The Girl Wearing Vans.

Ok, I wrote this story for my best friend and I wanted to publish it here to see how you guys liked it!! Hope you do :)

Kitty has loved one direction since the x-factor 2010. But, when she goes and sees them live and meets them backstage, tragedy occurs. As Harry and kitty become closer, do they both begin to fall- or are they too worried that the past will come back to haunt them?


8. Chapter 8

Kitty's P.O.V
  I ran into the 6th form common room, panting and out of breath. The screams were still really loud here and everyone was crowding near the windows. There were some shouts of, "OMG it's Harry from one direction!!" And more along that line. I sort of ignored them and sat down on one of the plush chairs that surrounded a stereo. Even though this is a school, we all loved to chill out here, talking with friends and music playing in the background. We were all quiet for some reason and then, on the radio, the presenter announced "here's a new song from Taylor Swift" Oh crap. I couldn't deal with this right now, it all flooded back. The shot. The pain. The hospital. Harry. The cut. The scar. Tyler.
  As if right on cue, Tyler walked in a smirk on his face. I was gonna dump him now. It was now or never. "Um, Tyler?" My voice was quiet. "I think we should move on. I've met someone else." My voice was a whisper and Tyler's face changes from pale to bright red. "Oh. Who's this guy? Maybe one with a SCAR?" I can't believe he just mentioned that in front of everyone. I just turned away. How dare he. At least it was over now. "Tyler? Just get lost!" I said and he gave me the death glares before scurrying out of the room. When he had left the room was still laced with silence, my best friend, Jess, approached. "What's up?" She asked and I smiled weakly. "Let's just say, boy troubles" and I pulled out my phone.
  Harry's P.O.V
  My phone vibrated in my pocket, just as I was signing some girls poster. I took it out of my jeans pocket and looked at the activity. 1 new message. From: Kitty <3 xox
  I broke it off with... Tyler. I'm scared a TS song came on and I had a kind if flashback. All if the stuff that's happened. Help me. I love you.
  Kitty xoxoxoxox <3
  God. A tear nearly slipped out of my eye but I rubbed it away before it could. "Are you ok?" The young girl asked-"oh, um, yeah." But mind was drifting off to the place of horrors.
  Once I had finished with the majority of the crowd, I quickly texted Kitty back. To:Kitty <3 xox
  It's ok babe. I'm still here, can you meet me outside? I love you. Harry xox <3
  I went around the crowd some more, answering questions and signing stuff. One girl asked for my phone number but I said no. Another asked me for a kiss but I definitely said no. I just had to ask Kitty and then hopefully we would be a couple. I was literally daydreaming, blocking out all of the screams and then my phone went off, a text. From Kitty <3 xox   Yea. Meet me near the tree, next to the 6th form room. I love you too. Xox kitty xox.

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