The Girl Wearing Vans.

Ok, I wrote this story for my best friend and I wanted to publish it here to see how you guys liked it!! Hope you do :)

Kitty has loved one direction since the x-factor 2010. But, when she goes and sees them live and meets them backstage, tragedy occurs. As Harry and kitty become closer, do they both begin to fall- or are they too worried that the past will come back to haunt them?


3. Chapter 3

Harry's P.O.V The doctor walked, ok, raced into the room, he was followed by a woman who was nearly in tears and a man with a comforting arm around her waist. "Hello, you must be Mr. And Mrs Lambert?" I asked and they nodded. A few seconds later, a boy; who was about my age and covered in tattoos. When he saw me grasping Kitty's hand, he glared at me. If looks could kill, I'd be dead on the floor by now. "And you are?" He snarled at me. "Harry Styles, you must be Tyler" I said, trying to be as polite as I could when all I really wanted to do was rip his head off. "Yes, Kitty's Boyfriend" Tyler said exaggerating the 'boyfriend' part. I was about to say something then I was interrupted by Kitty saying "Hey Harry" in her gorgeous sleepy voice. I loved how she mentioned me first. "Hey baby" I replied. Oh crap. There was an awkward silence then all of the other 3 people looked at me like I was a stranger. "Sorry" I muttered under my breath and we all turned our attention back to Kitty. Liam's P.O.V Harry never left her. He was slowly falling for her. I could see it in his eyes when he actually left the place, they looked different. With all the other girls he has ever met he never acted like this. She was the one. And we all knew it. Harry's P.O.V Kitty was getting slowly better. She was walking, talking and as always amazing. Her boyfriend was stupid though. Oh, and here he comes again. Tyler's P.O.V Was there a time that Harry wasn't with her? She was my girlfriend for gods sake! He was always there, holding her hand. Trying to steal her away from me. Uh. I hated him, it was just a matter of time until he was off the scene. Sorry I had to edit this because it went all weird!! Hope you like it :) ambs x

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