Darcy (Harry Styles One Shot)

(For the One Direction Valentine's Day Contest)

It's Valentine's Day and love is in the air. Unless you're Harry Styles, then the only thing in the air is the smell of cheap perfume and glasses of wine.

Harry's lonely, and desperate for something to happen on the cold, boring day. Needing to get out of his little bubble of self-pity, he goes searching for something, anything. And he finds Darcy. 1SHOT41D


1. Darcy

Harry hated Valentine’s Day, a lot. It was the only day of the year the alluded to the fact that Harry was single, yet again. It was the one day of the year when Harry was reminded that he would have to go to bed with a pillow snuggled up close to him, rather than someone he cared about. This year was only worse though, now that it seemed every single one of his friends was in a happy relationship. Even Louis, the person Harry always turned to, would be with Eleanor today, celebrating their eternal love and happiness. The thought actually made Harry sick to his stomach. It wasn’t fair that Louis got to have fun with the love of his life while Harry was sitting on the couch, watching stupid, pathetic romance movies. ‘Love Actually,’ couldn’t even do the trick of cheering him up. Even Niall had managed to get himself a date! Granted, it was a contest through a magazine in America, but he still had a date.


He was actually getting sick of all of it; the roses, the chocolates, the pink and red decorations everywhere, and those goddamn Hallmark commercials. Was it so wrong of him to ask for one Valentine’s Day without all the gimmicks? Unfortunately, it was, and that left Harry no choice but to shut off the telly in growing frustration.


Never in his life has Harry felt so lonely, so unneeded. He was used to being hauled around all the time, and getting female attention from a lot of female fans. In his life of fame, Harry had forgotten what it was like to bored, and while he was sitting there, he realized it was awful. He needed to do something before he went absolutely mad.


Grabbing his phone and keys, he decided to go somewhere. Anywhere but locked up in his flat alone. His coat and his white Converse were on before he could give it another thought. Harry was out the door.


He wasn’t entirely sure of what he wanted to accomplish. Maybe if he got some fresh air and walked around a bit, that would clear his mind and make him feel at least a little bit better. A little stroll was all he needed, and with that in mind he let his feet carry him to Hyde Park.


The cool February breeze sent a chill down Harry's spine, causing him to hug his jacket closer to his body. Much to his disappointment, he saw many couples, holding each other close and keeping each other warm. They looked happy as they giggled, walking together sharing hot chocolates. They looked so happy, it made Harry jealous. Looking at working relationships made Harry wonder if there was something wrong with him, if the reason he was single was because Harry had some unappealing quality that wouldn't work in a relationship. That couldn't be possible, it's not like he's Taylor Swift. He could make a relationship last, it was just pure bad luck that he hadn't met the girl for him.


In the midst of his glaring at couples, Harry had bumped into a warm body. "Excuse me," he mumbled, looking down at the person he had walked into. Bright red hair caught his eye as a little girl stumbled backwards. Red must have been her favorite color, seeing it was not only the color of her hair, but her peacoat, shoes, nails and lips. A white dress flared out from under her coat, matching ivory tights covered her tiny legs. A black Nikon camera hung from her neck, reaching down to her naval.


"That's quiet alright," the girl smiled back with a dreamy tone to her voice. She held up the camera for Harry to see. "Are you with someone? Would you like a picture?"


Harry shook his head, curls bouncing back and forth. "No, sorry love, I'm not with anyone," he looked at the girl once again. Though she was decorated head to toe in a color so bright and vibrant it almost hurt his eyes, she was rather pretty. Her hazel eyes were big and wide, framed by a pretty round face. The red hair fell down her shoulders and to her mid-back in banana curls. She was rather pretty. "Aren't you with anyone?"


