My Emerald-Eyed Valentine

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It's Valentine's Day, and Nora is spending it alone, the way she wants to. Just a simple kind of day; go out to Starbucks, come back home, maybe watch a movie. Love is just too gushy for her. But all of that changes when she meets someone unexpected at the Starbucks around the corner...


1. Thank you, hot chocolate.


I awoke to the clouds hanging over Cheshire today, and a blanket of snow on the ground. I groggily sat up and rubbed my eyes. Today was going to suck. Why? Because it was Valentine's Day. I planned to stay home because I knew that if I went for a walk around the town, I would see dozens of couples being mushy with each other and then there'd be me; a loner, just stumbling around.

It's not like I couldn't keep a relationship. I just didn't want one. I felt that I would be better off not having someone else to disappoint when it came to how I look, or what I'm like. I just don't feel like I would be good enough for anybody.

I'm eighteen years old and I've never had a boyfriend. At this rate, I'll live with about, 15 cats for the rest of my life. Right now I'm just praying that Peach, my orange tabby, will be the only one. Speaking of Peach, I looked over at the corner of the room and there she was, just chilling in her deluxe kitty castle. If she was the only one I had, I'm going to spoil her.

I just giggled to myself as I looked at the alarm clock on my bedside table. Hmm...8:22. Better go out and get some Starbucks. This was the usual morning routine. I pulled the covers off of me, catching a chill and shuddering as I reluctantly stood up.

Jeans, jeans, jeans. Where for art thou, jeans? Aha. There you are. I put them on, and then started to search for a shirt. Ooh, I haven’t worn that one in a while. A black button-down with white polka-dots, pretty. I slipped that on over my white tank-top I already had on. At the foot of my bed, I spotted my black combat boots. After situating my feet in those, I walked over to the bathroom. Ehh…my face. I washed it, brushed my teeth, and put on a little bit of eyeliner. I didn’t believe in caking 20 pounds onto my face; that’s just ridiculous. I ran a brush through my brown hair and then braided it. Looking in the mirror, I actually smiled. I looked kinda pretty, if not presentable. Just plain old Nora.

Peach walked in and rubbed up against my legs. She was such a crazy cat. The other day I came home and found her sleeping on the toaster. Like, what possessed her to do that? Gosh, but I loved her.

My favorite beanie, a pair of fluffy gloves, and my jacket waited downstairs as I set Peach down on my bed. I unplugged my phone and put it in my pocket, and kissed Peach on her head. As I walked down the staircase, I thought about how much fun it would be to go sledding. It would be, but I’d be alone. As I locked the door to my small apartment, I started to let my thoughts wonder. I just moved to England from Maryland in the states, thinking it would be nice to have different surroundings. Of course it was a huge step, moving across the ocean. I was to visit my family in the summer, and I couldn’t wait. My cousin lived not too far away from here, so I was close to family. We’d hang out every now and then.

The walk was short, and before I knew it, I strolled into Starbucks, the wonderful smell of coffee swirling through the air. I loved it here.

I walked up to the counter and said hi to one of my friends that worked there, Kara.

“So what would you like today Nora?” Kara asked me.

“Um…I really don’t know. What would you suggest?” I scanned the drinks on the menu, looking for something different from my usual.

“Well, it’s pretty cold outside, so how about a hot chocolate?” Kara was good at making decisions for me.

I smiled. “That sounds wonderful.” I felt someone walk up to the right of me.

“Can I have one too please?” The person asked, clearly a guy because of the way his voice sounded, which by the way, sounded like velvet.

Kara looked slightly shocked when she looked at him, but then her expression melted into a giddy smile. “Sure.” She then turned to me and said, ”That’ll be 1.27.”

“Oh, I’ll pay for hers too.” The guy said. I didn’t pay him any mind at first, but after he said that, I had to look at him.

Holy moly. Was that really Harry Styles? I blinked a few times, trying to keep my jaw from dropping. Yep, same emerald-green eyes, brown curls, wonderful smile, dimples…I turned my head back to Kara because I knew that I had been staring. I felt redness creep up onto my cheeks. “Oh no. It’s fine, I can pay for my own.”

He looked at me, smiling, his eyes glistening. “Oh, I insist. It’s the least I can do. Plus it gives me an excuse to talk to you.”

Did he really just say that? Harry Styles wants to talk to me? Me, of all people, and on Valentine’s Day, of all days. Did I actually get up this morning? Was I still dreaming? Is this really happening to me? Total shock, disbelief ran through me. This IS NOT happening.

“Please?” Harry asked me.

“Well…I guess so. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to pay you back.” I replied, trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach. Hopefully I can enjoy my hot chocolate without feeling like I’m going to die.

Kara winked at me and grinned, and I could tell that she was trying to choke back giggles. “Then that’ll be 2.54.”

Harry took his wallet out of his pocket and gave the money to Kara. She handed Harry the drinks and I went to sit down for a minute. My head was spinning. This was too much for me. I saw Harry still at the counter, talking to Kara. I saw her hand him a Sharpie and he started writing on one of the cups. Kara looked at me and motioned me to come over. I got up and as soon as I did I saw Harry head for the door.

NO…DON’T LEAVE. I felt my heart skip a beat as I saw him walk out the door, but before he did, he didn’t hesitate to wave at me and wink. Harry flashed me that smile…his smile could make anyone feel limp.

I walked  over to the counter, almost frightened, and Kara just looked at me with the blankest expression. Then she started to giggle and smile and cry and jump up and down and I just stood there, my jaw dropped and my eyes as big as dinner plates. I saw what he had written on my cup.

“To the most beautiful girl I’ll see today :) Call me xx”

He had written his number, and when I saw that my heart melted like the whipped cream on top of my hot chocolate.

I thanked Kara and ran out the door, cup in hand. I skidded to a stop, looking up and down the street. And then I saw Harry, standing well down the road, almost to the point where I couldn’t see him. But I could clearly see him walking alongside four other boys, all patting him on the back and congratulating him. They all started to sing a very familiar song, and I could’ve sworn that right then and there, I died.

All of them turned around and waved at me.

I had a strong feeling that I wouldn’t be alone this Valentine’s Day.

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