The Girl Wearing Vans.

Ok, I wrote this story for my best friend and I wanted to publish it here to see how you guys liked it!! Hope you do :)

Kitty has loved one direction since the x-factor 2010. But, when she goes and sees them live and meets them backstage, tragedy occurs. As Harry and kitty become closer, do they both begin to fall- or are they too worried that the past will come back to haunt them?


23. Chapter 23

Harry’s P.O.V




Just jump, you coward.


No one loves you. No one will care. No one will miss you. Wait, what about the boys? No, they don’t care about you anymore. I looked down, 40 feet of pure darkness until the deep rushing water.


Just Do It.


Kitty’s P.O.V


Is that Harry? It looks like him a lot, the same mop of unruly brown curls swept across his head. It couldn’t be, could it?

Then the boy turned around and I instantly knew it was him. The same green spark in his eyes.




Harry’s P.O.V




I snapped my head around at the sound of her voice. “Kitty?” I questioned lightly, knowing full well that she couldn’t hear me. “Kitty?” The volume of my voice got gradually louder as she ran quickly, closer towards me, “Kitty!” I yelled turning my whole body towards her. Then, I felt myself falling. The wind whipped my face, sending my hair in every direction. Finally, I was free.


Kitty’s P.O.V


I saw him fall. A sob escaped my throat, he couldn’t die. “No, Harry, no” I cried, my legs weakly climbing over the iron barrier. Then, I jumped, he turned to face me, slowly reaching out his hand and I instantly grasped it.


“I still love you”


Ok, I’m going to say sorry for the weird chapter right now. And if you didn’t know, THIS IS NOT THE END, there is a sequel coming out, but it wont be for a couple of day as im doing other stuff. Hope you liked this story.


Singing off for the last time on ‘The Girl Wearing Vans.’

Mystic Girl x

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