The Girl Wearing Vans.

Ok, I wrote this story for my best friend and I wanted to publish it here to see how you guys liked it!! Hope you do :)

Kitty has loved one direction since the x-factor 2010. But, when she goes and sees them live and meets them backstage, tragedy occurs. As Harry and kitty become closer, do they both begin to fall- or are they too worried that the past will come back to haunt them?


12. Chapter 12

Chapter 12 (At home) Kitty's P.O.V I got out of the car, walking along the gravelled drive way that lead up to my house. Then I saw two figures leaning up against the porch. One had straight blonde hair, a girl and the other... It-it was Tyler. I had no clue who the girl was though, but I had no time to figure it out, Tyler came running at us and I screamed in fear, I hadn't wanted to see him ever again. But he ran past me, and straight at Harry. He ran at Harry so fast, that he was a blur to my eyes. Harry looked shocked, but he mouthed to me "don't come closer. I'll protect you no matter what." A single, stray tear flew down from my eye as I watched the scene unravel before my eyes. Tyler pushed Harry to the ground and I ran over to them, "get the hell away, KITTY!" Harry screamed, and groaned as he was hauled around and kicked in the stomach. I didn't know what to do, I had to help. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and dialled Liam's number. 1 ring. 2 rings. 3 rings. Pick the hell up Liam! "Kitty. Hi!" Liam called and I spoke "Harry's being beaten up by my idiot of an ex, he on the floor." I just hung up, I hoped that he got here. Harry was being kicked in the head and his groans of pain were getting louder by the minute. I ran closer, Harry to delirious to even notice and I pushed Tyler off him. I couldn't move him to start with, he was like a damn statue. I pushed harder, and he moved backwards so I placed myself between them. Liam's P.O.V I ran out of my apartment, throwing on some shoes. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket, texting the boys. 'Guys, get over to Kitty's now. There's trouble.' I launched myself into my car, hitting the accelerator and running into the moderately busy roads. I stopped at a light, red, amber, green. I sped away, taking a few side-streets to avoid the rush. Then, I hit the curb. Not literally, I had 'arrived at my destination' I jumped out out of the car only to be welcomed by a mixture of groaning, screaming and crying. I could see that kitty had positioned herself in-between the two boys and Harry, lying on the floor holding his stomach. I sprinted over, trying to pull Harry off from the ground. But then I noticed her, Taylor- sitting, watching this fight. Yeah, I know she had tried to shoot Harry, but I thought she wanted him back and all that crap? Anyways, I picked Harry's limp body off the floor, I think he had blacked out. I placed his left arm over my shoulder and I hauled him to his feet, he was heavier than he looked. Then, I dragged him in the house, the boys; who I had not noticed before, crowding behind me. They were all silent. I wasn't sure where to put Harry, so we dragged him into the lounge, it was a big room with chocolate brown couches and warm magnolia walls. It was a room that felt warm and alive. We just sat there, our silence interrupted by the door being thrown open and the then slammed and latched. Being the idiots that were are, we all grabbed 'weapons' Niall; a widen spoon (he had been investigating the kitchen) Zayn; a mirror (oh, come on! Really? A mirror?) Louis; a ornament that was shaped like a bird, I think it was a pigeon and me; a lamp. We all positioned ourselves, me trying to stay as far away from Niall as I could. The lounge door opened, it was... Kitty. Phew. Kitty's P.O. V I raced into the living room to be greeted by the funniest sight. The boys had all positioned theirselves with weapons, well not really weapons more like, random objects that you can find around the house. I nodded to them and we all burst out laughing, trying to contain them as Harry was blacked out on the sofa. "You can go, I'll call you if there's any news" all of the boys whispered goodbyes and slowly walked out of the door. Once they had left, I let out a sigh, that had been horrible, to see someone you love getting hurt like that right in front of your eyes was like you were being physically tortured. I averted my attention back to Harry's body, I looked at his shirt, his breath slowly making his chest go up and down. I needed to look at his stomach, just to check. I lifted up his shirt to reveal his abs, the muscle occasionally tensing, his tones stomach was covered in purple, blue and black bruises. They littered his stomach and nearly all the way to the top of his ribs, I placed my lips on the warm, slowly moving skin and kissed every bruise. But in reality, I knew there was no way I could help him until he woke up. I was just going to have to wait.

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