This time, it was the girl's turn to shake her head. "No, I'm too strange to be with anyone, they couldn't handle me. So instead I'm here taking pictures of couples for Valentine's Day," her big eyes looked over Harry, as if she was trying to determine something about him. "I know you, you're in that boy band One Direction," Harry gave her a small smile as a confirmation. "Little Things is my favorite song, you've all got lovely voices. I like the one who sings about tea, he's got a unique voice."


"That's Louis, he does have a really nice voice," he offered his hand out for her to take. "I'm Harry Styles, it's nice to meet you," he added, giving her one of his killer smiles, showing off his dimples.


It didn't seem to work though, because she just smiled right on back, showing even more dimples. "It's nice to meet you too, Harry. My name's Darcy Adams," her tiny hand grasped his large one. Harry noticed just how small the girl was once there was contact between them. He could probably fit both of her hands in his one.


"I love the name Darcy, you know," she blushed at his compliment, the shade of red, however, did not compare to her hair. He dropped his hand and shoved it back in his pocket. "It's what I want to name my daughter, but I think the name suits you well too. You look like a Darcy."


"You look like a Harry, after all, you have so much hair," he laughed at her commentary, running his hand through his curly locks. He looked down at the girl with the red hair and smiled. She seemed so nice, and she was alone on Valentine's Day, the one day you shouldn't be alone, just like him. Plus, he liked the way the red contrasted against the dull colors of the city, and the pure white of the snow. It made her stand out. There was just something about her that made Harry want to spend time with her.


Placing his hand back in his pocket, he gave Darcy a small smile. "Well, since I'm not with any one, and you're not with any one, and it's really cold outside, how 'bout we go and get some hot chocolate?" Harry asked hopefully, though he tried to keep it out of his voice. Darcy gave him a skepical look, but Harry wasn't about to give up that easily. "Please? You're going to freeze out here if you stay much longer. Besides, wouldn't you much rather be with me than taking pictures of kissing couples?"


Darcy gave him another look, contemplating her choices while poking the side of her cheek with her tongue. "Well," she said sighing, "it is rather boring just standing here alone with my camera. I also suppose millions of girls would kill to be in my spot," Harry's eyes filled with hope as she spoke, "but I'm not one of those millions of girls, so I can make my decision logically," the hope dropped from his face, causing Darcy to let out an angelic laugh, she sounded like an angel. "I suppose it wouldn't kill me to get hot chocolate though."


Wasting not time, Harry's hand reached out to grab her's, dragging her along the streets of London. "Well c'mon then! I know a great place, you'll love it!" he glanced over his shoulder at her, a smile graced her features as her hair was blown behind her. "It's very....red."


A bright red cup with a big white heart in the middle was brought up to Darcy's equally red lips, her eyes closed in delight as she took a sip of the warm, chocolate liquid. Harry's green eyes watched her intently as she pulled the cups from her lips, the whipped cream leaving a little white mustache. Her hazel eyes opened, filled with joy. "That's very good. You were right Harry, I do love this place, the decor is amazing," she said in awe, her eyes wandering around the red and white room.


A deep chuckled escaped Harry's mouth as he watched Darcy look around with an expression of complete joy, the mustache still above her lip. Harry didn't even know what he was doing as he extended his arm, his thumb gently brushing off the whipped cream. Heat flooded to both of their cheeks at the action, and Harry quickly retracted his hand, wiping it off on his jeans. "Umm, sorry."


Despite the blush in her cheeks, Darcy smiled. "It's okay, really. I would have hated walking around with that above my lip. People would have thought I'm even more strange than they already do," she whispered the last part, taking another sip of her hot chocolate. This time, however, she made sure to get the whipped cream off herself.


"Why do people think your strange?" Harry asked, now drinking his own beverage. "I hope they haven't told you that to your face, that would have been rude."


Darcy quickly shook her head. "No, no, it's not all that bad. Besides, I am strange. I always have been. There's nothing wrong with me, I'm just such an optimistic people think it's weird. That's okay though, I like being different. Being the same as everyone else was never really fun."


