Niall Be My Valentine?

Georgia is a 16 year old girl whos in love with one direction, shes jealous of all of her friends because they all have boyfriends and she doesnt, until one day she finds herself bump into a handsome irish guy, and she took this oppertunatey to make her move on the celebrity love of her life.


6. From France With Love<3

Georgias POV; i got out of the car first whilst everyone else where arguing about who sits where on the plane, i got out and saw lots of fans screaming and papparatzi and cameras everywhere, taking my picture like at a read carpet event, i looked the fans, they all where shouting "we love you georgia" they obviously know who i am, this one fan was stood quite far away, she looked really scary, i looked at her banner, it had writing that looked like blood that said "Nialls Mine Not Yours" i just stared at it, a lot of the fans where confussed until everyone else came out of the van, i got a fright when nialls arms suddenly where on my shoulders, "you ok? did i scare you?" he said "no but she is" i replied in a sad tone, niall walked over i tried to stop, i even wanted him to take security but he wouldnt let them. Nialls POV; i went over to the scary girl, he hair was quite greasy and it fell onto her face with her middle parting, she was wearing a black dress and red converse. "hey there im nia-" i started to say "i know who you are, im jayne...and i know you dont want her you want me, not that slag" she said confidently, i got kind of annoyed with her comment but tried to keep it cool "listen you banner is scaring her, and i do want her, shes amazing and definatley not a slag, now please put the sign down" i was getting really anger. "listen niall, you shouldnt speak to a fan like that, its rude, im trying to scare her because she deserves to be scared" from that she grabbed my shirts and.. Georgias POV; "KISSED HIM! OHH NOW ITS ON LIKE DONKEY FREGGIN KONG..GET YOUR HAND OF HIM BI-" then liam stopped me and put his index finger on his lip, danielle looked at him weird, "WHY SHOULD I BE QUIET! SHES KISSING MY BOYFRIEND..boyfriend?" why the hell did i just say that, i dunno if hes my boyfriend yet, he hasnt asked me yet. "EUGGHHH LEAVE ME ALONE" i screamed, i stormed into the airport and say in the waiting area. 20 minutes later, niall came in "they finaly got her off me" he said wiping the axes black lipstick, "hey did you mean what you said when you called me your boyfriend" he asked, i shrugged not saying anything, he then got down on one knee, i jumped and yelled "woahh there fella weve been dating for a month slooowww down buddy", he laughed and continued "let me finish darling, will you miss georgia emily davies take me Mr Niall James Horan to be your boyfriend" i went along and said "i do" in a high pitched voice as i was about to cry, "well i guess we should get to france then?" he chuckled "yeaahh buddy" i said mocking him "hey thats my saying" he moaned "mine now, race you to the plane" i challenged, "oh its on like donkey kong..hey if you stole mine im gonna steal liams" then we ran as fast as we could, the papparatzi where taking pictures, we didnt really care "I WON" i shouted as niall puffed to a stop.. "well you may have beaten me now, but if ot was ever a race to nandos, damn id be there in seconds" he laughed, and did i, we boarded onto the plan i was so tired i fell asleep straight away on nialls shoulder, he was like my teddy bear. Nialls POV; yes she was finally my girlfriend, she was asleep at the moment on the plane, on MY shoulder, i knew she was going to get a lot of shit from the fans the nect few weeks or even months, but i was by her side. she was asleep and she looked beautiful, i was gonna do some pay back for her winning the race, i snapped a pic of her and put it on twitter with a caption "its confirmed shes now my girlfriend, please no hate, shes beautiful and mine" i tweeted and fell asleep. Georgias POV; i woke up and niall was alseep. so i talked to harry who was sat next to niall, we both went on twitter, then me and harry both looked at each other and niall.."NIALL" i screamed, he woke up laughing, "so youve been on twitter" he chuckled "yeaahhh ive been on twitter, what did you do? ive got like 1000000 mentions" i said angery, "look on my profile" he said sweetly, so i did and when i did, i saw his tweet, a cute little grin grew on my face, then i saw the trends "AWWWW #TEAMGIALL HOW CUTE IS THAT" i got ssoooo excited niall had to calm me down. "now the whole world knows your mine" niall whispered in my ear, playing with my hair, then are lips connected. "eugghh please get a room" zayn moaned, "excuse me mr malik, we dont complain when your kissing perrie, just cos your jealous, doesnt mean you have to pick on me all the time" i felt so bad after saying that, wooppss what did i just do "listen im sor-" He got up and left to go to the toliet, niall held my hand and said "he'll get over it its find darling". "please fasen your seat belts we are about to land" the flight attended stated. france her we come!

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