Niall Be My Valentine?

Georgia is a 16 year old girl whos in love with one direction, shes jealous of all of her friends because they all have boyfriends and she doesnt, until one day she finds herself bump into a handsome irish guy, and she took this oppertunatey to make her move on the celebrity love of her life.


11. and the award for hottest male goes too...

No ones p.o.v;

all the guys and there dates sat down in there seats, it was awkward for harry and niall, but georgia was trying to be friendly and forget everything that had happened, but the problem was she couldnt. georgia seemed to make everyone a bit jealous, her twinkling smile, her lushous locks, he perfect sense of humour and her kindness, the waitress came over and started looking at niall, georgia recognised her from some where, she looked suspicious. "so champain for 9?" she questioned, "actually make that 8!" gee answered sturnly "aw you dont drink?what a waste" she said with a smirk "actually liam cant because he only has one kidney, so if you dont mind buh-bye" i said cheekly, "oh im so sorry mr payne, ill be right back" she said, winking at niall? "do you know her?" gee asked niall suspicious, everyone looked at each other weird, then zayn opened his big gob! "ohh yeah thats nialls ex girlfriend they where in love for years they only broke up like a year ago because of long distance" zayn choked a bit after been kicked by nearly everyone on the table, georgia laughed a bit and said "well youve got me now, its not your fault shes here" she faked a smile and looked out at the big arena, she felt her eyes water up, then the waitress came back with 8 drinks, she gave them all out to everyone, except liam, then she gave georgia hers and well..'accidently' spilled it all over her WHITE dress "Oh My God im sooo sorry" she said sarcasticly, georgia got up gritted her teeth and said "its fine! wheres the restroom!?" she said with her teeth glued together, she pointed somewhere and georgia ran off, no one shouted her, she could hear the awards going on in the background, her whole life was spinning, she couldnt see clearly anymore.
Georgias P.O.V;
i was breathing heavily, so much stress had been going on! i heard someone come into the restroom, i knew it wasent any of the guys cos it was a girls bathroom, i turned around to see harry quite close to me, his curls where touching my forehead slightly, i wasnt think and rapped my arms around harry giving him a big bear hug, and started crying my eyes out, "eyy schyy! its only a stain, its dark so no one will really notice anyway, and we can Leave early if you want" harry said in a caring tone, "its not just that, ever since me and niall have been together, nothing but hell has gone on, i dont think me and him where made for eachother after" i said tears still running, harry took my hands and placed them on my chest, still grasping them tightly "you will be fine, as long as youve got me and the boys and even dani and pez and el, you will be amazing, nothing can bring you down! anyway there about to do hottest man, and mwah is nominated you coming out?" harry was so caring and considerate, i nodded and he let go of my hands and walked off "Harry.." i stuttered, "yeah?" he said as he stopped walking "thank you, for everything, for being my best friend, i love you too" i managed to get out in one breathe, harry smiled and carried on walking. we got back to the table and niall wasnt there? "guys wheres niall?" i stated, they all looked at each other and before zayn could say anything "actually it doesnt matter, id rather not know" i said confidently actually, i could see harrys smile return, he was pleased with me.

Harrys P.O.V;
"And the nominees for hottest boys are" on the big projecter all the faces where coming up, "louis tomlinson" we all clapped for him, "conor maynard" we didnt clap for him we didnt really know him well but liam had a bust up with him last year, they said a bunch of other names including mine, "and the award for hawwttesstt man goes tooooo" please be me please be me please be me "HARRY STYLESSSSSSSS" my mouth dropped, i couldnt believe it, i gave georgia a massive hug and then walked onto the stage, i got my 'trophy' would you call it that? well award and i said my thanks "i would like to give a massive thank you to my bestfriends geo-" i was stopped by something covering the projector screen, it looked like too people, "put the spot light on them" i wispered to backstage, as they did i saw a drunk mucky blonde haired irish man making out with the waitress, "NIALL!" georgia screamed, he looked up and made a drunk smirk "h..h..ellooo mmaa lov..e" niall stuttered " i fig..figur..ed..d youve got hazza now ss..soo you dont need", "your right i dont need you, i dont need anyone niall james horan where done," georgia stood there weak like she was going to collapse, i told the presenter i was going to take her home and all my other awards would go to ed! "come on baby girl i think its time you got home" i said whilst picking her up bridal style out of the could niall do that, niall didnt do that, drunk niall did
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