Niall Be My Valentine?

Georgia is a 16 year old girl whos in love with one direction, shes jealous of all of her friends because they all have boyfriends and she doesnt, until one day she finds herself bump into a handsome irish guy, and she took this oppertunatey to make her move on the celebrity love of her life.


30. September 8th - Dead or Alive!

Georgia's P.O.V;

"Where Are they im getting worried.." i said hugging onto niall on the couch, "ermm their probably..stuck in traffic" niall said looking at his watch, BINGGG!! My phone buzzed


Im Running Late, I'll Be There In 5-10 Minutes. I Will See You Soon.

what did that mean, i'll? i? im? what about we? wheres beths, i knew i shouldnt of left her on her own, i knew how attached harry gets, what if somethings happened, no georgia dont think like that!

Harrys P.O.V;

My Car Was Recked, My Hands Where All bloody, My heart was broken, and the girl i loved had died. i was parked outside the street of Madisons house, how was i supposed to tell them, they where going to find out evidence is everywhere. i decided to get out of the car and knock on there door. i could see the glares through windows, i started to run, then sprint, i was panicing, i got to the house and banged on the door as hard as i could.

Georgia's P.O.V;

Me and Niall where making lunch when there was a massive bang on the door, then another and another, niall raced to the door. he opened it to see a crying harry on the floor, his hands in his bloody hands, "HARRY!!" i screamed and ran over too him, i cupped his cheeks and tried to calm him down, "harry, whats happened, wheres beth" i said quietly to him, "i..i,do it" harry mumbled, "where not blaming you mate, we just want to know what happened" niall said getting down to our level,  "Louis..and beth, kissed..i-i couldnt concentrate, when i was driving, and-and she wasnt wearing a seat belt..he-her door  opened-ed, and she, fell out!!" harry  struggled to get out, it sounded a baf accident but no that bad, but where is she?, "Harry Thats Awful But Wheres Beth?" when i said that harry broke down, he couldnt look anyone in the eye,  "Harry where is she?" niall asked concurned, "phone the hospital, they'll know" harry said through tears, i took harry through madisons kitchen, madison was at work, niall phoned the hospital. niall was on the phone for a long time, talking to a doctor he walked  towards me the motioned me to come closer too him, "what?" i whispered, "the hospital said she checked in 5 hours ago, but they wont tell me if shes dead or alive?" niall whispered back, i shrugged and told him to call back tomorrow, there was tears forming down my face, niall tried to comfort me but i shrugged him off, i wanted to be allow, beth was the funniest and best thing i had, she was like my sister, ive known her and looked after her since we where 5 years old.. she cant be dead, she just cant be! i know her and she can survive anything! "the doctor said she was sead, shes dead georgia im so sorry!" harry managed to get out, i joined him on the couch and started crying with him, "so-so thats it then shes gone.." i mumbled and ran up the stairs! SHES DEAD!!

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