My Perfect Valentine(Done)

Do you imagine how it would be to have a date with your celebrity crush? Well, that's what happened to Elizabeth White! She didn't had a date with one of her celebrity crushes! She had a date with her favorite band, One Direction!


1. Valentine

Hi! I'm Elizabeth White! Today is Valentine, and my date isn't one boy! My dates are 5 awesome British-Irish boys! All that happened in their concert in Madison Square Garden, NYC.

-Concert's day-

"Eli! Look, it's about to start!!!", my best friend,Natasha, told me when we got to MSG.

"Yes!, I'm super excited!"

The concert started, the boys looked awesome, as always!

Natasha and I don't have one favorite, we consider all of them perfect! Liam is nice and handsome, Niall cute and handsome, Zayn  misterious and handsome, Harry cheeky and handsome, and, last but not least, Louis funny and handsome! As you can see all are handsome for us! ;)

When the concert finished, we got backstage passes, and we went to see them. Everyone kissed us in the cheek! 

"What are your names?", Louis asked us.

"I'm Nathasha, she's Elizabeth", Naty tried to say it without fainting of seeing the boys face to face.

"Nice to meet you!", Liam said smiling.

We spent half-an-hour with the boys, they were so nice with us!

"Well, girls, you're so nice! So, do you want top spend Valentine with us?", Niall asked us.

"Thanks so much Niall! But, I already have a date for Valentine...", Natasha explained nervously.

"What about you, Elizabeth?", Zayn asked me

"Umm... Ok!", I answered happily. I can't believe that my crushes asked me for a date in Valentine!!!!

-Valentine's day-

I got ready and waited for the boys to come.

When they arrived, I went into the car.

Ok, let's be honest, I was expecting a date ONLY with the boys. But guess what? Danielle, Perrie, and Eleanor where there... 

"Hi...", I said ashamed...

"Hello! Nice to finally meet you!, the boys said that you were pretty nice!", Perrie said

"Thanks boys!", I said

Harry wasn't there for no reason...

They took us to a boat. It had candles, a big table, and a dance hall. We ate dinner and then Niall took me to dance while the others were dancing with their girlfriends...

"You're really nice, Eli", Niall whispered while dancing...

"Thanks Nialler, you're nice too", I said smiling

"Do you want to know why Harry isn't here?", Niall knew that I wanted to know...

"You will make my doubt disappear..."

"Harry's with your friend Natasha"

"What?! Really?", I made a "No-Freaking-Way" face.

"Well, that's why Natasha couldn't come"

"*laughs* Yes..."

In that moment Niall's beautiful blue eyes gazed me... We were getting closer and closer until our lips met... That was the best feeling I could ever felt...

"Sorry...", Niall said ashamed

"Don't worry, it's ok", I answered smiling

"The reason I invited you with us it was because I felt something special for you"

I just couldn't help, but smile

The months past and Niall and I became a couple... Everybody loved us, obviously there was some hate, but the love was bigger... 

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