The Adults

***The Enemy Fanfiction***
Britain has fallen into chaos. Every adult over the age of 15 was infected. Some died. Some didn't. And now, the kids must fight back.
(Sort of a zombie story, but they are not zombies. I'll make that clear now. Children's flesh is like medicine, so they try to eat them, not the brains. You don't get transformed if you get bitten. And I haven't put this in fanfiction because I merely used the idea, every other thing is original. Plus it will get no views, you know how it is. The Enemy is a brilliant YA book, I highly recommend it.)


2. 2

"Lily, how are the kids doing?" Lily turned from her position, glancing as Laura beckoned her over. She sighed, wistful to leave her favorite spot, but walked quickly over. 

She'd spend hours standing there, at the top of the escalators, leaning against the smooth metal railing. Their entire group of kids lived in the R Centre, the town's cinema. It wasn't just that though: it was huge, large entrance leading downstairs to a bowling alley, stairs on the left and escalators that had long since stopped working, climbing straight ahead. On the main floor was the cinema, long passageway leading to the desks, popcorn and sweets sold on the left, the screens on the right. There were over twenty in total, some small, some big. In the large passageway there were several restaurants, Pizza Express and Frankie and Benny's, places that many of them had visited before the disease struck. Then on the top floor lay the gym, rarely used, except by a few of the older boys. A small fire burned in a disused bin on the middle floor, next to where Laura sat, flickering gently. They'd use it for light and heat in the evenings, especially as the colder nights drew in. They fuelled it with wood, broken chairs and tables, clothing racks and benches, anything that would burn.

They'd managed to clear the entire place of Adults, except for the bowling alley. No-one, not even Daniel, wanted to venture into the hot rooms down there: pitch black, filled with obstacles and hiding places. They'd blocked it off, shoving rubble and heavy objects against the doors, making it impossible to get in to or out of. The rest of the building was secure too, the doors reinforced with bolts and the only way to reach the kids was the climb the escalators. Adults were far too slow for that, easily picked off by the round-the-clock guards. Anyway, all of the Adults in the immediate area had slowly been picked off, or died.

Laura was sitting on one of the old swivel chairs used by the ticket-sellers, now ripped, the stuffing falling out of it as she flicked through a faded magazine, featuring glamorous models who were probably all dead by now. Her heart shaped face, exactly the same as Lily's, was pursed in concentration. Her hair had used to be blonde, like Lily's, until she dyed it, against the will of their parents. Now it was a dull red, lighter roots already beginning to show. Laura had thought it looked glamorous at the time, while Lily had been unimpressed, and a little sad that they no longer looked the same.

For years they had worn identical clothes, skipped arm in arm and been the best of friends, not just twins. Then, Laura started to hang out with different people, leaving Lily alone in the library, where she would eventually make tentative friends with a few of the quieter people who hung out there, shying away from Laura as she strutted past the in the corridors, flicking her scarlet hair and flirting unabashedly with the latest guy.

So it was no surprise to Lily that when panic struck, the Disease beginning to kill parents, that Laura would be the one to take charge, organizing the kids and commandeering the R Centre. Secretly, Lily thought that she hadn't done very much of it. It had been Lily's idea to take the R Centre, Lily's idea to check the primary school, Lily's idea to secure it and check the shops nearby for food. But Laura had all the power and respect.

"Yeah, Jade's got them playing with some toys they found in McDonalds. None of them know about Katie and Thomas, but some are getting ill, or malnourished, or something. Just the usual stuff." Laura sighed, chucking the magazine onto the floor and standing up. Her curves were still there, even when her ribs awkwardly stuck out. She still had the beautiful body, compared to Lily's stick figure, going straight down.

"Well, we can't spare any more food. I've said it before. They'll just have to make do." Laura grabbed a cereal bar from behind a desk, where Lily knew she had a small stash of food, and frantically pulled the wrapping off, teeth ripping at the crunchy biscuit beneath.

Lily snatched it off her, chucking it neatly to one of the guards, Josh. He caught it, looked at Lily and gave a thumbs up, before shoving the rest of it into his mouth. "Hey! That was mine," Laura snapped, reaching behind the counter for something else.

"Laura, you can't do this!" Lily swept her arm away, experiencing a small moment of pleasure as Laura looked at her in surprise. "There are small kids starving, and you're stuffing your face!"

"I'm older!" Laura shouted, shoving at Lily's chest and pushing her to the ground. "I'm the leader, I organise everything! They need me!" Lily pushed herself up, a snarl ripping through her lips. Her hair whipped through the air as she launched a kick at Laura's legs, stumbling to the side as she dodged out of the way. Laura pulled the baseball bat out of her belt, holding it at the ready.

They'd never fought like this before. Lily had always submitted to Laura, finding it easier to agree than to argue. But all the frustration  all the hate, all the anger was bubbling through her like electricity in her veins. She lunged at the bat, managing to grab the top and tug it towards her. Laura pulled it back, eyes glaring into Lily's. Behind her Lily saw Josh sprinting towards them, gesturing towards another guard to follow him. 

Lily ignored them, only focused on Laura. She pulled again at the bat, but it didn't budge from Laura's grip. They were evenly matched, same height, same strength and same instincts.

So all she had to do was outsmart her.

Not too difficult then.

Lily managed one more tug at the bat, smiling as Laura pulled it back, face clenched in strain. Lily abruptly let go, stepping backwards and holding her hands up as Josh reached her, ready to pull the fighting siblings apart. Laura however, hurtled backwards across the floor from the force of her own strength. The bat clattered to the floor as her arms wheeled, attempting to find purchase on the smooth floor, but failing. 

With a hollow crash, Laura fell into the bin of fire, knocking it to the ground and falling to the side. She pushed herself up weakly, rubbing at her head. Her eyes locked on Lily and her face became furious, reaching a shaking hand up to point at her. "You little bitch," she snarled.

But they both turned at the sound of Josh's voice and the hollow ringing of the barrel rolling slowly towards them.


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