The Girl Wearing Vans.

Ok, I wrote this story for my best friend and I wanted to publish it here to see how you guys liked it!! Hope you do :)

Kitty has loved one direction since the x-factor 2010. But, when she goes and sees them live and meets them backstage, tragedy occurs. As Harry and kitty become closer, do they both begin to fall- or are they too worried that the past will come back to haunt them?


17. Chapter 17

Kitty's P.O.V

Harry honked his car horn and I grabbed my bag and went outside.
As I walked towards his car, he got out, opening the passenger side door for me. "Hey babe" I blushed at the sound of his voice, "hello to you too, Styles" he chuckled and I sat myself in the car. He walked round and sat down, beginning the short journey to Harry's flat.


We arrived at the tall apartment building in no time, there was no traffic about, a bit weird for a Saturday. Anyways, once Harry had found a parking space I jumped out of the car, grabbing his hand on the way. "Why so excitable, kitkat?" "I don't know, probably that I'm gonna be in the same room as the whole of one direction again and their like friends now!!" I almost yelled and Harry just laughed, "why did I choose the obsessed directioner?" Harry mumbled at it was my turn to smirk at him.

We walked up what seemed to be 300 stairs until we reached his apartment. When we got there, Harry fumbled with his keys in his pocket, then unlocking the door.

"Heeeeeeeyyyyyy!!" Louis yelled at the top of his lungs. "Hai Lou!" I shouted back, meaning everyone stares back at me and the burst out into fits of laughter. "Hi guys!" I mumbled trying to divert the attention onto a different subject, "hi Kitty! I like you to meet my girlfriend, Gabby!" Louis said. A girl walked out from behind him, waving and saying "hi". We hit off immediately and I knew we were gonna be great friends.

Harry's P.O.V

Kitty and Gabby looked like they were going to be great friends, they instantly started talking about girl stuff, so I went and hung out with the boys. We were talking about our upcoming album, but it was getting kind of boring, we had all quieted down and you could just here the whispering from the girls. "GUYS!!!! Lets play truth or dare!!"

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