Taking the Credit

'Jayla Quinn was a great best friend. Always there for me.'
Ellie and Jayla were best friends. Jayla was really smart and got 100% in every test. Ellie was dyslexic and got about 55% in tests. When they get results back, Ellie can't help but take the credit for Jayla's test when they both forget to put their names on the test and Jayla is absent.
Ellie keeps on taking the credit for all of Jayla's tests when she is absent, and her mother is proud of Ellie's results.
When Jayla finds out, she refuses to even look at Ellie.
Can Ellie resolve their friendship?
And will Jayla ever forgive Ellie?


2. Jayla

I am still annoyed at Ellie's behaviour. She took the credit for every test that I did- every single one. I can sort of see why. I find learning easy- I like to learn and pick up every bit of information the teacher tells me. You never know, you might need that information for future reference. Ellie is a daydreamer. She just sits at her desk, looks out of the window and daydreams, never listening to the teacher. I used to nudge her when the teacher asked her a question so she wouldn't get in to trouble. I was there for her. I'm not anymore. After she said that she did my test paper, when I forgot to name it, I was mad at her. The teacher praised her, and she soon became a great favourite. If course, I had to claim that I did Ellie's paper- and the teacher got cross with me, as did my mum. That's why I'm here to tell my side of the story. What I saw. 

Ellie was late, at usual. She wandered into the classroom at 8:45, when registration had started. Miss Turner gave her a slightly annoyed look, although I don't think she noticed it. She sat down next to me, as normal, and gave me a huge smile. I gave one back.

"Did you do the German homework?" She whispered to me, as registration is supposed to be taken in silence. I'm not much of a rule-breaker, unlike Ellie, so I brought out a sheet with writing in German on both sides. Once Miss Turner had taken the register, Ellie groaned and showed me half a page of poorly spelt German.

"Ooh, Ellie" I said to her. She pulled a face.

"Mr Smuzacher won't be pleased. I bet it's detention again." She replied. I nodded.

"Yup! Remember to revise for that test in German tomorrow." 

"It's tomorrow? Oh man!" Ellie leant back in her chair, her light blonde hair swishing and hitting Lottie in the face. 

"Oi! Watch it!" Lottie yelled. Lottie and Ellie are worst enemies. They can't stand each other. On the other hand, I think that Lottie secretly likes me. She wants to be my friend. Well, that's tough luck on her, because I'm Ellie's friend. Best friend. Miss Turner clapped her hands for silence. 

"Chop, chop, girls! Off to class!" She announced as we gathered our bags and headed off to our classes. Ellie and I went to German, while Lottie and her friends had chosen to take French instead, so they went in the opposite direction, thank goodness. As Ellie and I got to German, Mr Smuzacher made us line up outside.

"Jetzt kann jeder, werden wir einen kleinen Test machen. Ich möchte Sie alle Ihre Bestes versuchen. Good Luck!" He announced. 

"What did he say?" Whispered Ellie to me. German wasn't one of her strong points, but she was better at it than French. 

"He said: Now everyone, we will have a small test. I want you all to try your best." I whispered back at her, avoiding Smuzacher's glare. I lived in Germany for a few years, so I knew the language well. We were brought back to earth as we heard everyone chant:

"Ja, Mr Smuzacher!"

Then we headed off to our test. Ellie was pale. I had thought the test was tomorrow, so I had only done little revising. It didn't matter, because I knew German well. Poor Ellie.

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