The Adults

***The Enemy Fanfiction***
Britain has fallen into chaos. Every adult over the age of 15 was infected. Some died. Some didn't. And now, the kids must fight back.
(Sort of a zombie story, but they are not zombies. I'll make that clear now. Children's flesh is like medicine, so they try to eat them, not the brains. You don't get transformed if you get bitten. And I haven't put this in fanfiction because I merely used the idea, every other thing is original. Plus it will get no views, you know how it is. The Enemy is a brilliant YA book, I highly recommend it.)


1. 1

Daniel sprinted forwards and rammed into the scratched blue door with his broad shoulder, giving a satisfied grunt as it swung open, revealing a derelict hallway, dusty stairs leading up to unknown floors. Nathan sighed and trudged up the path behind him, clutching the heavy metal bar in his tightly clenched fists, while Ellie slouched inside, a knife sticking loosely out of her pocket.

"Anybody home?" Daniel shouted gleefully, his words echoing through the empty rooms, breaking the fragile silence. He kicked at a table, a vase smashing on the floor, tiny shards of glass covering the floor ahead. 

Nathan gave him a light punch on the shoulder. "Come on, mate. If any kids were here, they'd be dead by now. There's no need to tell any Adults that we're here either, so quit making a racket." Daniel shoved him aside, jumping nimbly for his size over the fallen glass and landing on the lower step of the flight of stairs.

"Oh, lighten up," Daniel groaned. He swung his hammer back, smashing it into the wall and grinning as it smashed straight through, plaster and brickwork flying out, a tangle of wires and pipes revealed. 

Nathan grabbed the end of the hammer as Daniel brought it back for another swing, the muscles in his arms bulging as he fought against Daniel's strength. "Seriously, stop it. You check upstairs, we'll see if there's any food in the kitchen."

The stairs protested loudly as Daniel started climbing, not looking back at Ellie or Nathan, hammer held at the ready. Breathing out heavily, Nathan tentatively pushed open the first door, gesturing for Ellie to follow as he stuck his head around it, eyes darting quickly back and forth. "All clear," he whispered, pushing it open fully and striding inside. 

They had been lucky this time. They were in the kitchen, not having to navigate dark corridors teeming with flies and disease. Ellie blew a bubble then popped it loudly, sucking it back in and continuing chewing. He'd always wondered where her endless supply of gum seemed to come from, as she was constantly chewing the stuff; never seen without a pack in her pocket.

He wanted to get this over with quickly, as his heart was already beginning to race, Nathan pulled open a cupboard and scanned it for any cans, but it was empty except for a few mouse droppings. "Right, as quick as possible," he murmured to Ellie. He didn't know why he always felt the need to whisper, when the house was empty. Adults had strong hearing and he was always extra-cautious, though many people thought he was a coward.

Nathan pulled open another drawer, revealing dull silver cutlery, clanking as the drawer wobbled. Shrugging, he grabbed a meat knife, thinking that it could come in useful later. Behind him Ellie opened the fridge, pinching her nose as the stench of rot filled the air. They worked their way silently and efficiently through the room, except for the clunking of cupboards or the occasional pop of a bubble.

"You find anything?" Ellie asked lazily, as she double-checked the last cupboard. Nathan pulled two cans out of his hoodie pockets, grimacing as she pulled one out of hers. 

"This won't even feed five people," Nathan sighed, stuffing them into his rucksack, which was filled with other various foodstuffs that they had found throughout their hunt. It was worryingly empty, even after having to go further and further to find it. This week they'd been forced to venture into the houses, having emptied all of the shops in the town centre. All the streets were only opposite the R Centre, but were teeming with Adults. Everyone had been far too scared to go near them, blocking them off with broken-down vans and cars, hoping that it would be enough. Last week Daniel and a few of the stronger ones had pushed a small Mini to the side, making a small entrance that would hopefully be hidden from the Adults, who's brains were slowed with disease and too stupid to notice the gap. But if they did, then it would all be over. They thrived in the housing district and it was unknown exactly how many were there, but they were dangerous.

Only a week since they'd started searching in the houses, and already two kids had died. A girl, Katie, who'd been grabbed silently from one of the side-streets, none of the party noticing until it was too late. The other one, Thomas, had stumbled upon a nest of Adults with the group; with an injured leg he'd fallen behind, while the rest made it back to safety.

This was Nathan's second scavenging trip already, his cool head making him a good leader, especially when the younger kids came along. There were only three of them this time, not the usual four, but all were fourteen and capable in a fight. Ellie may have looked vulnerable with her bleached blonde hair and vivid bubblegum, but she was vicious in a fight. And Daniel was a bulldozer, brushing aside anything that got in his way. He terrified most of the kids.

"Come on, let's go," Nathan said. They opened the door and headed towards the exit, the door still lying against the wall, one of the hinges broken from Daniel's charge. "Daniel?" He shouted up the stairs, wincing at how loud his voice came out. "There's nothing here, let's go!"

When silence continued, Nathan moved onto the first step, attempting to look up the stairs onto the dark landing. Ellie stood behind him, arms folded, slowly chewing. "It's getting dark, quit messing about!" A few small scuffles sounded, then all fell silent. "Daniel?" he called again, panic entering his voice.

Then Daniel crashed down the stairs, a deep slash running along his face, crimson droplets flying out behind him. He screamed out, shoving Nathan aside and sprinting for the door. "Run!"

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