Niall Be My Valentine?

Georgia is a 16 year old girl whos in love with one direction, shes jealous of all of her friends because they all have boyfriends and she doesnt, until one day she finds herself bump into a handsome irish guy, and she took this oppertunatey to make her move on the celebrity love of her life.


13. Nialls Hangover

Georgia's P.O.V

i woke up in harrys arms, then it all came back to me, the awards, niall, and harry, "OH MY GOD" i screamed, i put my hands in my face and sat up, thankfully i didnt wake harry up, i took the covers off and walked over to the mirrir. "AAHHHHH" i screamed again, this time i woke harry up, "whu-what?" he said, "IM NAKED, WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?" i answered in shock, "we..yannooo, can you honestly not remember?" he said sleepily, "yeaahhh i can remember i just needed REASURING!! harry i was upset last night ok, i need to sort things with niall then maybe we can give it a go" i answered, "bu-but you broke up with him, he was a jerk? georgia please?" harry said desperately, "Harry im only one person,ple- wait, last night, we used protection right?" i said panicing, "errrrrmmm??" harry said, "SHIT!! CAN THIS GET ANY BETTER!!" i screamed whilst walking into the bathroom, i got my phone out and called Beth, "HEYYY, how you doiinnn?" she answered the phone, "hey, and im not doing well" i replied, "well whats up??" she answered, "its a really long story, and ive still got a week in france, plleeaassee come and visit, i need some girl time" i said, there was a short silence on the phone then.. "AHHHHHHHHH I WOULD LOVE TOO ILL BE THERE AS SOON AS I CAN" she replied, then hung up the phone, i got changed them ran out the bathroom skipping, i went out the bedroom, down the stairs and stopped, "EVERYONE GET YOU HUNGOVER FAT ARSES OUT OF BED!! BETHAANNNNNYYYYY IS COMING" i screamed, i hearded moans and growns coming from all the rooms. "ILL MAKE BREAKFAST?" i added, they all came charging out off the rooms, down the stairs and pounced on me, "where not that hungover" said louis, "mmhmm" i said giving him the eyes, "wheres niall he never misses a meal?" i added, "ermm hes not here, he staid at that girls?" zayn said, "NO, no i didnt, ok i made a mistake i was drunk, i walked home, the long way, because i had to think about what id done" niall said, "yeah? what was that?" i said crossing my arms, he looked at me with appolgetic eyes..."im so-" he stopped put his hand on his mouth and ran to the toilet. i ran up the stairs, and into the bathroom, "niall i understand you where drunk and you are sorry, but i didnt think you where like this, and im gonna find it hard trusting you again" i said, "but i kinda did the same to you last night, cos i slept with harry..." i added, "what??" he said, "ye i didnt mean anything, i was upset and unstable, he was just there, and he was like my niall for the night" i replied, niall got up and hugged me, "gee to be honest weve both been foolish, and i think we need to forget about this and get you a pregnancy test" niall said, "what?" i replied, niall laughed, "its only a little wall i can hear you yanno" he replied, "aw asif your not mad about that, i will always forgive you yanno that" i said. "i will always know that, so are we good?" he said, "yeee where good, now give gee a horan hug" i said, we had a massive hug, but i wouldnt give him a kiss after what he just produced, "eww get a shower and ill make you some breakfast, love you" i said, "love you too" he replied
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