Valentine's day

Oh no, Valentine's day is today... Ugh, I hate this day! The school would be would be crowded with people who were in love, making out in front of the teachers. I've never had anyone OR anything to make out with. Except for my dog. I was walking down Greenstreet looking down at My shoes when suddenly...
"Ouch! Are you okay?" I heard an Irish cute accent Say worried.
I looked Up and saw a blonde boy in My age, he had the bluest eyes I've ever Seen.



1. Just boring me.

Hello! My name's Ellen Duss. I am 17 years old and live in London. I kinda hate love, 'cause I never had anyone to love or Been Loved by anyone. My Mum is ignoring me, like My dad. They work almost all the time! And when They are at home They act like is wasn't there. Fun? No, not for me, I don't have a single friend in the whole world. Yay! Or not. I've never had a friend since 7th grade. The whole class was at the Bathhouse and, guess what? I got My period! In the pool!

I've always believed in love at first sight, but not for me. Not until saw My biggest idol bumping into me On the street.
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