Valentin's day with Him XX

Valentine's day not expected at all !


1. Never mind that ...


Only 4 day's and finally it will be the days that I've been waiting soo long it's Valentin's day with my boyfriend Harry !

"Hey, love " Harry says with his beautiful voice

"Hey, babe " i said so happy to hear his voice again!

"hum, guess what !!" 

"I don't know tell me ?!!! "i said so impatient to know what he'll tell me !

"I reserved a diner but it's in four day's, i hope you okay with that ?" he said knowing whet would be my reaction

"OMG , it's for Va.. Valentin's day !!!?"i said screaming soo loud on the phone!

"Ho , well maybe " he said laughing behind his Iphone screen

"Hoo, thank's babe !!, oh wait i have a double call i'll call you tonight babe and ho hum I LOVE YOU !! " 

"Sure and i love you too !! XX"

"Hello ?" i answered to my double call

"Hey honnie is dad, " he said happy to hear me again too

"Heyy, dad how are you ?!!" 

"Great thank's babe, how about you ? "

"Amazing, dad you can't believe  what just happened !!" I said so excited to tell him what harry told me 

"Well, i'm sure is not as awesome as what i'am going to tell you !"

"We'll see , tell me what is it !,"

"Well in three day's we all go to France  for a whole week !!" he said waiting me to scream 

"Whaaaaaaaaat, nooo dad not in three day's,!!!!"

"What's wrong honnie ?!!"

"Dad Harry invite me to a dinner at London here in four day's !! i can't come with you !"

"Sorry babe but i bought the airplane ticket it's to late, it'll be for another time ..."

"What, but dad what are you talking about, i can't i mean you'll have mom and i'll be alone for this day that i've been waiting for soo long !!" 

"Well sorry to tell you this but you'll have to come and there is no escape, this conversation is closed see you tonight"

"What but dad...."he hung out the phone so i couldn't explain, i had to call Harry to tell him that i can't come to the diner because my FATHER said that the whole family are going to  Paris the Valentin's day so as me ! But when i told him he was not as confuse or as sad as i was expecting ! And it kinda hurt a little bit .

The third day finally arrived and i was ready to go, but i didn't saw Harry and i wouldn't see him for a whole week and not for the VALENTIN'S DAY !! Unbelievable!

Once in Paris we had already reserved our hotel, I install and I fell asleep and I waited for the next day, which would be the valentine day .

The next day i still didn't talk to  my father, but he came to my room and told me happy Valentin's day giving' me a hug and also a box packed and he left, i opened he box and saw the most beautiful dress with a note saying "Be beautiful DAD"

i smiled and go take a shower straight my heart brush my teeth put some make up and wear finally my beautiful dress i looked Beautiful !!

it was now 5 pm, i go outside my father was waiting for me, i said thank you but i was still  sad about not being with harry so we walked until the huge Eiffel tour , Omg it was just beautiful and it was going dark outside so the Eiffel tour have turned on, and i was walking thinking about harry and then my father tell me that he wanted to take a picture of me next to the Eiffel Tour so i agree,once i was ready for the picture i fell two arms around my wait coming from behind me, when i look behind me i saw Harry with an amazing suit that fitted him very much to ailleur, so he was about to press his lips onto mine but then my dad make a sound as Harry can still remember that he is still here, so i told harry to wait i ran to my father hugged him so hard and he kiss my head front telling me"i would never do something that can make you sad honnie" he let me go and harry once he saw that my father is not looking at us anymore he kissed me and told me that he had a surprise for me, but unfortunately i was  enough with surprise cuz i learn enough about it i think , we went to the  restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, which is situated on top and then had our dinner and told me that he would never missed this for anything in this world and then give me another surprise (gosh ENOUGH) it was a little box, i open it and i saw a necklace with a diamond shining and he had put around my neck and kissed telling me that he love me he asked somebody to take a picture of us two, my Valentin's day with Harry Styles at Paris ! XX

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