Niall Be My Valentine?

Georgia is a 16 year old girl whos in love with one direction, shes jealous of all of her friends because they all have boyfriends and she doesnt, until one day she finds herself bump into a handsome irish guy, and she took this oppertunatey to make her move on the celebrity love of her life.


26. September 6th - The Venue. Part, 2

Louis' P.O.V;

Im so stupid, harrys is loosing everythibg right now and i let that, the biggest secret ever, to slip out. so this is how it started the day i came down the stairs on the 5th of september, her beautiful hair was down for the first time, long, straight, and ginger, she had kiss me earings in, and when i read them it was so hard to resist to actually kiss her, it was so hard for me, when she shouted i like louis, i was so shocked and so happy i nearly choked on my cup of tea, then when she told me she didnt mean it, it was just something else to say, my whole world fell to the ground, this is harrys first proper girlfriend and im already trying to take her away, i mean i have elenour and im happy is that not enough for me.

"im going to ring Niall and tell him and georgia whats happened" Harry whispered waking my up from my daydream. we where im the hospital, sat outside the room beth was staying in, it made it sound like a hotel, it was anything but that, the walls where white with bits of blue along the cealing, the smell of rubber gloves and disinfectant hand gel, filled the room, then the doctor came out, i shot out of my seat "can i talk to harry styles please, beth wants to see him" the nurse said, i pointed to harry who was on the phone crying, i slumped back down in my seat, the doctor walked up to him...

Harrys P.O.V;

"Georgia..Georgia..Georgia..I KNOW YOU CANT COME SEE HER, but i can look after her, i promise she will be fine, i dont know whats wrong yet, i will come over tomorrow and tell you..but geor-" i got cut off by someone tap on my shoulder, it was the nurse i gasped and put the phone down on her, "Harry, beth would like to see you, she is awake but shes weak and she would rather tell you whats wrong than us" the nurse said, i just nodded and raced into the room, passing a rather grumpy louis on the way, "Hey there curly" she said with a smile, "Hey there ginger" i said, and we both laughed, i sat on the seat next to the bed, until beth stopped me, "erm what my bootyys in the air here?" i said with sarcasm, "you cant sit there, sit in the other one" she said, i got up and looked at the chair which had, blood on it? "Beth..please just tell me whats wrong.. are you dying was it just a fit or wa-" i was panicing a bit, well alot, then she cut me off, with the exact same words my grandad cut me off with "i have a brain tumre" my heart sank, and i was on the floor, crying, crying a whole ocean i think, i didnt stop, no one could move me, or touch me, except beth, but she was DYING in a hospital bed with a brain tumre, "Harry its fine..harry thats not all the story..harry please just stop while i tell you" she was begging, but then i realised what was the blood from? "Blood..why?" i said like a baby because id just been crying, "thats what i need to tell you" i sat back up and listened to what she was saying, "basicly i had a nose bleed, but from the nose bleed, they took blood and tested it, it said that i had 20% brain tumre in my brain, the docters said with the right amount of  medicine and help it wont grow and it will hopefully go away" she said them words and i was so releaved, i got the phone out and called niall again, but this time i put the phone to beth, and she spoke as soon as she said "Heeyy Georgiaa" i heard the biggest scream ever!! bigger than our fans scream, come from a little iphone, but as soon as beth told her the news i heard crying, and a bit of laughter of niall and maddie trying to cheer her up, she hung up and i asked her when she can come out, she didnt have time to answer because the docter came in and checked everything, "when can i leave then?" beth said determined for it to be today. "you can leave in two hours when i get the dates for your treatment" he said, she hugged me and got all excited, "Im Ready..We can go see the venue" beth said, i was in shock, "bu-but she beat you beth? i dont want you to be in the same room as the women that used to beat you?" i said sternly, "harry we have to do this not just for me to concer my fear but for my best friends, we need to do this" she said so*__*.... "we could always change venues? i mean by the time you get out itll be 2pm?" i answered her, i didnt want her to see that women ever again, and plus if it is her, then i dont know what i would do if she tryed to snach her, "we dont have time for another venue, just call them up and tell them we will be late" she said sternly this time, "but be-" "Harry..please, for me" beth said, i couldnt say no to her, i walked out to go phone them, and i totally forgot about lou, "ohh lou you can go in there and asked beth whats going on, im just gonna make a quick phone call" i said, louis nodded and walked in, i dialled the number and she answered, i felt my blood boil, "Hello..Hello Mr.Styles is that you?" olivia said, "ohh ye just like to say me and beth are going to be a bit late for the vueing, but we will be there around half two ish" i replied, quickly so i didnt added anything else on, she said ok and hung up.

around 2 hours later beth had been let out of hospital and we where on our way to the venue, the car drive was quiet and awkward, until we got there and a loud gasp from beth broke the silence "thats her.."

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