Harry looked at her bright red curls again. He was so transfixed by them. Never in his life had he seen the color on someone, and thought it looked so beautiful and cute. "Now, don't get offended when I say this, but I'm going to assume that," he pointed towards Darcy's locks, "is not your natural color," she giggled, shaking her head. "Alright, good. What is your natural color?"


"When it first came in, it was this nasty color of brown, it looked like dirt. When I got older, it started to turn to a rusty sort of color, it wasn't appealing at all. My mother was someone who always believed in self expression, so when I asked for this color she was more than willing to let me dye it."


"I like the red on you, it's very beautiful. It fits you," Darcy's face flushed at Harry's charm, and he grinned at her. Darcy was beginning to like spending time with Harry, he was nice, and not to mention very good looking. "I'm trying really hard, but I just can't imagine you with brown hair. The red hair, it's made an impression on me," Darcy giggled, and Harry examined her. "Will you tell me more about yourself."


"Well, I grew up in East London with my dad, mum, and brother. I was born in Camden, though. Right now I'm going to Uni to study photography. Oh! Fun fact! Do you know the Clash?" Harry nodded eagerly, wanting to know more about her. "Well, my uncle is Mick Jones, he's my dad's brother."


Harry felt his jaw drop at this new information. "The Mick Jones? The rock legend?" Darcy nodded, pleased with Harry's reaction. When most people found out who her uncle was, they weren't very impressed. Surprisingly enough, most people didn't even know who Mick Jones was, like he wasn't part of the British punk movement.


"It's funny," Darcy chided, looking at Harry with an amused expression, "most people don't even know who Mick Jones or the Clash is. I'm very impressed."


"How do they not know who the Clash is? For about ten years they were called 'the only band that mattered,' how do they not know them?" Harry asked, perplexed. Darcy started laughing at Harry's face, it was rather adorable.


For hours, they sat there talking, laughing, and enjoying each other's company. They lost track of time as they told each other stories and talking about past experiences. Harry talked about his bandmates and the silly and stupid things they would do. Darcy laughed so hard her sides started to hurt. She told Harry about her life as a Uni student, and Harry quickly realized that having one of her professors would be like Louis teaching him, and the thought terrified him.


They sat there just talking in their own little world until Harry's phone rang, pulling them back into the real one. He sent an irritated glance at his phone, followed by an apologectic one at Darcy before answering it with a frown. "Hello?"


"Harry! Where the bloody hell are you? We were supposed to go out and get a pint once I got home form the date. Lemme tell you, I need a pint after that date. I love all fans, really, but that girl shouldn't even be considered a fan. All she did was talk about how much she hates Liam. How do you hate Liam? He's like a little puppy dog that's so adorable and all you want to do is play with it!"


"Niall, what time is it?" Harry asked, not paying attention to his mate's rant. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Darcy glance at her watch and widen her eyes.


"Harry I have to go now," she said, gathering her things and standing.


"It's nearly seven, where are you? Are you with a girl?" Harry ignored Niall's questions as he hung up the phone, shoving it back in his pocket. He stood to face Darcy, though he towered over her, rather than face her, ignoring the buzzing of his phone.


"Will I see you again?" Harry asked, pleading with his eyes. A smirk made its way onto Darcy's lips as she picked up the pen and napkin that were lying on the table, writing down seven little digits in perfect handwriting before gently putting it in the pocket of Harry's coat. Slowly, she stood on her toes and planted a small kiss on his cheek. She turned on her heels and ran out of the store, her red hair trailing behind her.


Harry gently reached his fingers up to his cheek, tracing the spot where her lips meet his skin, no doubt leaving a mark of red lipstick. He smiled, leaning back onto the chair. Though it was unknown to Harry, that day was the day that started everything, that found him the girl of his dreams.


Harry didn't know that he had just met the girl for him as he sat on the chair, unable to stop smiling as Niall was unable to stop calling him. "Bye, Darcy," he whispered, enjoying the way her name sounded on his lips.


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