Niall Be My Valentine?

Georgia is a 16 year old girl whos in love with one direction, shes jealous of all of her friends because they all have boyfriends and she doesnt, until one day she finds herself bump into a handsome irish guy, and she took this oppertunatey to make her move on the celebrity love of her life.


19. Abortion?

Nialls P.O.V

i walked into the hospital, the sound of beeps, crys and screams freaked me out, i hated hospitals, and i hated the fact georgia was going through this, im not what people expect me to be, im a little child at heart, and i hated this, i grabbed hold of georgias hand like it was my mums and gave her a worrying smile, she squezzed my hand and smiled back, to say everythings gonna be alright, i knew it wasnt major thing, but i didnt know how these abortion things worked and it scared me to think, a doctor might be slicing her stomach open or havig someone stick something up her faj hole...eugghh cringey, actually cringey.
we signed our names down and we sat in the waiting area, kids and pentioners cothing and sluttering, "im gonna catch a cold" beth said, "with the ice inside your soul" harry replied to lighten up the mood, gee and beth smirked but i just sat there impattiontly, waiting for someone to say georgias name. the guys where all chatting but i still just sat. and hour went by, "Georgia Davies, Doctor Joeseph, will see you now" i shot out of my seat, as the receptionist said her name "On her own please sir" she carried on "bu-but..fine" i sat back down and watch georgia walk away into the distance, it was only and abortion, but i wanted to be the one that madr her pregnant first and if it didnt work, then i was screwed, i wanted to be the dad of our first child,me not harry!

Georgias P.O.V;
i walked into the doctors room, nothing but niall on my mind, but when i looked up i saw a familiar face, "adam?" i said, " ohh hey gee long time no see, but i see you got yourself pregnant" adam said, adam went to my high school, he was a couple of years older, he always wanted to be a beat boxer, never really worked out, by the looks of him being a doctor. "mhmm" i said, "well come on then lets get ride of this little boger" adam said, jokely i think trying to cheer me up.
when the abortion was taking place it was fine, i never really knew what they did, but adam kept talking to me and because i knew him it was fine.
i walked out feeling..well good, i never thought id work this easily..or this quick, niall came running up to me with a massive hug, then georgia then, harry, it was only an abortion but i think there where worst things to come..
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