Fame is just a game-a one direction fanfic

Brooke is the sister to Liam and he is in a big shot boy band
Brooke meets all his friends will she fall in love
Will she loose her brother to fame or will the horrible figure from
Her past come back to get her


9. No way

*Harry's pov*

i loved that girl so much she was my world, id known her 2 years now, and from the beginning id thought she was amazing, funny and beautiful. It doesnt matter that she is a year younger than me anyway, the only thing that stopped us was liam, when we and the boys first met her liam saw me looking and said "Stay away styles!" so i did but now, im not letting her go and im going to protect her unlike that justin who did awful things to her. Anyway were all just sitting doing nothing when we here a bang from upstairs. Probably liam and brooke messing abaout again.

*Brooke pov*


"Sorry now im going so youcan practise, now sing man" he ordered and walked out. So played my track and started singing i got so carried away i didnt realise the 5 boys stood at the door. " SHIT GO AWAY" i screamed

"brooke your so good, sing some more, please" Harry begged i shook my head and at that moment my phone buzzed as my mum had texted me i missed her so much, She said " Hey B hope yourn doing ok im flying back in a week we need some mummy daughter days before you go, anyway how are you and the little rascal we call harry styles liam told me everything and if justin touches you ill touch his face with my fist, and btw im with rihanna and beyoce doing photoshoots bet your jel, they cant wait to meet you one day haha anyway talk later baby rihanna wants her make up doing bye"|
I just replied with "NO WAY MUM and ill see you soon miss and love you" trying to avoid harry talk to my mum

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