Taking the Credit

'Jayla Quinn was a great best friend. Always there for me.'
Ellie and Jayla were best friends. Jayla was really smart and got 100% in every test. Ellie was dyslexic and got about 55% in tests. When they get results back, Ellie can't help but take the credit for Jayla's test when they both forget to put their names on the test and Jayla is absent.
Ellie keeps on taking the credit for all of Jayla's tests when she is absent, and her mother is proud of Ellie's results.
When Jayla finds out, she refuses to even look at Ellie.
Can Ellie resolve their friendship?
And will Jayla ever forgive Ellie?


1. Ellie

Jayla Quinn was a great best friend. Always there for me. She was my shoulder to cry on; not that we ever did cry. We always laughed. Jayla was the funniest person. She always had the best jokes and we were in fits of laughter. Not anymore. Those days are only memories. Now, we are not even friends. And it's all my fault. 

I think I should tell you, you know, to get it off my chest. I have never told anyone about my dreadful behaviour, not even my mum. 

I still can't believe what I have done. It's awful, and a clue is in the title of this book......

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