. "can i have the microphone please" harry said to the man next to him, he got the mic and turned it on, "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to georgia and nialls late birthday party, please enjoy everything and have fun, food will be surved in 2 hours, but now let me welcome tonights most very beautiful special guest!!" harry shouted the end bit, the i could hear a little montage of my voice in the background, which was quite cool, i could hear a big gasp and i could tell who it was, the montage stopped and the doors flew open, harry wheeled me in, and all eyes where on my, georgia had her hands too her face and the whole room was silent, "ha-harry what, whats going on?" niall said hugging georgia, "if your playing some kind of sick joke with technoligy and making holograms?" niall added again, harry sighed and let go of my wheelchair, "georgia give me you hand" he said walking up to georgia, she took his hand and looked at him hoping it wasnt a sick joke, but i was real, i was a real person not a hologram, he walked closer to me and he smiled, i smilef back and i could see georgia loosen up in realisation, "touch her hand" harrys said motioning towards my hand, she touched it and jumped back in shock, "i-if that was re-real then that'd-d gone straight through" georgia said in so much shock, "exactly" i said, a massive smile grew on her face and she screamed and cried and fell on the floor, "oh my god beth i thought i lost you" she said giving my the biggest hug ever, soon everyone was around me, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and then Harry joined in the big group hug. i loved these guys

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