In love with Harry Styles

This is the story of a girl, deeply in love with Harry Styles - and lucky enough to get him.


1. In love with Harry Styles

Sophia was lost. She cursed herself under her breath, but continued down the street, trying to find Covent Garden.

After a few minutes of walking back and forth, she bumped into a boy. The boy turned around, and Sophia got a shock. She was standing in front of Harry Styles, her one true love.

Sophia didn't let her shock show though - she knew famous people hated when fans went obsessing over them. Instead, she said, "Oh, I'm sorry, didn't see you," quite politely.

"Oh, that's OK," Harry answered, smiling at her.

"Could you show me where Covent Garden is? I'm a bit lost, I'm afraid," Sophia said. She decided that any conversational topic was good when talking to Harry.

"Of course. Follow me," Harry said. Then he held out his hand. "I'm Harry," he said. And you are?"

"Sophia," Sophia answered. "Sophia Treachy." 

"Beautiful name," Harry said. Then he started walking, and Sophia followed him.

As they went, they smalltalked casually. Sophia asked the regular questions - age, friends, surname, hobbies, school, all those things - and Harry answered, and asked back. Sophia pretended to be mildly surprised when he told her that he was in One Direction. "Of course, I should've known. Harry Styles. Well, in that case, I should probably tell you that I like your music," she said with a smile. Harry smiled back. "No need," he replied.

Sophia suddenly realized that they'd passed Covent Garden, but she didn't think much of it. This was Harry Styles, and she really didn't need to be home for another seven hours anyway - she might as well go with him, see where he was leading her.

As it turned out, Harry actually was leading her to Covent Garden - he just circeld around the city for a while first. When they got to Covent Garden for the second time, Harry hugged her lightly with one arm. 

"Now that I've got you twitter name, I'll probably contact you sometime. I'll see you whenever," he said. "Yeah, see you," Sophia said, sending him a huge goodbye smile. 

"I love you," Harry said and turned around to leave. Sophia stared after him for a while, before turning around to go home.

On the way home, a few thoughts kept repeating themselves in her head. 'Harry Styles just took me around the city. Harry Styles hugged me. Harry Styles have my twitter name. Harry Styles said see you instead of goodbye. Harry Styles told me I love you.'

When she finally got home, she went to her room to go hysteric. She called her best friend Isabella to tell her about it. Isabella, of course, envied her a lot, as she was just a big a fan of One Direction as Sophia was, and she found Sophia the luckiest girl in the world. Sophia privately agreed.

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