Niall Be My Valentine?

Georgia is a 16 year old girl whos in love with one direction, shes jealous of all of her friends because they all have boyfriends and she doesnt, until one day she finds herself bump into a handsome irish guy, and she took this oppertunatey to make her move on the celebrity love of her life.


14. Bethany

Bethanys P.O.V

igot the first train to france, i dont like planes, so i got on the train at like 10 in the morning so id be in france by the afternoon, georgia doesnt know when im getting there so she might not be in, someone might be though right? i hope it HARRY STYLES, i have been in love with him for a loooonnnnggg time, georgia had told me loads about him, he seems lovely.
she gave me an address so i told the taxi driver to follow them, even though he spoke no english, i got there and paid the man, it was a big mansion, it looked like one me and georgia had dreamed about as kids, i walked up to the door and knocked my signiture knock, 2 knocks pause 3 knocks pause 2 knocks pause 1 knock. there was no answer for 30 seconds, until i heard a key turn and the door slide open a bit, "hey, can i help you?" a tall curly haired boy said whilst flipping his hair. "hey im bethany, georgias friend, she called me this morning" i replied, "well arnt you a little ball of sunshine, im harry, come on in" he said chirperly. i walked into the massive house "so where is everyone?" i asked harry, "theyve gone shopping, to get loadss of food for you, georgia said youve got a big appatite" he replied, "oh shes always been a little devil" i said, "you havee no idea" harry said, i was a little confused, "what do you mean" i asked, "it dont matter" he replied, "she talks about you a lot, you two are pretty close?" i asked, "yeahh shes my best friend" harry replied, "Oii i think i was before you" i said giving him a wink, "hahaa come on the wont be long, let go sit down." harry suggested!
we watched tv and chatted for a good hour when the door bell rang, we both made a plan that when they came back i hid in the kitchen, and texted her, and when she comes in the kitchen i jump out at her, "QUICK" harry screamed, we jumped over the sofa and fell on eachother laughing, we got up and i ran to the kitchen and harry ran to the door!
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